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Legal commentators on cable TV and elsewhere are regurgitating the line (democrat talking points) that none of the suits brought by the Trump campaign would change enough votes to alter the outcome of the election in Pennsylvania, the Obama-appointed federal judge made exactly the opposite point. The Trump Campaign is making a 14th Amendment, equal protection argument, that would cause the rejection of hundreds of thousands (possibly millions) of votes. 

Nevada has had to call for a re-do and re-vote in Clark County (where much of the population of Nevada resides) because of rampant corruption and fraud – such that a clean outcome can’t be determined.

The big question is whether the voter fraud perpetrated by the democrat party is so widespread that the courts and ultimately the Supreme Court will throw the determination of the election to Congress (12th Amendment).


Bare Bones Living

In 1965, excavations in Mezhyrich, Ukraine, revealed the presence of 4 huts, made up of a total of 149 mammoth bones. …more here


Back in 1999

It came with a ceremonial key to the city. It wasn’t a real key to the vaults, which was so disappointing.

Of course there is a back story to all this.


WSF – A New Home?

We’ve all read that WSF is considering a move. Is this where he’s headed?

Read more here from The Blaze.


Consider THIS:


From the Free Beacon

American gun owners could face tens of billions of dollars in new taxes to keep the guns they already own under Democrat Joe Biden’s gun ban and tax plan.

At least 20 million rifles and 150 million ammunition magazines would be caught up in the sales ban and registration scheme Biden touted on the campaign trail, according to a National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) report. The new taxes would cost Americans more than $34 billion, according to a Washington Free Beacon analysis.

But would the move be Constitutional? Not with the Supreme Court as presently constituted – but there are plans to change all that.


The X-59

Maybe it portends a return to supersonic commercial passenger aviation? … more here

Everyone complained that supersonic commercial flight over land caused unacceptable noise. (whine-whine-whine)

AA-1 Arrival at Edwards AFB, CA.


  1. My fathers family left Holland during WW 1, landing in Nava Scotia and finally settling in the Wichita Ks area because of a large Dutch settlement in this area. In 1985 two of dads older brothers spent the summer in their homeland and were scheduled to fly the concord back. They wanted to change their departure date, but were told it would cost them a $1,000 each. Being Hardheaded Dutchmen, they cancelled their tickets and took the QE 2 home.

    • Ok, the QE2 would have been pretty darned cool.

      But the Concord would have been equally cool.

      Tough pick.

  2. I have always been supremely disgusted that so many people complained about the noise, that it killed supersonic travel.


    • I lived in Houston as a boy during this era. We heard sonic booms all the time. Never broke any windows. It really wasn’t a big deal. Here’s the real story.
      The Democrats in Washington killed our SST. They wanted to spend that money on vote buying and they did. As you will recall, the SST was in competition with the British/French Concorde. Well, our national pride wouldn’t allow Concord as sole supersonic airliner in passenger service over the U.S. but we couldn’t say that to our allies. Therefore, to save face, Washington banned supersonic flight over the continental U.S. due to “noise”.
      Once again we see that government is everywhere and always an enemy of progress and the people.

  3. Motorcycles – I leave the out of control driving to those who are younger. I’ve had my share of broken bones, and will now just ride for the fun of riding.

  4. Now you tell us…”Larry B. Lambert Day”…It’s good to be the King”. (See, I knew we were in the presence of royalty.) Marked it on the calendar for next year…gifts and prizes will be awarded.

    Good real-time graph on voting fraud…Dominion is as corrupt as the day is long, just like the Dem’s. We must prevail in this mess or else the rest as proposed by the whiners will come to fruition.

    That is a picture of the Amache Internment (excuse me, “Relocation”) Camp in Granada, CO, an historic restoration project I assisted. Horrible spot for such a thing, basically military style barracks. Those “boxes” on the side were the coal bins (had to replicate from pictures)…each family “unit” had a coal stove…if it comes to it, at least WSF could be warm in his bunk during the freezing Winter (the rest of us will have to draw straws.) They’ll just have to shoot me before I’d submit to that indignity.

    • Where the “shooting” is concerned, I’m sure that could be arranged, but they likely want to work you to death to get some use out of you. Then, Soylent Green. I’m guessing that WSF will be running the camp before long, so you might get a job in the kitchen or as a carpenter in the expansion project complete with conjugal visits and an extra ration of borscht.

    • My visit there around 2003 was a sobering experience. Not as grim as visiting Dachau in 1966 while stationed in Germany, but in the same vein. I’ll never go, not because I’m brave, but because of my age. The same minds that would do this to fellow citizens would insure “useless” eaters like me will be shot while “trying to escape”.

      The irony is those who fantasize such scenarios will probably find themselves there first as being too radical to be trusted.

          • I’m sure you’ll have a pink gorilla (not guerilla) floating over the camp, advertising the curative properties of labor – arbeit macht frei! I’m not sure which job I want to press you for. The Colonel Hogan job is well beyond my skill sets. You’d need to press Fredd’s Aunt Sally to come to the camp as chief cook to make sure that the prisoners suffer.

          • Need a bunch of those wavy advertisement stick flags out front on the main road: “Welcome New Residents – Everything is FREE”.

          • I should like to apply for the SGT Schultz position, if still open. Perhaps after a few months of borscht, my old uniform would fit again…….

        • LeBeau is taken as is Gertrude, and Hilda the secretaries (now being played by Bambi and Leather). You’re down for Schultz. WSF is searching for a monocle and a swagger stick.

      • “Sobering” is the perfect word…a black eye (more like “smashed face”) of our modern era, based in illogical fear (thought “the only thing we had to fear was fear itself”?). One of my “neighbors” father was the superintendent, as a youngster he lived there and played with the forced-relocated residents. Most of the Smithsonian pictures are from his family archives. Sobering indeed.

        I could head up the reconstruction effort for my own imprisonment. Isn’t how it works? (maybe abscond an extra coal stove fro the VM Club)

        • I’m sure that you could supervise the party that is sent to the coal mines to gather coal for the camp. And if you ended up with a few chunks in your pocket, nobody would mind.

          I’m thinking about a lobster bisque being served on Friday (fish day) with no lobster, no rue, no cream. A delicious warm water soup with some hay steeped into the broth.

          • I’m a professional, organizing is in my wheelhouse. Besides, coal that falls to the ground and is picked up isn’t technically stealing, so we’re good to go at the VM Club barracks. Toasty warm in our relocation fun.

            The Lobster Bisque sounds enticing, but I’m more of a French onion soup sort…would even suffer – really take one for the team – and forgo the Jarlsberg cheese on top considering it is “camp” and specialty cheeses could be hard to come by at the BLOCK 4, BLDG 12 Mess. Come to think of it, if you brought your bike we could reenact the Great Escape fence jump…more speed for better clearance. And from Granada, Oklahoma is only about 75 miles away….and I heard you can get a good Lobster Bisque there, and no face mask required (unless you’re robbing a store…for Jarlsberg).

  5. There are indications that supersonic flight is coming back. There has been productive research into pushing the sonic boom higher into the atmosphere and away from the ground. Now there are a couple of aircraft companies developing supersonic commercial aircraft and one here in my neck of the woods, Aerion Supersonic.

    We heard a prolonged period of very unusual sounds from the airport two weeks ago. Just like we can tell when a modern fighter is going into Patrick Air Force Base by the sounds of the engines, these were not the sounds of 737s taking off. It was constant for a few minutes and we wondered if they were testing an engine, but the local news never said anything.

  6. I have the tee-shirt “Survivor of the 1964 Sonic Boom Tests — Oklahoma City”. The tests ran from February ’64 to July ’64. I read the Wikipedia article to refresh my memory since that was 58 years ago and it didn’t seem too biased. I was in 6th grade at the time. You could almost set your watch by the occurrence of the sonic booms.

    The tests pretty much stopped the development of overland supersonic flight because of the negative public perceptions despite the findings of science. We had family friends who had some building damage caused by the constant bombarding of over-pressure waves, some 7 or so times a day. The friends were not anti-aviation; they were heavily involved in homebuilt aircraft and private aviation.

    While actual implementation of overland supersonic flight would not probably have presented as many sonic boom events in any one area, an event at Moody AFB back in the late ’60s or early 70’s might have been an issue. As I recall, one of a couple of T-38s doing formation training went supersonic very near a turkey farm. The turkeys panicked and supposedly most of them died per the AF report. That was an expensive lesson. If there had been overland supersonic flight the initial effects on both domestic animals and wildlife might have caused some problems.

    Hopefully this new class of supersonic aircraft will have such a low “footprint” that there will be no problems. But hey! the elites will not care anyway what the effects are as long as they get what they want all will be well. We in the “re-education” camps won’t care either as we will be just another prisoner.

    • Yet we persist in building wind farms that create the same sonic issues but the wind turbines are ‘good’ so we keep building them.

      I hate people!

      • My son likes that one line from MIB, about individuals being smart but large groups are blind, stupid, panicky animals….or something to that effect.

        Sonic booms – whenever I heard one while growing up on farm, I’d always run out and try to see the jet that did it. I thought they were cool.

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