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At Last!

Oscar winning actress Jennifer Lawrence announced that she’s going to take a year off acting to fix the democracy – to fix all of the little people who have made her wealthy. Think of it as a thank you tour. She’s giving back to the low-life riffraff who gave her so much.

I hate to say it, but it would be more progressive of her to transition to become a black man during the year-long sabbatical to save the planet. I’m sure that she’s cool enough to do both at the same time. 

A Purge

I bought a special piece of software to identify Russian bots that may have infected my computer. It spit out a photo (right) of an NRA member who may also be one of the infamous Russian bots.
Or are they relentless minions of CNN, cleverly disguised as Russian bots? Who can say for sure, however beware the bots because they are out to dominate the world.
And while we’re on the subject of purges (which brings to mind the student’s march to slaughter NRA members  – by peaceful means, I wonder if they’ve read history or if they simply rely on CNN talking points?

I wonder if any of the six million Jews, slaughtered by the Nazis ever said, “wow, it’s good that we have no firearms to defend ourselves with. Somebody might have been hurt.”

Imagine, going to your death like a cow headed down the chute to the knacker’s shed. It’s not a pretty thought. Imagine once again, double tapping those people who would drive you into the abattoir. Pick which you’d prefer. Take as long as you’d like, it’s not a trick question…I have all day.

Free men are armed, slaves are not. It always comes back to that.

Gun Control in Mexico

It didn’t work for this narco in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico just after noon on February 8, 2017 when he engaged armed Americans – hoping that they were not armed. 
Deciding to shoot up former SEALs resulted in a very quick double tap to his chest, just left of center followed by a failure drill to the forehead. Call it a Darwin Award well earned as he removed himself from the gene pool.
Sometimes criminals don’t really know who the predator is and who the prey is – and THAT is your thought of the day. Call it a sermonette if you wish.

32 thoughts on “Sunday Sermonette

  1. Thank our lucky stars, no, wait…thank GOD!…for Jennifer Lawrence getting involved to fix our democracy.

    She is certainly well qualified to such an undertaking, because she's got a Ph.D. in…, uh….er….she's got experience in public policy through her, uh, ….ummm…Well, she's got an IQ close to that of Einstein, well, maybe not that high, but at least as smart as Forrest Gump.

    Jennifer Lawrence's bonafides are simply her looks and ability to pretend that she's somebody else. That's it. Nothing more, no bonafides whatsoever that will contribute to her fixing a God Damned thing except her makeup.

    These Hollywood morons can help us all by just shutting the f*** up.

  2. Thank you Jennifer. When I need advice on what to do about anything, I always ask a 27 year old actress with no life experience.
    I've met a few death camp survivors. I have no doubt that they wished that they'd been armed. It's a shame the folks in the Warsaw Ghetto weren't armed better.
    Two to the chest, one to the head. I do like a happy ending.

  3. Oh, I'm going to have to stop saying "shut up and act" for the next year. Saying "shut up and fix the democracy" sounds ridiculous. That moronic millennial can't even fix her own hair much less the government.

    Gun control is using both hands. At least that's how we roll at our house.

  4. Ah yes the yutes … they've graduated from Tide Pods to Gun Control. They're puffing out their chests just before they jump back into their safe spaces to avoid the revolution they started.

  5. Pretending that you're somebody else has worked for politicians since Cain tried to talk God out of being angry that he killed Able.

  6. There's a rhythm that you develop pop-pop pop when you get into the double-tap/failure drill. The Indians at Wounded Knee likely with they had brought their weapons. The Army was there to disarm them and while there, just decided to kill them all in the event that they were armed. There a lot of stories and it goes back in history.

  7. Practice reloading magazines too.

    J-Law has fashioned herself as an example to all of us, showing us what we need to do to fix our wounded land and rid ourselves of all of Constitutional carry people. And the Constitution while she's at it.

  8. I gravitate to the .308 in black guns because I like a bit more punch and a bit more range, but that's just me. I don't have any problem with the .223. The modern version of the M-14, favored by Naval Special Warfare is an excellent choice. When I was in the Navy, SEALs carried a blend of the old M-14's and M-16CAR/M-203 along with the navy version of the M-60…and that bad boy rocked.

  9. I saw some cream puff actor on TV talking about civil disobedience until all off the lawful firearms owners turned in their weapons. It made me laugh because the little faggot would be really unhappy if WE engaged in civil disobedience. All of the military veterans, young and old, showed up armed. Somewhere over 2 or 3 million.

    There are a lot of those people who don't understand what a bayonet lug is used for.

    I'm not advocating violence, but we know who would win the civil disobedience argument.

    Remember when Obama (you remember him, the slick buck dancer) had those black militias forming early in his presidency and he called for an inner city force larger than the military. It sold another 10 million rifles in America.

  10. Sometimes criminals don't really know who the predator is and who the prey is

    As it should.

  11. Whoever it is, I'm sure that he's every bit as guilty of colluding with the Russians as President Trump is.

  12. Billy-the-Kid is reputed to have said, "The dumber people are, the more surprised they are when you kill them."

  13. I'm headed to the range where I volunteer as an RSO in a bit. Maybe I'll work on that a bit when I get a break.

  14. That is how you should train. Keep in mind that 90% of all law enforcement shootings are 0-7 feet. A lot of people train from more distant ranges (as they should). But don't forget that those close range shots are far more likely.

  15. Looks like 'somebody' did an excellent job of outshooting the punk with an AR… But supposedly that's not possible! :-)

  16. Thanks for the powerful sermon, LL. But dammit, you've found me out.

    Russian bots RULE.

    Hmmmm. Must get an AK and a Dragunov to go with the SKS.

    C'mon, Putin, help out the team! After all, you've got plenty of firearms to go around and to spare.

  17. I guess some people tend to believe that the best solution is that the state knows best e.g. China thus people should have no other ambition in life than do what the state tell you to do. In the US they are named Democrats I guess, another name for socialists. Those wanting to control other people and be part of the system controlling others obviously do not want any resistance. Why some people, or actually many people, find it convenient to let the state/government be responsible for your own future seem strange for me. Especially given the past failures. Instead of creating a healthy society and liberty that foster development and innovation, socialists seem to be more concerned about creating restrictions and control other people. Some tasks belong to the state by many reasons but I have always wondered about the confidence socialists have when it comes to run and operate other people and develop a better society. Few of them have experience from entrepreneurship or building something making money in a privat industry. Still they think they are the best to organize and run a country to the detail of other peoples life.

  18. I guess what is going on with the Russians is just solid evidence that people forget. Russia have their own agenda and they are glued to it while others follow the wind and have no memory nor goal. Watching how much energy MSM spend on dividing countries only serves Russia. I guess they do not know but it looks like they have all volunteered to work for free for Russia. And who can blame the Russians for doing what they think is smart and serves their purpose? I wonder if psyop courses are still available as a correspondence course. That could be a place to start for many.

    Maniacs and criminals should not have guns and there should be no need for guns in elementary schools. But since the government seem not to be successful in removing guns from all the people who should not carry guns and the police is not trustworthy when it comes to protecting people, what is left for honest people to do?

    If it correct that armed police officers did not enter the school and let the maniac continue to kill students who can you trust? The FBI did not follow up on the information they received. The school and local police did not what they could to prevent the crime. And when the crime took place, the local sheriff department did not respond.

    From my point of view it seems that the only alternative left is for people to protect themselves with what it takes to be safe. Maybe a gun is still the best and most efficient remedy?

  19. Sometimes government can do something useful but it inevitably costs 3X what it should, and you get people, secure in their employment, who lounge around and are surly to the people they're supposed to serve.

    President Trump is the first businessman in the White House in modern times and the political class (both sides) hate him with passion and venom seldom seen.

  20. We (the collective "we") are responsible for securing ourselves, our families and those we love. If the public schools can't do it, maybe private school or charter schools in the US are the way forward. Surrendering firearms is not an option no matter how much the shills want it to be so.

    America (and even Norway) engage in the same sort of behavior as the Russians. It's disingenuous to pretend that we don't. We did it to Israel during the Obama years. A little perspective is called for.

  21. Hmm, the last time you posted that picture you credited the Mexican Marines, who are good, tough, people.

    Now it's former Navy SEALS?


  22. The Sheriff have his own definition of good leadership than many others I guess. This interview do not strengthen the trust in his leadership. If he and his organization is representative for taking care of peoples security and safety I prefer to have my own back-up solution available at any time.

  23. It's impossible for ANY government to assure protection. And it's difficult for citizens to "trust' any leader completely because the word "trust" implies too much. Does anyone trust the bureaucracy? Ok the Chinese do and that's the subject of tomorrow's blogging.

  24. If this school shooting with all the attendant warning and incompetent response had happened in China, the Chinese gov. would probably have shot the lot of them- cops, school board, local fbi. no way would they accept that loss of face.
    Every once in a while, the commie bastards have the right idea.

  25. They have had these sorts of mass shootings in China. There is a trial, then the next day they're executed. The Chinese publicize them so it's not a state secret. The US progs, dim bulbs that they are, discount them.

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