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Everything slows down for the holidays, as it should. I hope that you are able to slow down too.



Bullet Points:

* TSA, looking out for you…  The Transportation Security Administration spent $18.6 million in funding on “non-binary screening systems,” which are set to be rolled out in January. Currently, TSA screeners decide whether a traveler is male or female and press a button for the body scanner corresponding with their appearance as the system scans males and females differently.  DIFFERENTLY? I thought that there was no difference between male and female humans, and that gender was a construct only. The woke need to make their minds up.  Facial recognition software still struggles to differentiate between Afro-Americans and monkeys. TSA continues to struggle with that one.

* VDH asks if President Trump wants to be re-elected:

Why did Trump need to descend into personal invective when prior to the midterms, many primary polls were confirming his front-runner status?

Why did he not remain magnanimous, unite the party, and focus on giving millions to his endorsed but endangered candidates like Dr. Mehmet Oz, Blake Masters, and Herschel Walker?

Why did Trump bizarrely claim that possible presidential rival candidate Glenn Youngkin’s name sounded “Chinese”? What was the logic of attacking Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s, R-Ky., wife in racialist terms? …The entire article is worth reading.

* (RFE/RL) (h/t Claudio) Is an ice sculpture just a block of frozen water? …”There were no competitions this year,” Vladimir added. “They just summoned us and told us what to do.” The result was a tableau of 24 ice and plastic sculptures of Russian soldiers in full combat regalia, together with ice slides and other amusements festooned with symbols of Russia’s war against neighboring Ukraine.

* Brazil’s fight for freedom – interview.

* The Covid Scam: Attorney Thomas Renz, “When you go to the hospital, you get tested. They get paid more. When you get admitted for COVID, they get paid more. When they put you on remdesivir, they get paid more. When you get ventilated, they get paid more. When you die, they get paid more. This is perverse.” “We Have Incentivized the Murder of Patients Rather Than Incentivize Treatment”

* Putin’s Enemies – (RFE) Ammosov, whose real name is Igor Ivanov, was set to appear in court in the eastern Siberian city of Yakutsk three days later to face charges of “discrediting” Russia’s military — charges that could result in a five-year prison sentence if he is convicted. But Ammosov, 30, did not make it to court. And his friends and fellow activists say he has disappeared, even though he had been preparing to attend the December 13 hearing. It’s difficult to know whether he is hiding locally, escaped Russia, or whether the FSB put a bullet behind his ear and put him out on the tundra for polar bears.


Identify the Aircraft



44 thoughts on “Christmas Count-Down

  1. Bristol Blenheim… Mk I, I think. Pronounced “blenum” apparently.

    Evolved onto the much better Beaufort and then the wonderful Beaufighter.


  2. The article by Dr. Hanson was interesting to say the least. Don’t know what I will do personally, President Trump issuing the trading cards struck me as a little bit crazy, but all are sold so maybe not. While I proudly voted for Trump on two occasions I think I will have to play it by ear this time around.

    The COVID scam indeed. Could we have figured out a worse way to handle this? The government is obviously not at all good at this sort of thing.

    1. I don’t think that you’re alone, Ed. Circumspection is called for.

      Covid was a bad flu that presented in some unique ways radiologically (its calling card), and I still maintain that its release from the lab in China was accidental/premature.

      The reaction of governments (not just USGOV) to what was a bad upper respiratory flu with nasty side effects, was an unconscionable and thinly disguised power grab. The vax/boost turned out to be ineffective and dangerous. That’s still playing out.

      1. and I still maintain that its release from the lab in China was accidental/premature

        If the US government can no longer make a competitive military airplane, helicopter, ship, or rocket, then maybe the Chinese government can no longer make a competitive military disease?

        1. There were other labs, most notably in Canada that were tinkering with the various forms of SARS (of which COVID was one). Then the move to Wuhan that involved US people and tech as we knew at the beginning of this (see Virtual Mirage posts going back to the beginning of the Plague).

          E.L., I have been in clean rooms in China. Not the Level 4 facility at Wuhan, but clean rooms all the same. To a one, they were dirty and procedures were not taken seriously. I realize that the FOXCOM locations etc were different but they were overseen by Western standards. Thus, to my mind, could a researcher have become infected by COVID 19 in the lab and carried it out? Absolutely. I have no proof, just a knowledge of the people involved.

          Absent the panic, the virus itself is “nasty” but survivable by most people which makes it an anemic bioweapon. If it had been weaponized smallpox or something on that order, the loss of life would have been MUCH higher.

          1. Any lab rat fiddling with viruses to make them more dangerous needs:

            1) To check their seriously misguided premises
            2) If (1) is ignored…then drawn and quartered

            Playing with Pandora’s Box is unwise at best.

          2. Works perfectly well as a way to kill off or effectively eliminate by starvation the pensioners in Communist China. I mean, welding doors to apartment buildings shut?

            I read somewhere before the Covidiocracy started that Red China was looking at going TU economically because they basically have a huge and growing population of retirees and pensioners, and most of them (well, most Red Chinese over 40yoa) are not well, physically. Fracked up lungs, heart problems and all the other joys of living in a polluted hellhole.

            Gee, if I was the CCP leadership, killing off all the old people using Covid as an excuse works. After all, they don’t have the huge masses of brainwashed children like they had during the Cultural Revolution.

      2. Different groups with different aims and in different countries all saw it as an opportunity to further their goals. None of them good. And not necessarily coordinated.

        To me it explains the scattershot feel and outcomes of this whole mess. For me I just kept my head down as much as I could and out of the way until the storm passed. Just like all peasants have had to do through history.

  3. The alleged “woke” are too busy making things up to make up their minds about anything.

  4. If the doctors and hospitals don’t follow the ‘protocols’ they don’t get further federal funds and the former lose their ability to practice medicine. Trump needs to play it safe so all the fringe groups that never would support him or anyone like him won’t fell bad. It worked for Romney, look where he is now.

  5. TSA- Huh? Gettin’ more bizarre by the day, forcing us into their Twilight Zone. Not that I’ll ever be in an airport anytime soon, I’ve gotten less tolerant of being treated like cattle while dealing with the zombie-fied general public, one of whom may go unhinged at any moment. But this further slide down the ugly slope seals the deal. Who sits in a meeting and suggests this garbage, basically guaranteeing normal people won’t ever work in those shops? Most galling is we’re being filched to fund the insanity.

    The Fed’s being involved in people private health care…WHAT could possibly go wrong? Thing is they won’t ever sever the grappled cord, the money is too good and dead people vote Democrat.

    VDH- Outlining what we are thinking as only he can. Watched this clip of Tucker answering the Trump-DeSantis prediction question:

    I’m guessing Trump is tactically stirring the pot. He actually did well in the mid-terms, picking at the losses belies his record. But – and here it is: Trump isn’t running in 2024. THAT and $3 bucks gets you a thimble-sized coffee (thanks to The Dem’s economic dumpster fire).

    1. If a ‘woman’ with a large dick goes through the TSA scanners, the need to figure out what the dangle is. This solution of theirs is – weird.

    2. Question:
      under what license are politicians practicing medicine? Who gave politicians the right to practice medicine? Why do we permit politicians, et al. (very few of whom even passed high school biology) to practice medicine and recommend treatments?

      1. They don’t need a license, they’re woke. Being woke is all that matters now, and medical treatments in many cases are political. Based on what I’ve read in medical journals, the latest trend is triage based on race, perceived/announced gender, and religion. In what way is that medicine? And the elite in the field seems to applaud that.

        Nobody is more woke than democrat politicians, who launder money openly, flaunting their immunity as the FBI circles to defend them in their criminality. Why not trust them to make medical decisions for America?

        1. one last question:
          am I going to see the pendulum begin to swing in the other directio before I pass on?
          Oops, sorry! gotta redirect that one.

          1. I hope that you’re not singing, “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” at the moment. But if you’re looking for justice, it will be on the other side, not here.

          2. PS – If your demise IS imminent, let me know and I’ll put some sort of tip jar on the blog.

          3. TNX. I’m going through the VA (Form 40-10007). Hope all the vets who spend the time at your blog are aware of this (one last) service provided by our country for our DD-214s (and their spouses).

          4. Once they usurped authority over our personal care and medical choices, without so much as a whimper from the General Public, just like a “short term” tax this power grab will never disappear. They are emboldened, mainly because half the people are either ignorant or so on their heels all they can do is scramble to keep from drowning. ‘Course, there is a self-flagellation faction that likes this crap then demand the rest of us suffer along with them.

  6. Yep, Peter knows that airplane! And I can’t find any examples that are still flyable, which is sad. Re TSA, one more reason to drive if at all possible…

    1. If the drive is longer than 9 hours, or I have to cross an ocean, I tend to roll the dice and fly.

        1. Yes, but everyone knows that you’re a human machine. Not necessarily a cyborg but maybe a Cylon.

          1. EdB and I can race the next trip we take down to St. Pete since airports are not happening. Haven’t been in two years since the Covidiocy.

            Northern Colorado…2 days.

  7. Today only two things will get me on a commercial airliner. One, acute family emergency. Two, I’m paid a substantial amount of money.

    A goal in 2023 is to see if I can pass a 3rd Class Medical.

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