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Good Saturday Morning from LL’s house, where breakfast is on the table. Why stop at bacon, eggs, pancakes and juice when you can also have biscuits and gravy? Not me, that’s for sure. The context that we enjoy with others is comforting in the same way as a good breakfast is.
There is comfort in having others understand who we were when and why we are who we are now. Friends, relatives and people we meet in the journey of life (like the guys below – Kuwait 1991 just off the King Fahad bin Abdul Aziz Road, about 40 kilometers north of the Saudi border).
I encourage you to reach out to somebody you haven’t spoken with for some time who knows you for who you were as well as who you are…and you with them. It’s Saturday – what better do you have to do?

That’s it, carry on. Nothing more to see here. I’ve been asked to judge a chili cook-off later today. I wonder how all that will sit on top of pancakes?

22 thoughts on “Gaining Context

  1. Sleep and eat when you can because you never know how long it will be before you can do it again. Such is life saving the world for biscuits and gravy.

  2. Comfort food. Yeah, baby. I am to biscuits and gravy as Homer Simpson is to donuts. Good thing I'm in shape. Round is a shape, right? I also like my eggs over easy, which I then plop on top of crisp hash browns.

  3. That's an amazing advice. I'll make it a Saturday ritual to reach out (with food). It's really interesting how every time you pull out new talents from the hat! Cooking indeed is my favourite thing to do.

  4. Oh, yeah – eggs on hash browns. You'll notice that I didn't do that, and more's the pity – but next time.

  5. Cooking connects with people. It makes them happy, puts them at ease and helps give them a good experience with others.

  6. Kasich is nasty, worse than lutefisk (which the seal lady likes since they eat that in the Faroe Islands)

  7. If you date somebody from the Faroe Islands, LSP, you can't ever be sure that she's not Kópakonan in disguise. Just be warned.

  8. Indeed. Hence the significance of breaking bread through the ages. All through my high school years, my family all sat down together at the dinner table. I wonder how many urban families still do that today.

  9. We did when my girls lived at home, said grace, and ate as a family. However, when the meal was finished and the wife and girls were discussing things of interest to the female of the species, I slinked off to my den.

  10. HEY! You're in Arizona where judging Chili Cook Offs can be down right dangerous. Just like in a microwave, you'll be cooked from the inside out.

  11. Breakfast can be eaten any time of day… thank goodness.
    Biscuits have been survival food forever. But damn My efforts in making them even edible have been dismal at best.

  12. Yep, had biscuits and gravy this morning! 🙂 And I make no pretense about who/what I am… Take me or leave me, I don't really worry about it.

  13. The local fire department won! Their five-alarm chili produced fire from both ends, but they're a fire department and there are expectations.

  14. I like dunking my toast in the egg yolk (with a bit of salt and pepper) and then when the yolk is done, I put the last of the egg on my toast and finish it off.

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