Is there such a thing as a spirit animal?

Or is it just an albino white tail deer (far more than just a white tail)?

That’s the sermonette question of the day.


From the Crew — 

Of the USS Paul Ignatius DDG 117 “Iggy sends her regards”.


Joe and Ho

They’re still requesting security briefings, which is likely because they want to sell the information to the Communist Chinese.

The election remains contested. The states haven’t certified the vote, and justified concerns about massive voter fraud remain. The Iranians, the tech monopolies, Wall Street, oligarchs, media tycoons and domestic communists and race baiters are still pulling for Joe and Ho. But they’re not in yet.

Why compromise national security before we have to?  I know, I know, the democrats and republicans in the swamp have already sold us out for a bowl of pottage.


Take Four Minutes




Barry Soetoro

Barack has another autobiography out. I saw it on a table at Costco but didn’t pick it up. Who knows what virus lurks there. It almost made me wretch to look at it.

The very notion that he’ll be on the news with corrupt old Joe and Ho is depressing. Just when I had hoped that we’d seen the end of the guy, he’ll be back sermonizing, preaching, and taking a victory lap for his return to the White House (sorta). I don’t think that the Ho will want him around in her administration but she needs to wait until corrupt old Joe passes away.

I wonder if Creepy Joe will have a black choir singing, “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” if he manages to pull off the theft of the Century with the election fraud and makes it to inauguration? It would be quite a pageant. The black choir singing, Joe having just been sworn in and he seizes up right there on the dais. And then they’d have to swear in Camela, and maybe she picks Barack to be her VP right there on the spot. It would be kabuki theater for the ages. None of us would be surprised, but Barack might win an Emmy (like Cuomo) for the show. Maybe a peace prize too?


Not a Bridge over Troubled Water


Atomic Blonde

Film Noir – I reflect — when you were around in that sort of thing an era and didn’t see Charlize Theron or anyone who looked like her doing that stuff — but it’s still entertaining.



  1. Excellent video, LL.

    Next week the major shit is going to be splattered all over by a spinning fan. I’m going to go to church and relax today and be ready for the battle.

    The waterway over the highway is for real. Who knew? Not moi.

    • Road under troubled water. You’re right, there will be some waves on trouble water in the coming weeks. 12th Amendment, Adrienne…

  2. Interesting video and all too believable. I have four ancesters that rode the Mayflower and I’d bet they’d be appalled at what’s going on today.
    Barry has still another book out? I wonder if his old buddy the domestic terrorist wrote that one for him too.

    • Who on Earth (well, we know who) would engage a Weather Underground terrorist to write his autobiography? Yeah, I’m sure that Bill chopped this one out for Barry.

  3. I read that Bamster’s latest autobiography (is it his third or fourth?) is 768 pages long. Rumor is that there’s another volume coming soon.

    It boggles my mind to think he’d sell more than one or two copies.

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an albino animal in the wild. Must grab your attention pretty well.

    If you’ve never seen blue water, you don’t know what you’re missing. If you’ve seen it and not been impressed, I can’t help you. And if you’ve spent time on blue water and it didn’t get in your veins, well….not much I can do there, either. Thank you to the crew of the Iggy for your service and sacrifice.

  5. The books hide the graft , the bribes. XYZ Corp buys 5000 copies as gifts to whoever , business expense, tax deductible. They all make money.

  6. Nearly 900k copies of the Obama autohagiography sold so far.
    How much of his $65 million advance these sales offset is unclear.

    Very curious. Not the sales numbers. After all, plenty of people think that Obama is a wonderful person and was an excellent president. The question is why is all this money still being funneled to this ex-president. Is it payment for services already rendered? Or what is it that our Elites (who sit and eat like effendis while the Deplorables plow and reap) still expect to get out of the man?

    • Even if you worshiped him, he’s boring and I’m sure that the thick book would be an adequate door stop.

      Barack was a paper tiger living in a Potemkin Village and he read from a teleprompter. The elites will use him to connect with the people who loved him.

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