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The Flag is still there.

The Republic, for which it stands may teeter at times but the struggle to remain true to the principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness remain. I hope that you all have a joyous celebration of independence today.

18 thoughts on “1776-2018

  1. Back at you LL. Enjoy the day. I will. Time to go outside and run my Betsy Ross up the pole.

  2. I hope you will experience a great celebration LL. I am currently in the country that inspired the the brave and the free. The interesting part is where they received their inspiration. Here is a text from L'Esprit des Loix by Montesquieu.

    "..it is that they have been the source of European liberty, that is, of almost all of it that there is today among men." You are welcome LL.

  3. Have a good vacation. Let freedom reign everywhere in nations governed by the common consent of its people.

  4. Its people, that will be the question in the years to come. The left and the liberals have an ambition as it looks that there exist no such thing as its people. No one has the right to claim they are the people according to the left and national borders do not count either so no such thing as a sovereign national state exists. Only people that can go where they like and they are given the legal right to live on the local taxpayers when arriving.

  5. Thought you were working away from home today. Glad you get to down some good eats, with family I hope. And hand salute to Ole Glory.

  6. Happy Independence Day, LL.

    The kids and grandson are over today, along with her sister and the little ones cousin.

    We'll be having pizza in a bit, and then go watch the city fireworks.

  7. The colors went up with the sun this morning.

    Our youngest son walked in a parade in a small town south of DFW. He wore a pastel colored costume with a cape helping to advertise for a friends HVAC business. I joked with him "Hey, I here Marvell is hiring. You should give Stan Lee a call".

    The color guard was Air Force ROTC. They were serious about their duty and performed it well. All the grey hair along the route stood as they passed. Some of the younger folks didn't. One was overheard to complain about a MAGA hat in the parade. The battle is never over.

    Fly your flag proudly. After all, it is YOUR flag, passed down by those who went before. A rousing Independence Day to all.

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