The objective is to bring order to the US/Mexico Border. That means that the border needs to be closed to illegal immigrants. The key word here is ILLEGAL.

Governor Brewer met with representatives of the barack hussein obama regime today (video below)

Talking Points:

  • The US Government is providing double the money to the Republic of Mexico that they have offered to the State of Arizona to deal with out-of-control illegal immigration.
  • The US Government offered to incrementally add National Guard troops to reach a peak of 524 National Guard troops for 120 days (in about a year from now). Those troops will not take the field, they’ll monitor cameras in a surveillance support role. After the deployment peaks, the numbers will drop.  (** The US Government has 100,000 soldiers deployed to Afghanistan)
  • Sen. McCain requested 6,000 National Guard troops for the entire US/Mexico Border, of which, 3,000 would be deployed to Arizona. That plan was nixed by the White House.
  • The US Government will repair (not build) 22 miles of fence along the US/Mexico Border.
What can we do to bring order to the border when the US Government refuses to do anything but provide lip service?


  1. I haven't heard anything mentioned about Chinese illegal aliens in a long time. Did they, all at once, just stop coming? Or are they quieter about it than Mexicans?

  2. WoFat – I think the Chinese think that the Golden Mountain is rusting. More money to be made at home than here.

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