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Set in Los Angeles in an ‘modern, alternative timeline’, Bright presumes that the Lord of the Rings characters have been living together since the time of ‘Middle Earth’. The story follows two LAPD officers, human Daryl Ward (Will Smith) and rookie Orc cop Nick Jakoby (Joel Edgerton), as they encounter a powerful magical weapon that could change the balance of this world if it falls into the wrong hands.
Humans are…human, elves occupy the elite position in society as the intelligent, clever characters that they were in Lord of the Rings, and orcs are heavy, slow and fairies are annoying, flitting here and there.
There I was, last night, without much to watch on tv and I defaulted to Netflix and landed on Bright. I approached the movie with a great deal of skepticism. Elves, orcs, fairies and so forth in the modern world didn’t sound that interesting, but the principal cast of Will Smith, Joel Edgerton, Noomi Rapace, and Lucy Fry and the production team led by David Ayer intrigued me. And I’m glad that I viewed the film. It was good. And I found that there is a sequel in the works, which will be a MUST SEE. Many critics had a different opinion, but I don’t care much what they write.
It is a $90 million production – no skimping on the budget. And it worked, at least for me. I agree that it was an unusual ‘buddy movie’, a blend of orc and human police officers. But there were enough twists and turns over possession of a magic wand that it kept the whole project interesting. I didn’t look at my watch once and was let down when the film ended. It was a good end, but I was ready for more.
Should you watch BRIGHT?
Up to you…but I may watch it again. That’s high praise.

16 thoughts on “Movie Review: Bright

  1. Hrmmm… I don’t have Netflix, I guess I’ll have to see if it comes out for rent.

  2. Netflix: I watch other people's Netflix every 5 years or so, but have vowed to never ever subscribe: it's too good.

    This is where all the talent fled to when the reality fad handed all the writers pink slips. The production, photography, special effect are all top shelf. I could watch Netflix day and night, binge watch every franchise, and turn into Howard Hughes.

    Nope, never going to subscribe. I have much to do, and having a Netflix account would surely wind me up in a couch potato doom.

    I'm sure Bright was good. But vows are vows. Not going to get Netflix, not now, not ever. It's too excellent.

  3. I'm surprised that our opinions vary on this.
    It's been a while since I watched it, though.

  4. I like the occasional blast of netflix — don't have normal TV obvs — and will check out Bright. Been watching a German series, Dark. Like it so far.

    That said, TV's a mind eraser. Sayin.

  5. I piggy back on my daughter's account. Each account allows 4 distinct users and I'm one of those. So "I" don't actually pay for it. There aren't that many programming/viewing options in the mountains in AZ, and I do browse and watch Netflix.

  6. I'm not a dungeons-and-dragons type, and fantasy films don't usually appeal but the movie took me by surprise, and I like when that happens. It doesn't happen often.

  7. The last Netflix series that I watched was "Hana". I think that it was a German, or possibly Eastern European production.

  8. I think Hana was Amazon Prime Video. At least it's now a series on Amazon.
    I don't know why. The movie was satisfying and recent enough, but it seems they are expanding on it.

    Netflix has two seasons of The Crown.
    If I didn't have people I like tell me to watch it, I wouldn't have. Looking forward to the third season.
    First season has a great focus on Churchill.

  9. I enjoy Netflix now and then. Right now I am hooked on Britbox and all the British TV of the 90's to mid 2000's. It is nice to see all the old cars (almost twice the size of today's cars) and the mini cars.

  10. At 64, I am constantly battling self destructive behaviors: drinking to excess, smoking cigarettes (I have a cigar daily, but like Bill Clinton do not inhale)and premium channels such as HBO and Starz – I have given them all up.

    You give me a couch, a Netflix account and I'm a goner. Like Clint Eastwood said in quite a few of his films: "a man's gotta know his limitations."

    Clint knows.

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