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Fashion icon, Hillary Clinton put the moo in MuMu last week. Sort of a cross between a MuMu and a cape. I expect that we’ll see more of her followers (male and female and gender confused) following her fashion example in weeks to come as she ramps up her run for the Presidency in 2020. (right)

Use a Plastic Straw, Go to Jail. The California insanity over plastic straws has not abated. I asked for one at lunch today (Saturday) and the waitress informed me that I had to drink from the lip of the glass. I asked if I could bring my own straw (BMOS) in the future. She said that she didn’t know, but that the restaurant manager, (who was off pleasuring himself somewhere) would return shortly. When the manager returned they said that they had no policy on BMOS, so yes, for the time being, I could do that. The sermonette for the day is that if you’re visiting California and wish to drink a beverage through a straw, bring your own – in some cities. In others, you can go to jail for possession of a straw. Under Proposition 36, possession of narcotics is essentially legal. Straws – no. That’s how progressives roll.

There is a filthy rumor being circulated to the effect that Vikings did not drink from the skulls of their enemies. Some contend that Vikings drank from horns or cups. A skull is a cup. Admittedly you might want to line it with seal skin (waterproof) or all of your beverage will pour from the eye-holes.

Iran is continuing its “death to America” campaign to try and get the Persian public away from thinking about how miserable they are. The sanctions return in August and it will make it difficult for Iran to sell oil to anyone.

They used to smuggle it to North Korea in defiance of international law but even the Norks have stopped buying from them because they’re trying to work out a deal with the US and to stop being an international pariah state. You can imagine how lonely that makes the Imam feel – the only real pariah left on the planet.

Previous rounds of sanctions have isolated Iran from the international financial system. Under the 2011 Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability, and Divestment Act (CISADA), foreign-based financial institutions or subsidiaries that deal with sanctioned banks are barred from conducting deals in the United States or with the U.S. dollar. Since all oil must be sold in dollars, Iran can truck oil to rogue regimes  over the desert and do things of that nature, but they are denied the international oil market.  Importers of Iranian oil are blocked from making payments through Iran’s central bank.
Without oil sales and the revenue that brings, their economy is difficult. In addition to sanctions, The IMF estimates that Iran’s break-even point, the price per barrel at which the country can balance its budget, is $92.50. As today Brent crude oil sold for $74. Several years of austerity budgets have raised public demands for increased domestic spending, including for oil-industry infrastructure that has fallen into disrepair.
When President Trump repudiated the misguided Obama policy of appeasement toward Iran, the EU announced that it would lift sanctions. That only worked until the Saudis said that if the EU did business with Teheran, they would not do business with THEM. The EU reversed itself quietly and is on board with sanctions. 
Will Iran make a deal with the US (the Great Satan) that the US Congress will be able to agree to? That is the question.

27 thoughts on “Here and There (Sunday Sermonette)

  1. She sure does fill it out well. Of course there's a lot of space remaining to be filled out.

  2. That hair and flawless makeup! Some talented people putting enough lipstick on that pig to appear human, or at least passable.

    Using children martyrs to clear minefields is part of the Iran mullah's legacy. At that level of depravity, the mere suffering of their people isn't their concern, IMO.

  3. Interesting figures. The B/E in the North Sea in currently less than $20 per barrel in phase one of the humongous oilfield Johan Sverdrup. They managed to do so by increasing productivity.

  4. She needs a few more pizzas to puff it out completely, but who knows. The ankles might give way first?

  5. Iran can't increase productivity because they can't buy spare parts to repair what is broken and there is nobody to sell it to if they could.

    It's tough when you're an international pariah.

  6. You're right, Hillary's putting the moo back into MuMu.

    Let's see it deployed for 20/20.

  7. I read the fine print and see they are not using the B/E on production cost but on balancing the budget giving the wast government expenditure these countries are having. I everyone above the B/E will experience some serious deficit unless the income from oil will increase. Just like the US during the Obama period when he doubled the debt.

  8. Here they go again. For eight years we were told how much of a fashion icon Moochie, the first wookie was. The tongue-lapping reviews of her outfits were not only gag-inducing, but an insult to my eyes and my sensibilities. Now with Hill, they're trying to make a sow's ear into a Gucci purse all over again.

    To her credit, Moochie was down-sizing a backside the size of a Buick, but Hill is hiding some kind of medical equipment for an undisclosed illness. Presidents-to-be can't be falling down sick.

  9. Reverend, are you sure the Old Crone is sporting a mumu? It looks more like a da-shiki to me.

    I say lock her up. But I guess that's just me…

  10. That pallet of cash was seen by every Iranian, and the mullahs spent every last cent of it on military concerns. Not one penny of that pallet went to the average Iranian in the street, I'll bet that torches and pitchforks will be flying off the shelves in Tehran sooner rather than later.

    And this time, the US will back the revolt, unlike in 2009 when Obama turned his back on the Iranian people.

  11. Supreme Leader and his minions are concerned that they'll end up like the Shah's men – and there isn't anywhere for Supreme Leader to run to that would take him. So they're like cornered rats, literally.

  12. She'd look better in an orange jumpsuit with a cannon ball and chain welded to her cankle.

  13. Hillary needs to be where she can do no harm… deep…

    There has been a run on straw stocks in Cali, some say it's because they are being used for water and oil pipelines from other states.

  14. I believe we discussed this scenario before, LL. The blacksmith costs alone to fabricate leg irons to fit those big, meaty cankles would be mind boggling.

    How's that for an image?

  15. Send me the bill. I will pay it myself. But it must be made with mild steel that rusts easily when liberal tears strike the metal.

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