Now confirmed that Ukraine’s flagship, UNS Hetman Sahaidachny (U130) was scuttled to prevent capture.


US Navy Jet Fighter Shortfall

(link) The US Navy is short one fighter wing, but it has a plan to keep the older aircraft flying in an attempt to make up the shortfall.


Access Denied

Turkey has closed off the Bosphorus and Dardanelles straits to warships from any country, whether or not they border the Black Sea, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The strait closures will still allow warships through if they are returning to a home base in the Black Sea, according to reporting from Naval News. This would include Russian ships in the country’s Black Sea Fleet.

However, the decision to restrict warships, a power given to Turkey by the Montreux Convention of 1936, will likely limit Russia’s ability to move ships from its other fleets to the Black Sea.


Spaghetti Against the Wall

There has been a lot of optimism from smart people that indicate Russian intentions are to occupy just Eastern Ukraine. I call it a fantasy and apparently so did Putin in a phone call earlier today with French President Macron (Putin called Macron). The Russians intend to occupy all of Ukraine.

Putin entered Ukraine with some delicacy to see how much pushback Russia was going to get from the country before he started leveling cities. There was some hope that the Russians were going to be viewed as liberators, but that didn’t happen. Plan B is to work to force a general capitulation by surrounding and starving Kiev. Once Ukraine surrenders, the business of mopping up hot spots is easier, the borders with Poland, Hungary, etc. will be sealed and the administration of Russian Ukraine can begin.



      • I think that he can. Without worrying about a Chinese attack in the East, he can focus his strength there.

      • Most of their equipment is old. Most of their military is on par with Ukraine, but they have a lot of it. Russia is a big place and they have a significant army in the East. None of them have fought a war. They’re learning as they go. It’s good training. America has been constantly at war, by comparison.

        I’m with you, though. They have their hands full against an enemy 1/6 their size.

        • They can take Moldova too, if they actually want it. I suppose they could at least clean out Transdnistria at that point.

          As for being able to afford to hold Ukraine – Russians have been experts at crushing unrest for at least 600 years. Lotsa Ukrainians are gonna wind up in Magadan and Yakutsk, and dead. There’ll be plenty of takers for the best farmland in Russia.


          • The mafia in the Transdnistria work in concert with the Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki, and likely they’d end up running the area more than they do now if Russia officially occupied Moldova.

          • I bow to your greater knowledge, I have no idea who’s running Transdnestria, just that it’s a hellhole.

            Too bad though, that might have been the only good thing to come out of this.


  1. Just in: second city has fallen. Kherson (sp?) located north of Crimea has been taken. Chernihiv in the north is under siege. Mariupol already under Russian control. Things are heating up.

  2. Are our nation’s deep interests at stake in the Ukraine? Excluding the sewer rats and new world order financial interests, what do we have a stake. National prestige? State Department gamesmanship? Eleven bio-labs that do what? Let the Russians bleed themselves dry. Hope the Ukrainians drop a dime on the Xiden crime syndicate and George Soros loose a few billion.

    • Bungled American foreign policy that should have enabled collaboration with Russia against China was botched on purpose by elites with an agenda. The Ukraine invasion was a fallout from that.

      I admit that I thought the Russians would contain their invasion to those areas in dispute where the population was pro-Russian. I was wrong.

      And the world has a big old mess with China and Russia allied. Russia is not a communist country but they are making common cause with China, which had no allies until recently. To answer the question – Ukraine was/is corrupt and the Biden Crime family, Romney, Pelosi and other American crooks were very much in evidence there.

      If we walk away, in time, the place will lose its importance to the USA as it is occupied by Russia. Today, because of the mountebanks who run the nation, WW3 could be triggered, and that is a problem.

    • We really only have 2 interests in Ukraine. First, we promised to protect them – well, too damn late for that by a decade.

      2nd, we don’t want Putin to get all encouraged that he’s unstoppable, and decide to take back more former Russian land, in the NATO Baltics and Poland, and Rumania, and Bulgaria, etc. Strategic nuclear exchanges are no fun for anyone, although at least it would solve the PRC problem for whoever survived.

      In any case, it’s far to late to do anything about Ukraine now. Hopefully nobody gets extra-stupid, and forces the issue.


  3. and our talking heads are busily talking us into ww3 with “targeting civilians” “charge putin with war crimes for using vacuum bombs” “humanitarian disaster” omg, must have a no fly zone. how about we close our own damn border first? and pump our own darn gas. 3.85 a gallon here today! seems to me tptb are all too eager to destroy putin, and us in the process.

    • Eugene, Oregon.
      Diesel — us$4.49.
      We operate a small organic teaching farm near the outskirts.
      We are close to out-of-business, barely afford to deliver to local grocery stores, how many customers can afford to get to our rotating farmers markets.
      Fortunately for us, we have no need for petroleum-based pesticides and fertilizers… we hear much of it is from embargoed Russian factories.
      Factory farm operators rely on that stuff; without it, they have a sandy patch of blow-away.
      us$120bbl oil impacts the price of paint, plastics, tires, insulated wire, fuel… all used on factory farms.
      An aside — did early-2021 floods eliminate crops in Iowa Illinois Nebraska… leaving nothing in reserve?
      An aside — on forums for RecreateVehicles, any breakdown of any part of the vehicle results in a semi-permanent parking place at the fix-it shop while waiting for parts.

      • I’m sorry that things are so difficult. I hate to see a nation with its belly sticking to its backbone, but that’s what American Elites want to see. Actions speak louder than words. At least you folks will eat well on your produce.

  4. While I genuinely feel for and pray for the people of Ukraine, the actual victims, and appreciate occasional situational updates from trusted sources (VM included), the media’s obsession with minute/hour/daily play-by-play color commentary and total speculative predictions is turning this mess into some voyeuristic circus, which fits the moronic narcissistic nature of modern society. It is all we hear now, every minute of every day, like Covid was, which, up until Tuesday, magically disappeared from view and reporting. Poof! Gone in a wink. Except the wreckage from those in charge foisting a charade onto Americans, and the world, will be with us for decades.

    I despise anyone using this invasion as a ratings getter. And I now lefy a supreme pox on Biden’s house, may he rot in Hell for allowing this evil to take hold.

  5. Can anyone shed any light on the subject of air superiority over Ukraine? Who has it, who doesn’t, why not?

    It seems like a squadron of A-10’s would take care of that Russian convoy.

    • The Russians have air dominance that is turning into air superiority as they shoot down or ground kill the Ukrainian Air Force, weaker every day. There are just not that many Ukrainian fighters in inventory. The Russian Air Force (frontal aviation fighters) vastly outnumber the Ukrainians and they can put them all over Ukraine since the threat from other nations to the Motherland (Rodina) is nonexistent.

      If US aircraft (Warthogs or Apache rotors or whatever) attack Russian forces, we are at war with Russia. That war will go nuclear because Russia, facing all of NATO, will make it go nuclear. Tactical nuclear weapons will lead to strategic weapons releases and “pop goes the weasel”. World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones…

  6. It would have been cooler if the Ukrainian Navy had sailed that thing out against the Russians, to their certain doom.

    I don’t blame them for not doing it, though.


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