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Wandering through Walmart, and to a lesser extent through life, I see hideous women with children and wonder to myself, “Who mated with her? Has he no shame?
Thus begins my Sunday Sermonette and my confession here on the blog that I have uncharitable thoughts toward people sometimes. 
My granddaughters liked the happy meals at McDonalds and I used to buy those (rip-off) fast food meals for them. The people who work at McDonalds — and I’m not speaking for all McDonalds — are so dumb that it’s a wonder that they are able to dress themselves and make it in to work. They Peter Principled themselves to their limits by taking drive-through orders, advancing as far in life as they are likely to go. The fact that I am buying food there shames me and makes me feel just as stupid – and a little dirty.

Hollywood progs receive a lot of uncharitable thoughts from me. In some cases they are talented artists who lack the common sense that God gave a snail. I should be more compassionate toward them — but I’m not. If I was an Islamic, lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, asexual, gender neutral, questioning, non-binary, gender fluid person of color, I might see things differently. But since I’m not – I don’t.

Driving in Southern California is a challenge because of traffic, and while I avoid Little Saigon usually, there are times when I end up transiting through the Garden Grove/Westminster corridor. All of the stereotypes that paint Vietnamese as bad drivers are accurate. “Hey mister Ling Wong – why can’t you drive like you play ping-pong?” I’ve heard that old people in Florida (mostly from New York originally) drive worse. I can’t say that its not possible.

I don’t like George Soros. Every time I see his picture appear on the news or somewhere else, I think of this iconic clip of his acting debut. I’m not fond of Nazis – no matter how progressive that they tell everyone that they are. Thus the same uncharitable thoughts that I have for Barack, I share for Soros. (and yes, Soros, spelled backwards, is still Soros)

The Federal bureaucracy hires people, who for want of a more appropriate term, fill diversity quotas. My favorite example comes from a situation where I needed photo copies. There were other public copy machines in the building – all had been sabotaged. The employees were happy to make me a copy on their machine at $5 per page. I flashed credentials and made a complaint with more senior people who explained to me, candidly, that both of the diverse people who worked there were managers who could not be fired because of their diverse nature. They had been transferred to the records area in order to limit the amount of damage they were capable of doing.

Feel free to share/add your uncharitable thoughts below –  and unburden your soul because it is Sunday.

21 thoughts on “Sunday Sermonette

  1. "who could not be fired because of their diverse nature"

    My sympathy lies with the capable individual who is forever labeled a "diversity" hire.

  2. >All of the stereotypes that paint Vietnamese as bad drivers are accurate.
    Hah. I am hypervigilant (and praying in my agnostic way) whenever I'm driving through the parking lot of one of those gigantic Asian supermarkets. But so far as driving stereotypes go, I find Asians to generally be unsafely overcautious (slow, hesitant), whereas some other demographics tend to be overly aggressive, and yet other demographics more prone to drunken driving (and apparently child molestation — though I have no idea if there is any causal relationship there). Speaking of diversity and Hollywood, I'll believe our "betters" are truly invested in diversity when we have Asian NFL starting linebackers and male porn stars, or at least depictions of such in movies. If we must watch movies where the smartest guy in the room (and increasingly also the tech savant) is always from an unlikely demographic, then we should be able to see movies where all the best pros are guys with three-inch, er, vertical leaps.

    The cafeteria staff at a hospital where I once worked were all Afro-Caribbean. If you were black (or obese of any race) you were given a big smile and much larger portions. If you were a physician, or white/east Asian and in good shape, you were served with a stone face and got small portions. A thin white male physician (the quadrifecta of hatred!) friend once quite plaintively asked me what he was doing wrong because he was always treated like shit. I'm not sure he appreciated my honest answer to his rhetorical question. The irony is that his father moved the family back to the UK from the RSA because he was so strongly anti-Apartheid. Another colleague (white, male) said to me quite unironically (he didn't do irony), "I like [older server guy]. He sizes you up, decides how much food you need, and that's what you get." My answering snarl of "It's not his fucking job to decide how much food you get. Everyone should get the same amount of food for the same money," quite shocked the poor fellow. He's a pathologist; probably better all around that he works with bits of dead people rather than with actual live breathing people.

    @WSF: +1

  3. I don't disagree with your assessment with Micky D zombies. But they do have good burgers and fries… even a decent fish sandwich. But, then again, I have a cast iron stomach from years of eating at the Waffle House. Now if I were going through the drive-thru for help with a physics problem, I probably wouldn't choose McDonald's. But to get a quick fix to hunger pains, they are great.

  4. I admit to seeing couples in the store with young children where mama is weighing in at about 300 lbs. My thoughts run toward the logistics of the whole process. It's not pretty.

  5. If we must watch movies where the smartest guy in the room (and increasingly also the tech savant) is always from an unlikely demographic, then we should be able to see movies where all the best pros are guys with three-inch, er, vertical leaps.

    ROFL – I mean seriously ROFL.

  6. I shouldn't like their fish sandwich – but I do. I couldn't agree more on that account. To their credit, McDonalds has the picture of the food for the moron to press when ordering. However soon (very soon), most of them will be replaced by machines because they're not worth $15/hr to the corporation.

  7. Is Soros in jail yet? He's been funding a domestic terrorist organization that has taken lives. Will he be arrested on the 21st? The 22nd? I hope it doesn't stretch into February.

  8. Ernst Stavro Blofeld always escapes to fight another day. We know this from the historical records…

  9. Pretty much everywhere is the same, sadly. If you are a 'protected species', all they can do is move you around. Sometimes though they get promoted to the better jobs (so they won't complain) and that is really annoying.

    After being in the military (not saying all units were without their problems), I don't understand how the civilian world survives. Of course obama has now turned the military into a bad copy of the civilian world and I am hoping that can be turned around.

    Never lived anywhere that had a "Little" anywhere, so I can't say there.

    McDonalds has the best fries, sadly. But only when they are hot. The quality plummets exponentially as they cool.

    Democrats are really starting to annoy me with all this childish fussing. And the people in congress especially.
    I just had to add that.

  10. The concept of protected species is wrong – but if history is any guide, they will be with us always in one form or another. Even the Romans had that problem.

  11. I'm sure they exists, but I haven't met one yet.

    In fact, I was passed over TWICE for promotion because both of those "managers" were required by their managers to "get their numbers more balanced".

    In both cases it was a disaster, and in both cases I left the company a few months later….

  12. I've had to deal with that.

    Now I'm on my own and I like that better – and I'm making considerably more money.

  13. Nice sermon.

    When I make my daily trip to the Pick 'n Steal there's usually a "minority" wearing pajama bottoms and buying blunts and lottery tickets.

    This enrages me.

  14. Tell the diverse person that he should express gratitude for all of the people who pay for his stuff by either getting off the dole or jumping off the freeway overpass (in Austin)…we don't want him slowing traffic in Hill Country.

  15. drjim, I did the same thing. After one too many "It's not my job" by a 'team leader', I made sure it wasn't my job any more either and gave my two weeks notice after three years on the job.

  16. I don't go thru Mickey D's unless there is no choice, but I love a little locally owned & operated fast food place.
    Diversity can be quite annoying, why just last evening while on my way home from the feed store, I decided to stop and have dinner at a local Chinese restaurant. It should have been a clue when I was the only customer, but no, it didn't hit me how bad the food was going to be til I figured out that the music being piped in was German opera…

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