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With SCOTUS making landmark decisions, the war in Ukraine edging closer to a situation that brings on a third world war, and other things, it’s time for an open forum where you can discuss whatever is on your mind. It’s the first day of July 2022 and Joe Biden is still the worst president in American history.

Should Mike_C open his own pub in Boston? Is now a good time to buy ammunition? Is it time to stop washing our cars forever to save the planet? Why do paper straws make everything you drink taste like the brown paper towels in the elementary school lavatories? Will Giz Maxwell kill herself? Will Biden flounder and be replaced by Camela Harris before the mid-term elections? Will Cinco-de-Mayo become a national holiday in the US in an attempt to woo Hispanic voters to the donkey camp?


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  1. It’s a wonderful weekend to celebrate the Glorious Revolution that declared our nation and it’s ideals.
    And this week (and last) we saw those ideals being supported in the Supreme Court again.
    Let the fireworks begin!

    1. The Supreme Court is following the Constitution and yes, it is a moment to savor.

    1. The Mooch? Of course, having a bitter shrew like that in charge of the nation would be very woke.

    1. We’ve been flying a Tea stained Betsy Ross version for some time now. I think when the time comes I’ll replace it with the same.

  2. Mike_C should have a pub in Boston, pirate-themed would be good…call it The Jolly Mike’s, Dropkick Murphy’s playing in the background.

    Paper straws are moronic, especially when they arrive at the table in a plastic wrap and you need two to get through a 32oz beverage before it mushes into your drink. And once again the paper-plastic bag war rages on with the Lib’s. Town run yesterday. I guess the geniuses running Fort Collins are once again in their “we hate plastic…because…oil!” mode. Back to heavy paper bags – made from trees – purchased at a dime a pop if you forgot your “green” washable bag. You can tell who’s all in for the throwback culture as they whip out their “Save the Planet!” hemp-based carryall. Plastic bags are vastly more efficient and instantly disappear in the burn barrel. Next time I’m bringing a pile of old plastic bags to reuse. That’s green, right?

    Flag is out for the weekend, spotlight for the night. It’s a signal to anyone that the property owners are Proud Americans. Anyone who doesn’t agree can drive on by.

    1. When you call ahead to Kroger for a pickup order, everything except the frozen items, is in plastic. The frozen stuff they put in paper. Better get home before it sweats.

      1. We don’t pay for grocery bags in Arizona (paper or plastic). I’m not saying that’s a reason to move here. Perish the thought. Let the propaganda run that we have to pay a buck a bag.

        I don’t care that people bring their own bags to the store as they do in California, but I’ve seen my share of them (filthy) which reflects a certain mindset, a certain standard that their owners have.

        1. Maybe it’s just me, but if you sell “items” you need to supply bags, not [now] charge for your enviro-mental activism. HD down the road still uses plastic bags – proves my point that Lefty’s have zero consistency. I actually prefer self-checkout for quickness (Being male I’m NOT a shopper out there among the English, Head in – run around in a efficient pattern – out)…but you should get a 5% discount in those lanes for doing the work.

          I stuck an IKEA bag in the pickup, it’ll hold a days worth of wood and is made of OIL-BASED polypro with a 100 year half-life.

          1. Sometimes it is not the stores. The state of Washington (three cheers and a raspberry for Gov Inslee) mandates that stores must sell patrons bags if the patrons do not bring their ow, All in the name of saving Gaia.

          2. Pretty sure I heard some PSA on the local station that it was the city mandating it.

          3. For the most part, retailers want to make their customers happy and come back, spending their hard earned money on stuff that will eventually end up as land fill. Temples of Greed (shopping malls) are constructed specifically for that purpose.

            Smart retailers are pleased to give bags with purchases.

        2. Re the ‘reusable’ bags, I remember a study 4-5 years ago about the amount of fecal matter they found on the average bag, and the number was horrendous. I’m good with a disposable plastic bag which DOES save a tree or two!

      2. Rel- So what’s the point of going paper? We did Curbside during the Lockdown Idiocy because I wouldn’t wear a stupid do-nothing mask just to buy groceries or a can of paint, or be subject to maskee stares (not that I cared). The cart containers were designed for plastic bags. For a while it was like having a personal shopper, but ultimately I prefer picking out my own shave cream, tomatoes, or Nutter Butter’s.

        1. None of the clerks have a clue as to why paper, especially since everything that isn’t frozen, still comes in plastic. Curbside has been a blessing. A health event left me with next to no stamina, so I order online and go pick it up. All I have to do is get in the house.

  3. Pirate pub for Mike_C? Absolutely.
    Always a good time to buy ammo even if one’s current stock is adequate.
    If Brandon flounders and is replaced by Camela, I feel it’ll make little if any difference since the same folks will still be calling the shots.

    1. What about the Mooch? She’s even broader across the beam these days, nastier, more hateful, more full of self-loathing. It’s woke, just like Frederick said (above).

      A Mike C pirate pub in Boston would be the only reason that I’d go there. Mike would have to wear a face mask as a patch over one eye just to show everyone that his heart is in the right place.

      1. Agreed. I visited Boston some years back won’t return without an extremely good reason.

        1. Lots of cool colonial era / AWI stuff to see in Boston. USS Constitution is there too, and a Fletcher class DD (Cassin Young). Some cool ACW forts around. Only Heavy Cruiser (CA 139 USS Salem)left in the world is just outside of town. There’re reasons to go visit.

          OTOH, in the Top 5 traffic hells in the US (probaly Top 3, actually), and possibly the #1 worst drivers in the US too. Plus, expensive, etc.

          A lot of the things that used to attract me to cities either simply don’t exist any more, or aren’t things that I really want, any more. But there is still fun to be had in most of them.


        1. Winslow is a very poor city. It’s an old railway town largely populated with poor native Americans who rely on their allotment. Much of the housing are those small World War 2 homes. You’d go broke running a nice bar in Winslow. The Root Beer Stand is trying to make a comeback (if you know Winslow, you know the place I mean – home of the taco tangle).

          The City of Winslow tries very very hard to make the city the best it can be but there are limitations – it’s just poor.

          1. Flagstaff is too pretentious to have a genuine dive bar with genuine pirates in it. Prescott already has the Palace Restaurant and Saloon (Wyatt & Virgil Earp) that has a lot of history but it’s become more of a tourist trap for a certain demographic (60+ white men). The Cleator Bar & Yacht Club, 13025 Crown King Rd, Mayer (AZ) would certainly fit the dive bar tag in Northern Arizona if you were looking to buy a bar (make them an offer they couldn’t refuse) with the right sort of clientele. The place has a reputation for live ammo gunfights between patrons, usually over a woman.

  4. Not only have I failed to open a pub, I haven’t even closed down a pub since 2019. And that was really a chain steakhouse in Orange County (CA) that eased us out the door at 10pm. Hardly counts.

    @PaulM: Good call. I like DKM. Pretty much all the towns and cities around here have mandated paper bags. Grrrrrr. But masks are so 2021, except at the hospital. And an Asian buffet in Natick that’s aggressive about masks. Said buffet also went paper straws (which come in paper wrappers, at least). Don’t think I’ll be back. I’m sure they won’t miss me.

    “his heart is in the right place”
    I had an echocardiogram (as a patient) this morning. Can confirm that it’s in my left thorax. Valves working to standard, chamber sizes and (visual) systolic function are normal — from what I could see out of the corner of my eye from the scanning bed. I’ll have to wait for today’s clinical reader to do the GLS analyses to see if there are subtle decrements in function. But I *am* officially an old man. Doppler E/A ratio ratted me out. (That said, it beats being dead 🙂

    1. I would definitely patronize such a pub…and I hate driving into Boston from the ‘burbs.

      1. I’d fly in. Hopefully, Mike_C has some rooms for rent upstairs (with an elevator for after last call). I’d work to be like Abraham Trahearne (with Fireball Roberts) in the THE LAST GOOD KISS, by James Crumley

  5. Both of the ‘big” SCOTUS rulings of the recent past show a strong turn to an ‘original intent’ perspective from the majority of the court. The EPA ruling as well. That bodes well for the future if those in the majority can maintain their health for several more years…

    1. The donkeys would really like to add 6 more justices in order to pack the court for all time.

  6. We bought our ’03 Town & Country van new when we lived in California. It came with rounded “finger” hangers molded into the rear seat backs specifically for hanging plastic grocery bags by their handles. Here in Texas, I smile every time we load up. We have an indoor cat, and so a cat box. We also babysit our grandson who is still in diapers. Those plastic bags come in right handy.

    I have been flying the Betsy Ross flag during our current coup. Stars and Stripes will go up for the 4th.

      1. No doubt we are in distress as a nation. Up in Lander expected to see a few upside down but didn’t venture too far into the reservation areas.

        1. I might just get out my Gadsden flag. There’s a few in the ‘hood here, so I won’t stick out….too much.

          1. There are a lot of them that fly in the mountains at this time of year.

  7. mike c should get the hell out of boston asap. yes buy more ammo, but only after you’ve filled your house and garage with food. its not hoarding if its usable commodities. i wash my truck about once a year. i let mother nature take care of it the rest of the time. that, and irrigating grass where it doesn’t grow naturally are total wastes of resources and time. biden won’t be dropped until after the election, if there is one. frankly, i think we’ll be glowing b4 then. maxwell has a dead man switch, she’ll stay alive as long as she stays quiet.

    1. When the cameras go out in the area of her cell, we’ll know the switch has been found and disconnected.

  8. Wealll, since you asked… I keep thinking to ask people… that’s duck huntin’ people, “What sorta shot you usin’ these days: iron, steel, bismuth, re-cycled/depleted yourainium?
    How have your results been? What’s your range with #4s? What’s your bore look like; your forcing cone… dinged a bit?
    How’s it feel biting down into steel shot? I’ll bet your dentist loves you.
    We’ve (and I particularly include the NRA… (Weall mebbe include’s the wrong word; it should be emboldened, underlined, and highlighted) totally accepted the results of all these “Plumbumj/lead studies” all done by various environmental groups – just like so many people accepted the studies of the sniffles published by the likes of Dr. Fauci… all this undeniable/unarguable science… all this information which was never questioned. Everybody joined in the chorus… all because people who shoot poor little ducks are baaad people… ninety-nine percent of whom are men, primarily white, masculine males who enjoy getting up at oh dark hundred to out to swampy ponds to (OMG) go “hunting”.

    1. I still am shooting ledd shot… and I reload, so I ignore all of that. I must have missed something. Lead (Pb – from the Latin plumbum), atomic number 82, is perfectly suited to shot.

    2. I still am shooting lead shot… and I reload, so I ignore all of that. I must have missed something. Lead (Pb – from the Latin plumbum), atomic number 82, is perfectly suited to shot.

  9. 2024 Dem presidential candidates?

    How about Whoopi Goldberg for the celebrity pick? She’s batshit crazy, and energized by ego and blind hatred. Seems to fit the bill.

    AOC? You know she’s gonna run early and often. Apparently very dumb, so should be easily controlled. Shares characteristic of disturbing teeth with Pelosi.

    Rashida Tlaib seems like a shoe-in. An actual legit barbarian and enemy of the state, what more could they ask for?

    Does it really matter anyway? Seems like the same people will be pulling the strings.


      1. What about Ilhan Omar? Sure, she may f*ck her brother but Brandon showered with his teenage daughter…democrats just do stuff like that. Slick Willy never found a 15 year old that he didn’t fall in love with. Hillary. took his cast-offs.

  10. Mulling over our recent Primary election here in Colorado while looking for trends and finding few. On the Donkey side there were just a handful of contested elections. With my limited skills, I can’t easily find out just how many Democrats voted (our primary you vote either as a Democrat or Republican – no ballot splitting). I suspect the liberal dominated press doesn’t want to publicize that number. On the GOP side the trend was for maverick outsiders winning with the loyal opposition country club party stalwarts losing.

    Sister Kink came in third. She remains a County Commissioner.

    The Supreme Court slapping down the EPA is my cheeriest news. Any bets on the EPA obeying?

    Chocking and sputtering while reading the national press is portraying Emperor Polis as a”moderate, even libertarian”! Seems he has Presidential fever. The only place he qualifies as a moderate is within Boulder County.

    Clela Rorex has died. She, as Boulder County Clerk and Recorder, issued the first same sex marriage licenses in the country. We were in the same High School Class of 1961. While I rarely agreed with her I always respected her for walking her walk, not just talking the talk. I knew how doing so cost her during her life. Courage will always be respected by me.

    1. Read she was motivated to run for Clerk out of anger that MEN were the only candidates. Whatever floats yer boat…but I’d say, looking from the cheap seats having lived and worked in Boulder for a dozen years, she was an activist who used her office as such.

      And from out illustrious Gov’nuh: “So many families, including First Gentleman Marlon Reis and I, are grateful” for her “visionary leadership,” Gov. Jared Polis.

      Moderate shmoderate.

      1. Her father was the long term Routt County Clerk and Recorder and she spent many hours in that office growing up. Very few elected people were more qualified to hit the ground running than her. She followed the law and favored none. There was nothing against the law regarding same sex marriages. Certain well to do “connected” Boulder residents had enjoyed exemption from certain taxes. She put an end to that.

        It is true she decided to run after a caucus where the male participants voiced the opinion women shouldn’t hold office. Her personal life was severely impacted by her decision.
        Personal note: She and two other female classmates were practical jokers and pulled off many sneaky stunts. As an example, “61” in 20′ high numbers painted on a freshly built ski jump ramp. Another male classmate and I were blamed. What was galling was we didn’t think of it first.

  11. elon musk is missing, no tweets for nine days, and an unknown object impacted the moon three days ago. space x denies responsibility. things that make you go” hmmmm.”

    1. He’s either strategizing on how to combat Dish trying to cut into his frequencies (can’t compete technically so lobby the FCC to shut down your competition…got the email yesterday), OR, the man is on a well deserved vacation on some island he owns, maybe with Joe Rogan.

      1. i thought he was goldfinger, since everything he touches turns to gold. either way, this looks like a job for 007.

  12. Breaking news: Four woman just announced that Trump tried to grab their steering wheels.

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