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If you take progs at their word, they all have therapists that help get them through the day. I’m not going to take a shot at therapy, but my generation found release in other ways. Frankly, it sounds a little ‘pink’. Never the less, here are some obligations on what the progs are going through. The five stages of grief are in full swing among progs this holiday season. The five stages are, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.
1   The first stage manifest on election night with news commentators openly weeping as they announced that Clinton lost to Trump and that the Senate, the House and most governorships also with the the Republicans as America spoke. The day after the election began with the cry – mainly led by people who pretend for a living in Hollywood, who said, “not my president!”  University students, egged on by liberal professors took up the chant. 
2   The second stage went off like a bomb with the angry “not my president protests”, burning cars, defacing buildings and looting that I maintain were racist because Donald Trump is white. (#whitevotesmatter) 
3   The third bargaining phase was launched by progs, who poured money into Jill Stein’s recount scam. Yes, it was a scheme to fund raise and it worked, but progs bargained that if the recounts were done, Trump would lose. Second, third and fourth recounts of the same votes were attempted but judges shut them down.
Then CNN, the New York Times and the Washington Post, which is more of a blog than a newspaper, sprung #fakenews, as if presenting fake news was a concept new to them.
The phase continued with the Washington Post claiming that Russia had influenced the outcome of the election, and that the Trump campaign had colluded with agents of the mysterious East to beat Hillary Clinton, who the Post had anointed president previously, before a single vote was cast. That rant is still going on with Hollywood making desperate (and funny) pleas to members of the electoral college to change their votes to anyone but Trump.
4   Sometime around New Year’s Day it will set in that Donald J. Trump was freely and fairly elected and will be the 45th President of the United States of America. That will lead to depression that will stretch long into year and well past the inauguration. 

5   Donald Trump will never be accepted by the progs. But they harbor a secret fear the overrides all others. What if by some miracle, he’s able to bring jobs back – particularly to inner cities? What if the ghettos are no longer progressive paradises of dependence and people go to work instead of taking hand-outs? Nothing could be as corrosive to the Democrat cause than that.

What if America joins Russia in fighting common enemies: Radical Islamic Terrorists? What if the rapprochement works and even though regional differences continue to exist, Washington DC and Moscow confront problems shared by both power centers? 

That would upset a lot of people including the Marxist professors in the USA, who contend that the Soviet dream was destroyed by Vladimir Putin.

The Democrats had a lot of schemes to promote Hillary Clinton: Everything from the “Madam Secretary” TV show on NBC to The Wikileaks emails showing that officials within the DNC attempted to secretly promote what they called “pied piper candidates,” which included Donald Trump, because they thought they’d be easier for Hillary Clinton to defeat.

The fake (corrupt, elite) news media, which we know from other leaked emails, was a subset of the DNC and the Clinton campaign, gave Donald Trump at least $1 billion in free coverage during the primaries. While this was partly due to his own savvy of playing them like a fiddle, we do have suggestions (that go beyond empty speculation) that it may not have been entirely so.

The circular firing squad continues in progressive circles as they attempt to explain why their catastrophic loss up and down the ticket was not Hillary Clintons’s fault. (hahaha)

12 thoughts on “Grief Counseling

  1. I love how things turned out. The left is now looking like total infantile cry babies to everybody (except to other leftists). Screw 'em. Let them wander in the political wilderness for awhile, and they will come up with another scheme (probably illegal) to take back what they think is their right to govern.

    Unrelated note: did you notice that the cartoon character above, Natasha, looks a lot like Fox Business Network's Dagen McDowell?

  2. I am buying a couple stuffed animals, coco mix and coloring books for progs I know and will be handing them out at a Christmas lunch. It should make me very popular – and maybe it will help them get through this tough time.

    As do Dagan McDowell, the likeness is uncanny. Coincidence? You be the judge.

  3. I'd like to see that raprochement; it makes sense to me. In the meanwhile, we're treated to the spectacle of the progs wailing and howling through the stages of grief, hurling their cocoa out of the crib and messing their onesies.

    Sorry, cupcakes, she lost.

  4. While not the first to bring this up, hearing the First Tranny talking about hope with Oprah reminded me I haven't felt hope for eight years. Been so long I'm not sure what it is I'm feeling now, but I like it.

  5. I foresee them making mayhem at the inauguration and I'm already pissed off in advance. Another thought – we're so used to the outgoing president hopping on a helicopter and zooming off to his plane to go home – are going to see Odumbo taking a motorcade to his rented DC house? That would be very, very rude and really turn inauguration day into a clusterf***.

    Um – nice as this article is, where's Melania Monday?

  6. LSP does the Melania Monday blog post. It's up and active!!

    There is a rule that Barack put in place in 2008 and it keeps protesters several miles from the inauguration. He regrets a lot of things these days.

  7. As I am replying *way* late. Hubby and I think it is hilarious that Killary actually LOST electoral votes tonight. Just too perfect.
    What a Merry Christmas it is. Thank you, Lord!

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