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For those of you who are serious about training with firearms, I suggest that you take a hard look at Simunition. The advantage is that you use YOUR firearm to fire at live targets, who can return fire. Standing in front of a paper target and blazing away is better than nothing. But it in no way does it simulate the fire-and-movement that is part of any real world encounter. 
I’ve used Simunition for at least 20 years. In order to do it right, you MUST have a range master who has the requisite training. If you’re not doing it right, people can be hurt. Paintball teaches you to keep your head down, but Simunition allows you to operate your own handgun, shotgun and rifle.
HAS ARRIVED IN THE U.S.A.  (link to website)
Simunition® is expanding its U.S. Range Program to include the training of civilians. Certified Firearms Instructors in the U.S.A. can now join the Simunition® Reality-Based Instructor Community and, once Certified by Simunition®, Instructors can train citizens with ‘The World Class and Proven Simunition® Training System’. Certified Instructors can now conduct the most realistic force-onforce reality based training exercises in their classes. With the Simunition® Training System, classroom instruction has never been as realistic as now! 
For well over a decade thousands of top-rated Law Enforcement and Military Instructors have exclusively used our proven World Class Simunition® Training System. This opportunity is now available to responsible law-abiding citizens! Select Range Program on the top menu and locate the closest U.S. Certified Civilian Instructors / Range Program to train now with the most realistic, non-lethal, force-on-force and force-on-target training system!

15 thoughts on “Thoughts on Effective Range Training

  1. The range I used to go to in SoCal had "Force On Force" training where we used Airsoft pistols. A bit more realistic than paint ball, and you'll never forget getting nailed with an Airsoft pellet!

  2. Yep, they bring a whole new perspective. And those suckers HURT when they hit you! Excellent training and reinforced reminder to use cover effectively!

  3. You have to scoot and shoot, the way you would in real life. The bad guys are shooting back and it hurts and leaves a bruise if you're hit. It needs to hurt as a reminder that it's genuine. The scenarios are more scripted to an extent than they would be with paintball with a focus on training, examinations of what you did right and wrong and sometimes video taping. That you did what you did with YOUR WEAPON lends credibility to the real world nature of the training.

  4. It's the same idea. So long as it's genuine training and doesn't devolve into a "paint ball war" it's useful. Even paintball is useful. As I mentioned, it teaches you to keep your head down. When your goggles splatter yellow, it's better than having your brains spray the trees. SEALs froze paintballs so they didn't splatter and it was like getting his with a rock traveling at 200 mph.

  5. I think that any discussion of firearms needs to be accompanied by effective training. Naturally, the lefties don't like the idea of kids being trained, but in your and my youth, we certainly were and the training worked.

  6. Any take on how well Simunitions vet their franchisees, or whatever they are called? I don't have any way to establish that, having no practical experience.

  7. The short answer is no, I don't. I know that for civilians to use it, they need to have a qualified range master and control the ammo.

    I've only used it in military and law enforcement contexts where there were trained people who oversaw the training evolution.

  8. Airsoft pellets get your attention pretty quickly, and leave a (sometimes permanent) reminder that YOU GOT SHOT.

    It was a 16 hour course, two days, spent between classroom and range, and had a lot of runnin' and gunnin'.

    One of the best classes I've ever taken, and a real eye opener.

  9. You come away better able to understand the dynamics of a shooting situation and I think a much wiser and safer shooter.

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