Bullet Points

** Environmental Justice – it’s right up there with global warming (we’ll all burn to death in 2 years) requiring immediate government action and naturally, there will be new taxes benefitting the POC.

** Red Mist and Loki’s Fire are still for sale…

** Textroп Iпc aппoυпced today that Bell Textroп Iпc., a Textroп coмpaпy, has Ƅeeп awaгded the deʋelopмeпt coпtract foг the U.S. Army’s Fυtυгe Loпg-Raпge аѕѕаᴜɩt Αiгcгaft (FLRΑΑ) pгogгaм.

Why doesn’t the USAF give the hated A-10 Warthog to the US Army?

** Maps h/t Stringshot

** The Pentagon is moving additional troops and equipment to a naval expeditionary base in the tiny Gulf of Aden nation of Djibouti to prepare for the possible evacuation of U.S. Embassy personnel from Sudan.

Two Biden administration officials say the deployments to Camp Lemmonier in Djibouti are necessary because of the current uncertain situation in Sudan, where fighting is raging between two warring factions.

** Chinese Aircraft Carriers – They are able to get to see but their air wings aren’t able to keep up much of a tempo. Indeed, not a wartime tempo. BUT – they are learning and building while the US Navy’s capability shrinks.


Identify the Aircraft





      • Might have taken Surly longer if he used Mercator 2D projection from a 3D sphere, distorting computing distances.

          • Also, the Map link suggests the equator position (aka ‘centerline’) further changes projection perception, which is analogous to the Left constantly moving the ‘balance-point’ centerline to fit their objectives and confuse the General Public. Those of us paying attention are not so easily fooled.

          • Maybe require the identity and why it was a failure. You know, show your work type of stuff.

            The Northrup Black Bullet failed as all the other pusher-prop fighters because the engine it was designed for was an abject failure and the replacement sucked.

            The Bell Aircuda failed because it’s engines weren’t powerful enough to give it the performance needed.

            And same with the Yak. Lack of decent power and short service life of the engines doomed the Yak to forever be a footnote in naval history. A Soviet version of the Gutless Cutlass, except with some V/STOL capability.

            You know, make Surly work for it…. 🙂

        • Not really, the latest software upgrade reduced that problem somewhat, to a level that can be compensated for.

          The real issue is lack of Spice (alcohol) to expand the mind and bridge space, but this requires higher level admin authorization (Mrs Surly).

  1. Heard yesterday about this newest Democrat “Environmental Justice” (gee, isn’t that MORE special) theft program, along with America’s Latest Lunatic In Charge of “saving the planet” from [only certain] humans. The Dems are deranged. It is abundantly clear they hate those of us who make their lives possible. Yet, the piling-on by government morons and cheats will eventually kill the host, and right now it’s on life support and they have their hand on the wall plug telling us that yanking it will be good for the planet. Time to use the paddles on these bums and put them out of their collective misery.

    Maps- As a kid I always wondered who did the 3D sphere to 2D flattening, and was it even close to reality? Always good to question certain norms to verify offered perceptions, not unlike the media and all their “reporting and opinions”…things may be really out of proportion.

      • Sure, depending on one’s objective to evince a certain end result, the hospital “jump starter” paddles are perfectly suited…set on 360 J. Need to get their attention somehow.

    • The maps are more correct the closer you get to the Equator. Farther away means more distortion no matter how you do it.

      • Gotta have enough sats up there to do a full 3D scan then some CAD program could more precisely unfold it. Probably already been done.

  2. Can’t remember who said it but wasn’t there a WWII general that said “the map is not the territory”?

    A-10s would be to simple to maintain so no opportunity for increased graft. Besides I think there is a little bit of the A-10 being the Air Force’s toy and even if they don’t want to play with it they don’t want anybody else to play with it either. Note that this statement applies to the leadership of the AF not the pilots and maintainers that run the plane day to day. From personal experience those are some can do people.

    • It’s never the pilots or the flight mechanics. Neither is it the people they’re supporting on the ground. The problems comes with the stars and the beltway bandits.

    • That quote was from Alfred Korzybski.
      Supposedly someone wrote a satirical novel in which some ruler (a king or something, not a yardstick*) became obsessed with this and demanded his cartographers create a 1:1 map of the kingdom.

      Hah! I accidentally typed “tardstick”. A new expression is born: That guy is so obtuse he must have been beaten with a tardstick.

        • Should I peddle tardsticks on the blogs to be employed in an anti-personnel role?

          I’ve thought at times of purveying religious trinkets because the mark-up is so profoundly high. I can buy Roman coins – mites – by the bucket full for next to nothing – melt value, frame them and call them “widow’s mites” – a source of faith and heavenly power. Ok, I could, but it could be construed as cynically taking advantage.

          • If you found some actual widow to serve as your buying agent then they really would be “widow’s mites”. It’s on the buyer to ask “WHICH widow?”

          • Or I could keep a pet black widow spider, feeding it flies or something and they could be mites belonging to a black widow, which makes them even more woke, equitable, and ultimately valuable!! The commercial value of a black widow’s mite must exceed the value of a mite belonging to (derived from) a widow of a different orientation.

            I’m all for truth in advertising.

          • Ahh, in this modern enlightened era you merely have to self-identify as a widow…keeps the employee liability down.

  3. The Chinese aircraft carriers will be great as floating emergency landing strips for the coming invasion of Taiwan. But the aircraft that fly off of it are still not-so-great. We have that to look forward to in the coming years.

      • By that time their population will have collapsed along with all their hopes and dreams and lies and bullscat and other things.

        Though the Mongols are staying fertile. Maybe the Mongols will take over China again.

    • Yep. Though I have always wondered why they didn’t reengineer for jet engines. Which are basically pusher aircraft of a sorts.

  4. There were some competitive WWI pusher fighters.

    They sort of did do the jet thing, in the early days. That’s basically what the Vampire was.


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