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There is still work going on up at the White Wolf Mine. This is a brief update. I planned on one year of construction and it’s turned into two. The exterior is being painted…finally.

It snowed as recently as ten days ago, but we have a warm patch that is necessary for the paint to adhere properly.

I took the cell phone and did a walk around for your edification, snapping a few pictures.

Building this custom home/hovel has been an ordeal and the general contractor is not the least bit honest. I can suggest to you that the work now going on is not a tribute to his integrity so much as it is a sign of his cowardice. He is concerned about what I might do. Those of you know me, understand that I NEVER threaten. 

The dog that barks seldom bites. 

And moving on, it’s close to being completed and I’m looking forward to not having workmen around the house every day.
But I would never do this again (Fredd – I know you’re in the planning phase). 

Life in rural Arizona is good. It’s bucolic. I saw a bobcat running down the old logging road behind the house at breakfast the other day. Elk are common guests as are deer. I’m on the phone much of the day for work, but I can live with it.

And the scenery in the area is breathtaking. This (below) is the Clear Creek Gorge, which runs to the south of my house. We have big horn sheep climbing up and down those cliffs.

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  1. Yes, building custom homes is frustrating; you are the one footing the bill for all the issues of which there are countless. The GC, however, just wants to take your money, tell a sub to get it done and forget about it. When problems develop, the GC wants them to solve themselves and when you insist that he get off his meaty, pimply butt and do something about them, then conflict arises.

    Happens every time. To every custom home. I hate it, and swore that I would never do it again. That was 15 years ago, and now here I am getting irritated at the architect of our next custom home, and we haven't even gotten to the GC yet. I can't wait.

    It appears that the WWM is getting to the final stages. The dreaded 'punch list' is almost always pushed to the point where lawyers get involved because all GC's are scum. All of them, just ask LL.

  2. It was hard enough just getting the Compound's house painted, much less built. Fortunately someone did that already, long ago.

    Still, well done, nearly there! And congrats on the view. I'd have wanted to clumb those rocks years ago. Not anymore…

  3. You’re going to have to get in rock climbing shape if you’re going to lead the class in mountaineering here at the WWM. I’ll supervise from the top with binoculars and a flask.

  4. Looking good. Nice to see that the end is almost in sight. I would love to have something similar, but I'd never be able to talk the wife into moving that far out.

  5. Very few Americans live more than an hours drive from a city, town, village, etc.

    There is a reason for that and it’s valid. I chose the “road less traveled”. But I’ve done that a lot in my life. I can visit civilization whenever I want to, but I don’t have to live in it.

  6. In defense of GC, they spend too much time chasing money. A customer who pays on time is rare. Too often they bring it on themselves. Back in the day, we never gave possession to the owner until we were paid. A home good enough to live in is a home good enough to be paid for.

    Not to say this is you and your situation.

    General criticism of GC, most are terrible planners and bookkeepers. Lack discipline.

  7. My son, a realtor, his agency, a friend of mine who was a sub for him and a kid I got a job for with my friend the sub all got burned (and of course the people he was building homes for and took money from) by a local GC who was big in the community.
    He's in prison now. That doesn't pay their bills.

  8. Sorry your paradise came with so many problems. Contractors do a lot of "Word of Mouth" business and can't afford unhappy clients. Maybe he reads "Home Adviser" and "Angie's List" regularly. But, I have never heard of a contractor finishing anything on time.

  9. I have been perfectly honorable with this clown. But karma will run over your dogma. And trust me, he will never build another home. I owe that to the poor dumb bastards are as I was.

    I’m a man of peace, and I’ll let the system and his reputation hang him.

  10. This guy has a bleak financial future. I tossed the chicken bones, and they never lie.

    I don’t want him fed and coddled in prison. Free and broken is better.

  11. He was recommended.

    But for him, reputation has sailed like a kite with a broken string. Maybe he could leave the state and start over in N Mex or somewhere? But I don’t think he will work in AZ again

  12. I know a few honest contractors. A good one will hire good subs, who he has worked with for a while. In every boom, all the flakes can survive on people desperate to get something done- when the tide turns, they are washed away.
    Fredd, the word "architect" is frightening to a budget.

  13. I'm not sure there IS an honest GC anymore… Which is why I bought an existing place rather than building when I retired. Sorry for your troubles, and glad he won't get to screw over anyone else!

  14. Raven: yes, all architects and GC's laugh at you when you mention the word 'budget.' "Budget? Budget!! We doan need no stinkin' budgets…"

    LL: Yes, an oozing festering pox. You seem to be getting the hang of this poxing thing.

  15. What NFO said. Can't count the times we've called to get estimates and no one shows up. Or they say they'll call with said estimate; but never do.

    For the best, I suppose.

    Your GC is wise to be concerned about what you might do..

  16. Spectacular view, LL! Good to see the WWM is at the 'Last 10%', which all too often comes with 90% of the frustration. Yes, good GC's are exceedingly rare. "Our" GC told The Kids the place he was rehabbing would be ready December 1st. It's now June 8th, and my step-son has taken over the interior painting (his Dad was a painter) and trim finish. Our DIL is furious at her Dad, but at least they're not paying customers, and it is kind of a fill-in job for him.

    IIRC, we both started seriously doing the CALEXIT thing at roughly the same time. I'd figured you'd be done and settled before we were, but things worked out differently.

  17. I bought my retirement home 35 years ago.
    You'd think I'd have it all finished by now.

  18. It’s been a grind, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    I’m glad to see you settled in.

  19. Building a custom home is so stressful that knew an architect who, if building a home for a couple, had a clause in the contract that he got paid in the event of a divorce while the house was under construction.

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