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Juliette, a fellow blogger who comments here from time to time, made an observation on one of my previous blog posts (view it here) that I thought warranted a place on the Sunday Sermonette.
Juliette Writes, from the British Isles: 

Trump is well travelled and also has big hands. Apparently that has significant meaning.

On the subject of the pantsuited demon (new Marvel hero evolves) I took my telly back to Curry’s the other day. Took me ages taking all the wires out, lifting it into my car and suchlike but I was very upset. I took it into the shop and said to one of the retail staff (when I found one–they’re very elusive and tend to spend their working hours in the back stock room) 

“My telly’s broke,” I said. “I want my money back.”

He turned it on. “All looks fine to me, ” he said.

“Really? Put BBC world news on. Go on.”

He did. Hillary was on telly. 

Hillary R. Clinton, running for her party’s nomination
“Look at her,” I said. “She looks alright, yeah? Cleans up nice and all.”

“And?” he said.

“We’ll mate, this is an HD TV and if you look at pictures of her on this Blog (here) she looks like a bulldog licking piss off a nettle. Clearly the HD ‘aint working. Get me a new telly, pronto.”

14 thoughts on “Sunday Sermonette

  1. Haha! Well, I feel honoured to make it to a 'Sunday sermonette 'bout Juliette'
    See — she really does, doesn't she? It can be her new streamline. Get the posters made ;)

  2. The computer changes "STRAPLINE" to streamline. There 'aint nuffin' streamline about that picture.

  3. Do they authorize Botox treatments in Rikers Island? I'm sure there are some old, fat lesbian crones out there that want to know.

  4. The federal prison system does "gender reassignment surgery" now for inmates who want it. If they do that, why not botox and a full regimen of plastic surgery? Club Fed.

  5. +1 WSF And even the younger pictures of her and Bill are not flattering either. She must have liked being raped, his favorite passtime.

  6. She was also Yoko Ono's sex puppet during that part of her life. Based on what I've read, she's always preferred women, but went with Bill because she saw something in him. The Movie "Primary Colors" was interesting.

  7. The Pantsuited Demon's ruining everyone's viewing experience. Maybe a livecam reality series from its cell on Rikers will help make up for that. Please.

  8. The more I ponder that, the more I think that they should be imprisoned in Texas, just because it would make better theater for the viewing audience.

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