Sunday Sermonette – A Better Mousetrap?

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Happy Happy Happy!

Ancient Persians considered the vernal equinox and a new growing season to be the start of the new year. Historically, it is a secular celebration, but various sub-denominations of Shia Islam consider it a day of religious observance. The ethnic Hazaras of Afghanistan, most of whom are Shia, honor it, as do the Alawites of Syria. Nowruz is the Iranian New Year.

I don’t have a lot of Iranian friends. Most Iranians I grew close to over my lifetime were agents of influence, penetration agents, and so forth. Recruited assets, who were generally expendable. I realize that seems a bit cold and calculating but it’s a wicked game. For those Iranians who may drift past this blog, Happy Nowruz. Go and enjoy a BLT in celebration and appreciate what you’ve been missing. (Add chicken and avocado if it makes you feel better about the bacon)

Arizona’s Embarrassment

When are the McCain’s going to go away? Daddy (Songbird) McCain, who earned a living out of having been a prisoner of war, was a mean spirited RINO, who, despite his service in the gentleman’s club (US Senate), always put himself ahead of his nation…even in Vietnam, in prison. And he has whining children who are trying to defend their nasty father, who as it went, left this life as a species of deep state actor and traitor, motivated by ego and his nasty disposition.

As a resident of Arizona for a few past months, I have yet to hear anyone from here say anything nice about the late senator McCain, or former Sen. Jeff Flake, also a treacherous senator, now run from office, living on his $200K per year pension in a mansion in his rural hometown. I wonder how he amassed enough money to buy a mansion? I’m sure that he was a frugal saver.

Flake, who couldn’t get enough votes to be elected dog catcher in Snowflake, AZ, must be thinking of moving on to some other location where people don’t recognize him. Plastic surgery is an option but not in a place like Snowflake, where they’d still know him.

Country Living

I wear Muck brand boots. (Men’s Arctic Ice Tall) They’re exceptional for working in mud, snow and water when it’s a bit cold. They don’t slip on the ice. They go to the top of your calf and they seal against moisture weeping in from outside. Five stars to Muck. Mine are insulated, though that has nothing to do with what happened yesterday. I had work to do outside and I keep the Muck boots in the garage because they get covered in…mud, and so forth, ‘muck’. And the garage is often open while I’m down in the canyon, working at the mine.
So I shoved my right foot into the boot – went right in. And the left foot into the left boot and – something warm, living and squirming. It was a mouse. A dead mouse by the time it left my boot. No, it didn’t bite me through my heavy wool socks, and I rinsed the boot with Clorox, and then Betadine. Same with my foot and socks.
All I can add is that the bobcats in the neighborhood are not doing their job very well. And Muck boots make a fine mouse trap under the right conditions.

No, there are no house cats to manage rodents. They’d likely live a day or two out and about, what with the eagles, coyotes, wolves, mountain lions and bobcats that roam wild in the national forest neighborhood where I live. Running up a tree won’t save them from bobcats or lions.

Old Slow Joe

The big donors have told seventy-six year old establishment Democrat Slow Joe Biden that he isn’t ready for prime time and they’re not going to throw money at him. Imagine how that must sting the former vice president – that he’s somewhere south of Bob (Beta Male) O’Rorque in the political pecking order. Sitting in the #2 chair next to Barack didn’t seem to earn him much respect, even though the first half-black president did send him around cutting ribbons on bridges and attending irrelevant meetings on the rubber chicken circuit because he was a lightning rod of gaffs and misstatements.

It may be kinder for Joe if he just sits at the home eating checkers and thinking that they’re Oreos. If he runs, he’ll be forced to accept the end of cars, airplanes, and cows (milk, butter, cheese, steaks and burgers). I do know people who are close to Joe Biden. He was at their home for dinner earlier in the week. The Green New Deal doesn’t appeal to him, and he cringes at killing living babies (and selling their bodies for fun and profit to various companies).

Maybe Slow Joe’s era has passed and he’ll never get to take Donald Trump out behind the wood shed to see who’s the better boxer. I’d put my money on The Donald… at two-to-one if anybody wants to lay down a wager. Between President Trump’s comb over and Biden’s plugs, you know their hair will get messed up if nothing else.

30 thoughts on “Sunday Sermonette – A Better Mousetrap?

  1. I thought native Arizonans loved their Maverick Sen. John McCain. Who knew? And if he was so ill-thought of, how on earth did he keep getting re-elected? It was like having a Democrat on our side of the aisle, and frankly he was getting tiresome. Gang of Eight, gang of this and that, he led rebellions agaist the GOP at every turn, and took great relish in jamming his thumb in the eye of Republican leadership whenever the opportunity presented itself.

    And here we are, still speaking ill of the dead. Honestly, he deserves being spoken ill of. The guy was a train wreck in everything he did.

  2. I still can't decide if he blew up the Forrestal (conflicting reports) or sang in Saigon (conflicting reports).
    But he was disastrous as a senator.
    Let's face it, Benedict Arnold was an American hero before he sold us out.

  3. I may have to check out those Muck boots. I find non-slip on ice to be appealing. I've been using strap on ice grippers but those can be a pain to put on and take off. About a month ago I made the mistake of not strapping them on for "just a quick foray" to the truck. I went from vertical to horizontal in about .003 seconds and the shoulder I landed on is just starting to feel better. I don't bounce like I used to.
    It's a sad state when I find Joe to be the least objectionable of the donkey candidates.

  4. Muck boots are great, but I can't afford them. Instead I have plain ol' rubber ranch boots that I scored at least 20 years ago for the incredible price of $8.95. Seriously! I couldn't afford to replace them now. I learned early on to not keep them in the barn. And now you know the reason why.

    McCain? If we can't speak ill of the dead then I guess we better stop ragging on Hitler. My history club is lousy with Viet Vets and to a one they loathe McCain and claim all the bad stories we hear are 100% true.

  5. How do Pelosi, Schumer and any number of them keep getting re-elected?
    Too many crazy people and illegal voters is my guess.

  6. RE: "Slow Joe" – what's he waiting for in announcing his run or not? Purposely delaying so he can again use the "it's too late" as he did 2 years ago? Some other "strategy" that he thinks will be to his benefit ?

  7. All these bums keep getting re-elected the same way.

    (a) Effective spreading of baksheesh.

    (b) Idiot party slate voters, who do whatever their "team" tells them to instead of voting for the least bad candidate in each race.


  8. Aw, LL – that mouse was just trying to keep your boot warm for you, and you went all Gojiro! on him.


  9. Mice! I hate the vermin-and we don't even have Hanta virus here.
    My approach was to buy a box of 72 victor snap traps, a box of almonds, some elmers white glue and a box of surgical gloves.
    Pry open the metal trip lever far enough to lightly crimp over an almond, and use a little glue. This means the trap can be used over several times without re-baiting, then tossed when the gore gets disgusting. Bait a bunch at one time, then just use as needed. The gloves are nice to handle the mice, and if there is a convenient place to toss the corpse, they can be turnabout and bait for some other creature. The only way I have found to keep them in check is constant relentless trapping. Don't forget the vehicles, they play havoc with wiring ,and stink too.
    (Jim Corbett was convinced the Indian custom of tossing dead disease victims down the hill in back of the village was instrumental in teaching leopards to favor long pig.)"Maneaters of Kumaon".

  10. How the heck do guys like "slow joe" get elected and keep getting elected? He is not well remembered or liked by any of the Vietnam vets I've talked to.
    You don't tip over and shake out boots before you put them on?? Living in the back of beyond with scorpions, mice, and jingle worms we got in the habit of doing that.
    Muck boots are the bomb, but my budget said I could get a pair of like new Columbia all weather boots, a pair of like new Sorel boots, and still afford a good dinner, if I bought them at Goodwill, so I did.
    I'd be run'n a mouse trap line, were I you, they will play havoc with wiring, insulation, etc. in vehicles and the house.

  11. When I was about seven years-old I had same experience with a mouse as you.
    To this day I dump and shake any footwear before I put it on.
    Experiences like that stay with you.

  12. Fredd, you're on target as usual.

    They are re-elected for the reasons that Klebert points out, they control the media as a party, which is no small thing, and many of them play to greed. They bring defense contracts or government spending to a region (McCain) and people believe that the corrupt, evil, politician is good for their pocketbook.

  13. Arnold is an apt example. I think that McCain had that heavy narcissistic streak that all evil politicians require. We can look back in hallowed antiquity to Rome or we can look at the US Senate and we see the same stripe.

  14. The Muck boots work as advertised on ice. And yes, you can hurt your self badly by falling – sometimes chronically for the rest of your life.

  15. I wasn't at the Hanoi Hilton so I don't know the truth about McCain. However, I can take the measure of the man and when I do, the songbird reputation isn't difficult to disbelieve.

  16. Slow Joe is waiting for the right time. The lack of support by major donors has him worried because he needs very heavy cash to take on that mob of wanna-be-president-types on the Donkey side of the aisle.

    The Mueller Report just casts more doubt on the anti-Trump crowd and strengthens the President's hand in a re-election bid. And Biden himself has a lot of skeletons in his closet. He can go out as an elder statesman with a reputation (such as it is) in place or the other donkeys can savage him.

  17. I don't know that mice will be deterred by the corpses of other mice, but your advice about using their carcasses to bring bobcats might work well. Long pig…I'll remember that one, Raven.

  18. Mucks are very good.

    Maybe Raven's advice will keep bobcats around? — Long pig. Still has me chuckling.

  19. Normally I do shake and tip boots. I was in a hurry and – well, best stick to past practice.

    My budget is such that I almost can't afford not to go with the best when it comes to something that I'm going to use all of the time. I usually don't shirk when spending on footwear, firearms, ammo, etc.

  20. I've dropped centipedes and all sorts of stuff out of boots over my lifetime. In this one instance I just slid them on in a rush. Then took my time cleaning the whole mess up.

  21. No, he had nothing to do with the Forrestal fire other than being in the A-4 next to the one that was hit by the Zuni rocket accidentally fired from the F-4 on the other side of the flight deck. There is absolutely no question about the Zuni or it's effects when it slammed into the drop tanks of an A-4, igniting the jet fuel that dumped everywhere.

  22. There's a lot to hold against McCain, but that fire wasn't one of them. His political career should've ended with the Keating 5 scandal.

  23. You need cold weather and moisture to make Muck arctic boots effective. Fortunately for Texas, it is warm and dry…

  24. He teflon'd his way out of the Keating scandal quite deftly. I'm not saying that McCain wasn't cunning, wasn't greedy and wasn't stupid. I'm simply suggesting that he wasn't worthy to be a US Senator.

  25. I always check my shoes for anything and everything. Once my eldest daughter called me in a panic because her shoe was moving. Turned out to be a baby squirrel and luckily for both parties, she didn't shove her foot in without looking.

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