Five Days have passed since J6. It’s time to take a look back.

There was allegedly a rally of Trump supporters dubbed the “Justice for J6” rally, gathering to protest the abominable treatment of the political prisoners arrested on January 6th for trespassing in the Capitol and held without bond in solitary confinement.

Security fencing around the Capitol was erected once more. Multiple congressional offices were closed ahead of the rally. Lawmakers fled for their very lives once again. A line of dump trucks was set up to enclose the dangerous mobs.

One hundred D.C. National Guard troops were stationed at hand, along with the riot squad, plainclothes police, law enforcement on bikes, and mounted police on horseback. More National Guard waited outside of this theater of the absurd to rush in if needed to save the Capitol. Light armored vehicles were staged.

The U.S. Capitol Police and federal law enforcement agencies were placed on high alert! Hard ballistic armor that is also impact resistant is called for in these situations.

By all accounts, the police outnumbered the 500 or so people gathered there, of whom 19 out of 20 were reporters. The best guess is somewhere around 60 ACTUAL protesters showed up. Protesters were so scarce that reporters and television news crews had to queue up to obtain interviews.

The counterprotesters, on the other hand, showed up wearing black helmets, gas masks, and flak jackets. The counter-protestors at one point attacked the protestors, but the Capitol Police report that they separated the two groups without arrests. Of course, no counter-protesters were arrested. They never are.

All that power, both the naked power of the state security forces, and the propaganda power of the state news, and the implied power of the brown shirts called counterprotesters were gathered in snarling panic to stop gatherings like this.

These folk are who the Left regards as more dangerous than the Taliban, a bigger threat than Red China. Ponder that for a moment.

The Epoch Times reportsAhead of the rally, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.), who also voted to impeach Trump, had characterized the event as a Republican celebration of “cop killers.” Meanwhile, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said in a Sept. 15 statement that “there is a wish by some to continue the assault on the U.S. Capitol with misinformation and malice,” alluding to the event as “another attempt to defile our national purpose.”

These are not fringe voices. This is the leadership of the elite uniparty ruling our land and dominating the planet. Any request for equal justice under the law will be met by being called cop killers and defilers.

For the record, the January 6th Protestors are the least successful cop killers in history, despite Eric Swalewell’s jubjub-bird shrieking, as no cops were killed. Two officers died during or following the Capitol trespasses. USCP officer Brian Sicknick died from natural causes on Jan. 7, despite the press saying he had been clubbed to death with a fire extinguisher; and officer Howie Liebengood died of suicide on Jan. 9. Of protestors, four died: two elderly men of heart disease, while one woman, whom the press reported as having been trampled to death, D.C. police department’s chief medical examiner ruled was n accidental “acute amphetamine intoxication.”

The final death was Ashli Babbitt. Perhaps she was guilty of attempting to defile the national purpose.

As for the September 18th non-insurrectionist non-event, the FBI agents were there, watching other FBI agents watch FBI agents.

The contrast between that, and the treatment of Antifas and BLM arsonists, rioters, looters, and killers need not be emphasized, or the delicate way authorities treated the so-called Autonomous Zone in Portland.

Was the J6 rally on the 18th a false flag operation? The snarling tones and venomous content of the Fake News reporting on the event is a strong indicator that it was. This news consists of schoolyard name-calling Trump, dismissing the overwhelming evidence of vote fraud as baseless and false, and repeating the boring lies told about the original January 6 trespasses.

More than one disappointed newsman put a brave face on the failure and crowed that the small crowd, instead of proving that Trump supporters were too wary to be pulled into a trap, proved Trump was waning in popularity, and rendered toothless by time.

Evidence shows January 6th almost certainly was a false flag operation, but one with disappointing results, since the protestors of that day, objecting to an unlawful election result being unlawfully ratified, were, as one might expect, law-abiding, and were not stirred up to riot even with Antifas stationed among them to provoke such a thing. Not even shooting an innocent woman in cold blood provoked the yearned-for riot.

Videos emerged showing protestors being waved into the building by police and staying within the with velvet ropes.

Undeterred by the failure, the news decided to react as if there had been a riot, and carefully edited video of the event to promote that lie.

Hence the reaction of panic and hysteria over a largely peaceful protest went ahead as planned, absurdities of shrieking hyperbole which has continued nonstop flooded the same fake news outlets which, to this day, claim the fake election of their fake candidate was legitimate.

Meanwhile, the shirtless protestor in face paint and furry Viking hat, dubbed the “Q-Anon Shaman” was charged, not with insurrection, not with armed invasion, not with riot, not with assault, nay, none of these. He was charged with “obstructing a congressional proceeding” and has been held without bail since January.

The police thug who shot an unarmed woman, Ashli Babbitt, after uttering no warning, and without any probable cause, has been charged with nothing and was rewarded with a fawning interview on national news, complete with the interviewer slowly prompting him how to answer.

Meanwhile, the current insurrection was even less impressive and provides even less material to be spun. I say again: the police outnumbered the measly 500 protestors.

One wonders how many of the National Guard are stationed along the Southern Border to prevent newly emboldened terrorists, or plague-carrying unvaccinated, from swimming the Rio Grande?

The Establishment Left went to all this trouble to set up a riot, and no one came. Their disappointment is understandable to all onlookers, albeit never to themselves.  Marxist have wet dreams about the violent overthrow of the social order, and violence permeates all they say and do. Nonviolent protest, for them, exists only as ceasefires, when strength is wanting.

The Establishment Left are congenitally unable to imagine the idea of a peaceful and lawful means of rectifying injustice. Anyone who believes peaceful rectification is possible believes something other than a Darwinian war of strong against weak obtains in human life, and hence runs against the core axiom of Leftism.

Meanwhile, during the “Justice for J6” protest, there were a few arrests on weapons charges. One of which was an FBI special agent, a plant in the crowd, being arrested by riot police. He was whisked away without answering any questions, his cover blown.


  1. The various pictures of “plain clothed” FBI agents is hootworthy. Everyone in shorts and short sleeve shirts plus sunglasses and black wrist gadgets. I use gadget as I doubt many were plain wrist watches.

  2. Am seeing reports that the SEAL teams are telling their chain of command to shove the not-vax. Also seeing headlines that the White House wants dishonorable discharges for all military who refuse the not-vax. So, gut the SOF community and toss them out on the street with nothing to lose.

    Lions, tigers, bears…Oh my.

      • Billy the Kid is reported to have told a newspaper person that, “the dumber people are, the more surprised they are when you kill them.”

        It’s just a quote…

  3. Don’t know if we will ever find out if J^ was a false flag operation or not but it sure looked like one. And the picture of the anonymous protestors all dressed up in matching haircuts, shorts and sunglasses was indeed telling. LL, I had thought you were exaggerating a week or so ago when you mentioned you thought about 50% of the people who go to these protests were agents or paid for by the FBI. I stand corrected.

    • A good portion of the Jan6 event wasn’t a false flag operation. But there were false flag operations within the overall not-false-flag-event.

      It’s subtle. Most were there to actually show up and listen to what Trump and other notables were going to say, while peacefully protesting the bullscat.

      The Capital Insurgency? False Flags all over, that swept up some innocent people.

      Like the false flag ops at the Charleston ‘Proud Boys’ event. Overall the event wasn’t a FFO, but there were FFOs in operation there, along with government collusion with the counter-protestors.

      Sad to say, most of the FFOs that have been uncovered in the last few years are so ineptly run it’s surprising that anyone falls for the bullscat.

      My feeling about the September event? The people being set up for a FFO instead committed a reverse FFO. They said they’d show up, and then didn’t. Going to be interesting to see all the people who get arrested for conspiracy due to their being on boards or websites or blogs and openly talking with government stooges, incompetent Fibbies and other real treasonous louts.

  4. What the left is pushing for reminds me of the old saying about ‘be careful what you ask for’.
    Any industry requires a large number of smart and educated(not indoctrinated) workers to build and maintain it. Our society has enjoyed the benefits of a lot of industry. If they get the population reduction they are asking for there will no longer be any industry – it will all collapse. We will go back to life expectancies of around 40 years, people will die from bad teeth/blood blisters/what have you, with no central air or heat.
    It looks like they want to burn the country to the ground so they can rule over the ashes.
    And they still think they can keep up the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed.

  5. As for me, that pretty much sums it up. Not sure how, but it’s time to really time to clean house. Politics aside, when elected officials lie to this degree and harm the very country they took and oath to uphold, they are unfit for office and should be forced out by any means necessary.

    • i’m with you. next time they invite us we should show up, ready to party. i remember the october 2010 gathering. 700k estimated tore down obamy’s barricades at the ww2 memorial so some old vets could visit before they die and stacked them on the w/h lawn. obamy bugged out on marine 1. next time…..

      • Thinking there are a number of folks already at the breaking point as the elected are openly selling out our country to the foreign power brokers…everything the Founders tried to avoid in plain language that these treasonous cretins reword to fit their preferred outcome. This Administration is brazenly breaking federal immigration laws and should all be impeached then imprisoned – tomorrow.

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