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Frequent flier miles are important, I guess. However even when you’re sleeping in a pod, it’s not all that restful. So people get up and wander around first class and talk. They wait for you to bring it up first, but they like President Trump. Yes, even the traditional monied EuroTrash class who are slumming without an executive jet to haul them from here to there. Even the Europeans are feeling the benefit of an improving American economy.
Gulfstream G650ER Cockpit layout.
YES. The economy is doing better and one of my business partners (a rich one) just bought a new Gulfstream 650 ER. Gulfstream made it for a customer who wasn’t able to take delivery so my buddy did. The guy is a former Naval Aviator who retired as a CAG (Commander, Air Group) before getting involved in the rackets. He makes fun of me in a polite way because all I can do is pull a trigger. There is a retired master chief who works with us at times and he gave the guy some grief. I told him, “If you mess with the master chief, I’ll choke you out and put you to sleep. You can consider your attitude when you wake up.” He calmed down. You can’t be a prick even if you were a CAG and now own a G650.
Does this mean that I’ll be hopping back and forth across the pond on his jet? Don’t hold your breath. 

He made most of his money buying and selling commercial aircraft. He wants to break into some markets where he does not have enough traction, which is why he’s working with me. I’ll get a few of the crumbs that fall off the table – sweepings, and such.
In America
Unemployment is lower than it’s been in a very long time. In some demographics, it’s lower than it’s been since we started paying attention to the numbers. This is intolerable to the Democrats and its precisely why President Trump must be stopped at all costs. Imagine American inner cities where people weren’t dependent on government welfare. Why, people might start thinking and voting for themselves. 
And with a border wall keeping out illegal immigrant voters, voting illegally, the Democrat’s power base will shrink to a few hundred homeless hippy felons who are too loaded to vote.

10 thoughts on “Sunday Sermonette

  1. Not long ago a friend of mine sat next to a gentleman who dealt i real estate in NYC and knew Trump. He described him as a real a$$hole and an utterly ruthless businessman, BUT that he'd voted for him in '16 and would do so again in '20 because "he's the right man for the job right now." On the other side you have people{?} dressed like they were attending a gay pride parade posing with a balloon. They also seem to do a lot of chanting.
    I'd rather side with the adults.

  2. Nothing wrong with crumbs. As the Dems are finding out, we dirt people like them.

    Looking forward to your next Korea update. Have the Chinese undone what we thought President Trump did?

    I hope to tune in next time.

    Take care and God bless.

  3. President Trump wants to sincerely make America great again. And as he has pointed out, that can't be accomplished by gifting the national wealth away in unfair and unbalanced trade and through the UN to nations who hate us.

    I'm afraid that I really don't fit in with the circus freaks. I just don't.

  4. LindaG – I'll work on doing an update on North Korea/China next week. Things are going along ok in Norkland. China wants basically the same thing that we do. The Norks are dealing with their own internal problems because they are walking along a razor's edge. They want what every government wants: to stay in power.

    I had a meeting last week with members of a government generally considered to be hostile to USGOV. They want to get the same sort of deal that the Norks received but they don't know how to do it and stay in power. It's a delicate balance. Because my group doesn't represent USGOV, we can act as a sounding board inside the Beltway to test 'possibilities' without risking the political damage that can result from dealing with "the Americans".

    WSF – Not exactly crumbs and sweepings. And the White Wolf Mine isn't exactly a hovel.

  5. I shouldn't worry about the jet though it must be galling to sleep in a pod (like an Anglican bishop?!?). Whatever, you have a mine, not shabby at all.

    As for the circus freaks — let's have more, please.

  6. I was stepping through the FM dial today on our way to/from Cheyenne, and I happened to stop on a "Public Radio" station. They had a report on how low the unemployment rate is, and they didn't know what to do with it.

    They obviously tried to spin it, but there's just no way they could get it to come out far enough to the left. Try as they could, they just couldn't get it negative enough in regards to President Trump.

    Interesting to hear…..

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