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Photo of the Day

In the early days – the search for a proper mine.


Who is (Claud)ine Gay?

Scholars and students greeted Claudine Gay’s election as Harvard’s next leader with joy and praise on Thursday. Gay will become the University’s 30th president in July and the first who is LGBTQAI2+.  Is it odd that Claud, a homosexual who is black, male, and identifies as female, is married to Christopher C. Afendulis a white queer who identifies as male? Not at Harvard, not at Satan’s Vatican.


Original photo from the cover of Iris Chang’s “Rape of Nanking”. The bodies of Chinese civilians slaughtered by the Imperial Japanese Army choke a river’s banks in Nanking, in 1937.


From The American Thinker

Sam Bankman-Fried was shuffled off to his new digs in the Bahamas, where it seems likely that he will be spending a great deal of time. That his “mortal coil” might be shuffled off as well is an open question in the era of Jeffrey Epstein.

Who are the bigger fraudsters, though? A spoiled kid who bilked his investors for billions or a bureaucracy that prints and spends public money with reckless abandon?

It would take an eternity for SBF to graduate to the level of these government and quasi-government scammers. At the time of his bankruptcy filing, FTX’s liabilities were in the neighborhood of ten to fifty billion dollars. Compare that to the greater than $31 trillion in debt the U.S. government has rung up. That’s a big number. Though the current administration is not solely responsible for the dismal debt situation in which we now find ourselves, it has significantly accelerated the death spiral…more here.


300 Blackouts Matter


Identify the Armored Fighting Vehicle

The insignia on the front/side are hints.


Did a P-40  Crash on Mars?


Identify the Aircraft


Bullet Points:

* Tainted Blood – It will become more of a problem over time as clean blood becomes more scarce.

* Bless those British Hearts –  doing their bit to stop global warming.

* WSF discussed this – the arrival of a wave of home and auto repossessions is building.

* Let’s Go, Brandon! According to Fox News, the Biden administration is proposing limiting the speed of certain motorboats along the Atlantic coast in what one boating expert called “the greatest regulatory overreach in American maritime law.”  The move is intended to protect an endangered species of whales — although federal officials admit only five of those whales have been killed by boats covered under the regulation in the past 15 years.

* “Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.” Sen. Charles (Cryin’ Chuck) Schumer, January 2017

* Election Fraud – Choices

I’ll go on record now as volunteering for the firing squads. In fact, I’ll spring for lunch at Charleston’s in Gilbert AZ for the team afterward. They have a great prime rib dip sandwich.


  1. I have long thought that the punishments for election fraud did not fit the crime. Treason is a much better fit. As far as punishments go, is gibbeting off the table? You know for the encouragement of others and all.

    My belief is that 2023 will be a much harder year economically than 2022. I hope I am wrong but it sure seems people just don’t want to live within their means anymore and once you are in the financial hole it is very very difficult to climb out.

    300 Blackout. Not a fan personally but we should all try to be inclusive right?

  2. 300 Blackout on an AK platform. I did not know that. Makes sense.

    P-40 crash. Reminds me of the story of the B-24 “Lady Be Good” and the made for TV movie “Sole Survivor”.

  3. Firing squad – Gary Gilmore, 1970’s Utah. His choice.

    – the arrival of a wave of home and auto repossessions is building

    Interesting conversation recently with the smartest used truck dealer I’ve ever met and one of a handful of people I will do business on a handshake. He is positioning his business to survive on a low sales volume. He has big “spiffs” on his oldest inventory for his sales crew. His focus now is acquiring utility trucks, flatbeds, and “work” trucks. When I asked him about a King Ranch edition Ford pickup he used some choice words from his Marine Corps days.

    As to my little corner of the crumbling financial world, the assignments keep coming. I’m easily doing double what I have in past years. What my assignments accomplish for the mortgage companies is (1) get the debtor off their asses and get current or refinanced or (2) check off the first box on the foreclosure process. Another surprise is their willingness, via the company I work for, is to pay extra for some of the tough assignments. Fool that I am, if the money is right, I will go get it done.

  4. Poor Iris Chang. She took her own life in November 2004. She suffered from severs depression. Some speculate it was due to her research about Nanking.

  5. That’s the prototype A-20A. Or the Douglas 7B prototype, can’t tell for sure. Re the choices, tar and feathers followed by hanging works for me. Personally, I don’t care for 300 blackout. I just use .308 subsonic in my SCAR 17 and get similar results without having to buy yet another gun and carry another caliber of ammo… But that’s just me

      • +1 on subsonic 308.

        300 Blackout can be chambered in a 5.56 caliber AR and uses standard AR magazines. I could picture myself in a “stressful situation” grabbing the wrong magazine and rendering my rifle unusable because it had a .30 cal bullet wedged in the .223 barrel.

        Ended up with a .458 SOCM where it uses the same mags (do have to remove the internal stiffening rib in some PMAGS) but the round will not chamber in a 5.56.

  6. ” The bodies of Chinese civilians slaughtered by the Imperial Japanese Army choke a river’s banks”
    That could never happen again.
    The environmental impact statement would never get approved.

  7. I am in awe the early miners and carpenters building mine shaft buildings, tipple houses and ore crushing buildings on the side of cliffs and steep inclines. Big brass and nerves of steel. What man could accomplish without all the regulatory agencies butting in.

    • I was doing a restoration on the stirring tank room portion of a stamp mill mine at 11,400, up from Alma, CO. Had to add a flitch plate to solidify the old purlin beam connection to the secondary post on the stamp mill side, 30 ft up. Removed a few siding boards, turned the headlamp on, went thru the side wall looking for a place to stand…look down and see the top of one of the main 24”x30” structure support timbers. Cool. Stepped thru and stood on the top. Solid. When I later reposition and look down I notice the top 4 edges of this massive timber WERE CHAMFERED! The timber craftsmen prepping these massive timbers actually took the time to ADD a 1” chamfer on the top edges, regardless no one would ever see it. They simply took pride in their work knowing this extra step reduced chipped edges in handling and…it is correct to the craft.

      But I saw it and will forever respect these craftsmen. Amazing.

  8. Boating speed limit? “”Not only are they creating a serious safety issue, they are creating a massive negative economic impact.””

    The safety and the whales are not the reason for the regulation.

      • Diesel is a out $2 more than unleaded. Intentionally trying to wreck trucking, farming, ranching to cripple profitability in product movement while killing food production.

        Seems obvious.

          • Low sulfur diesel is the reason as that meets European standards. All those crude tankers now have a profitable back haul instead of returning to the Middle East empty. Why the price of off road diesel is high is, IMO, market rigging.

          • I also read the EPA shut down a large refinery in, if I remember correctly, the Virgin Islands, because the refineries mitigation plan if they stopped operations no longer met EPA guidelines.
            I am old, have had a very good glass of rye whiskey (or two) so my memory may be at fault.

  9. I built a 300Blk AR pistol with a 10 inch barrel. I got some 195 gr bullets and tuned a sub-sonic round for it. I caught myself putting a magazine of 5.56 in it. I sold the 300Blk AR to my brother in law. He spent the $$ for a can. He loves that gun. The 5.56 AR is now a safe queen as I have a 6.8SPC. If I shoot any 5.56 it is with my mini-14.


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