Sunday Sermonette (a commentary)

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Taking a cruise on the Thames on bank 
holiday – because that’s what you do when
you’re a on vacation. Or so it was explained.

A Better Mousetrap

I passed by Lambeth Palace while driving around downtown London on Sunday bank holiday today. I would have gone in, but they charge you if you want to go into the church. I must say that’s more efficient than the way that the parsonage does it in Texas.

It’s something like ten quid to walk inside…my-my-my.  The Archbishop is said to be a pillar of piety and occasionally hands out pennies to the poor when the cameras are rolling. It made me wonder if the archbishop and his apparatchiks ever actually read of the life of Christ in the Bible. I’m not taking a shot at Anglicans, but it did strike me as strange.


There is a certain logic to British-favored sports. Rugby was designed to be played in a mud-wallow and even though it hasn’t rained on me since I’ve been in Old Blighty, it does rain (just not on me). I’m surprised that basketball isn’t more popular here. Basketball was designed to be played by tall Africans — indoors. The Brits have a LOT of Africans and a lot of indoors.

Fleecing the Cousins

I made a bit of money (all of it had pictures of the Queen on it but it spends) through personal bets on the recent fight between McGregor and Mayweather. At the officer’s club at HMNB Devonport, there were lots of men watching and it only took a few veiled, snide comments directed toward the general “manhood” of the homeland. The Brits had to bet on the hometown boy at his first professional match and I bet on the boxer. No, I didn’t offer odds. This was about national pride. Commodore Shipperley’s Chief Warrant held the betting markers to insure that everyone paid up, as is expected of gentlemen.

There you have it.

14 thoughts on “Sunday Sermonette (a commentary)

  1. They couldn't bet with ME and side against their countryman. There was enough stout/porter/beer/port involved that I don't think that they thought to lay off their bets on other bets in favor of Mayweather so that they didn't get thumped if McGregor lost.

  2. That is crazy about the church.
    Congratulations on winning! I have had no interest and didn't know the match had even been held.
    Looks like a nice boating trip. Glad things are going well!

  3. LL, you're very wise when it comes to Lambeth palace. Don't go in, the place is inhabited by Mantids. But well done on the wager!

    If you'd like to meet up with any members of Team LSP in London, give me a shout.


  4. The Mantids could have sucked my brain out (not that it would be much of a meal). Dodged that bullet.

  5. Congratulations on winning! I have had no interest and didn't know the match had even been held.


  6. You are having too much fun fleecing the friendlies…
    Shouldn't you have been standing on the railing. jk

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