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This may see you through the Chinese Plague…or maybe it won’t.

Photo above: Hessians cut
Photo below: With a hit man on the lawn of the Tropicana Hotel, Las Vegas,
where we dug up a gun barrel used in a hit

Keep in mind that I lived a sheltered life. It wasn’t until I bought my first Harley Davidson that I learned the first rule of owning a Fat Boy. You always park it in the living room of the ground floor apartment and if the chain oiler drips (that thick, black, Harley oil) on the carpet, that’s the girlfriend’s problem. 

Actually I was a police officer, undercover in the Hessians motorcycle club/gang when I figured that out. Two years a patched Hessian. And yes, I know how many teeth are in the skull on the cut and what they stand for.

So if you have a Harley, it’s ok to park it in the living room. If you own a Ducati, it needs its own dedicated space in the garage.

Bob and Dave are sitting in a biker bar pre COVID-19. Because we know that you can’t sit in a bar for a little refreshment anymore.

Bob:   Dave, did your old lady ever cheat on you?
Dave: Yeah 
Bob:  What did you do? 
Dave: With their bodies?

8 thoughts on “A Few Helpful Hints

  1. LL, when are you going to write your autobiography?

    Surely the stature of limitations is up.

  2. My book, Exiles from Eden, has a little bit of the biker section if you read between the lines – or even if you don't. On the sidebar.

  3. Yum. Vegan BBQ. I'm up for that. Tonight I had to settle for bacon wrapped sirloin filet, red baked potato, and asparagus. It did the job…

  4. I see that you are making do in these trying times. It warms my heart – not quite as warm as the steak, but close! Take care up there in North Idaho.

  5. I used to park my 1979 Bonneville Triumph 750 in my barracks room, or at least until my commanding officer found out about it. I put a drip pan down, as cleanliness is next to Godliness. I'm surprised the CO didn't understand that.

  6. Geez LL, you are a man for all time, the new Hemingway. h/t.

    Vegan BBQ – I'll stick with grass fed cattle…too many vegans have high levels of angst, making the meat a bit too gamey for my taste.

  7. My lord, since discovering your Blog LL, I must say you are a much varied individual. Would it be more accurate to ask what haven't you done? I would read an autobiography of your life, but do I have to wait fifty years after your death?

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