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The progs could use a little “Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men and Womyn or whatever other gender you may be,” to get through the Season. As for me, I’m tuning them out more and more. Living in California, it’s a measure of survival. I was shopping in a store yesterday and said, “Merry Christmas,” to a clerk after making a purchase and the response was, “Oh, I’ll bet you voted for Donald Trump!” The statement was delivered with malice and bitterness. I responded, “Yes, I did! But I hope that you have a Merry Christmas.”
In California, land of fruits, nuts, and progs, there are a lot of people who are still smarting from the epic loss last month that sent them to their safe spaces, drinking coco with marshmallows in an effort to find solace and shelter.
But not all residents are progs. This afternoon, I’m spending time with my youngest grandson (center right), who is having his second birthday. The party will be low key, but as I advised my daughter, whenever I get together with the little ones, it’s a party. Especially if a slice of cherry pie is involved…
My thought for the day is to concentrate on what is important and let the other stuff go. 
As for me, being with the boys means that I’ll be wrestling with them on the floor as they engage in micro-aggression after micro-aggression. They may even bring out the Star Wars lightsabers or the Mutant Ninja Turtle weapons to use against me if bone and muscle is insufficient. 

12 thoughts on “Sunday Sermonette

  1. Cute kids. So glad I don't run into progs around here. I was checking out at Walmart and saw the People cover with a picture of the evil one and his wife. The caption said, "The Obama's say Goodbye." I quipped to the peeps in front of me that I was tempted to buy it and frame the cover. Their answer was, "Not soon enough." Oh – and the cashier wished us all a "Merry Christmas."

    Enjoy your partay, LL and thank you for helping to raise little men instead of wimpy progs.

  2. I envy you the access to the young ones. My youngest gkid is 18 years old and in college. Christmas just isn't the same now. So enjoy our beatings because they will be goon soon. Maybe Santa will bring you some lightsaber defense weapons.

  3. Grandchildren DEFINITELY make Christmas. If it wasn't for them, I'd be hard pressed to hassle with a tree. With them, it's magical.

  4. I had my grandson war Friday. It was quite a long event. I find at 4 years old he's much more actuate then he was at two.

  5. It's a lot of fun. When I get them all in the same room, all attack except the 2 month old granddaughter. But she will have her day.

  6. Have a great time, they grow up way too fast.
    We were at a luncheon the other day and an older gentleman was going around saying how nice it was that everyone could say Merry Christmas now! WTH, I asked him why he had ever stopped…

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