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The Ministry of Truth, Department of Homeland Security

“Ignorance is Strength” should be the motto for the Brandon White House, for nobody is quite as big of a fool as the demented old man who had to be led around by the Easter Bunny.

Nina Jankowicz, a moron, who studies the intersection of democracy and technology, and wrote two books that nobody read, will be telling you what you can and cannot say in a bold move to eliminate the First Amendment. This is the audition video that Nina made to get her new job.  You can’t make this up. She’s crazy as a shit house rat.



If you don’t read the newspaper, you are uninformed.
If you do read the newspaper, you are misinformed. 
– Mark Twain


Two Years Ago

The American economy was the best in the history of the world. Now food prices are through the roof as are fuel prices. The price of a home is well beyond anyone who hasn’t been in the housing market. The Administration is working to promote World War 3. The dazed and confused American president is led around the stage by the Easter Bunny, and none of the mainstream media comments on it.


Sailor’s Wisdom (or superstition)

A sick man does not die at low tide – A superstition that persisted on Cape Cod and other regions of New England was that a sick man does not die at low tide. Therefore, the surgeons always kept an eye on the tides, because if their patient managed to survive at the onset of the tide, then he might make it further because at low tide he would not die.

Hex Marks – These geometric patterns were painted or carved on guns to prevent witches hired by the enemy from bewitching them.

Just no two-tone eyes – It could well be that a pressed man had to face a somewhat strange question during the health check. Namely, look me in the eyes –  to check whether he has two different colored eyes. Because that brought the greatest misfortune on board and the man’s luck because he had to leave the boat immediately.

May it be a few flowers? No, flowers were given at funerals and meant bad luck and the death of many onboard. And it was probably about cut flowers, because there were some captains or admirals, especially on blockade duty, who kept half a garden in their great cabin because it reminded them of home and meant a bit of work against boredom.

May I ask for the right foot? Come aboard yes, but please with your right foot. Left is bad and brings bad luck. This was due to the general view that left was the evil, unclean side.

Do not start a sea voyage on these days…..  Thursdays – Thor’s god of thunder and lightning, strum and thunderstorms; Fridays – Jesus was crucified on a Friday; The first Monday in April – Cain murdered Abel; The second Monday in August – Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed; Superstitious sailors believe that only sea voyages that begin on Sunday bring luck. But don’t sail in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland on Sunday, it conjures up storms.

Green clothing/underwear – Green is known to be the color of hope and envy. In seafaring, however, no one would envy your green clothes. Because especially in England, a green garment or even green underwear is a sign of bad luck. Supposedly, this color is reserved for Neptune, the god of the sea. And who would like to argue with a god about the color of their clothes?

Something else to invoke the wind – Hoist a broom with the bristles pointing upwards.

Friday the 13th – Not only in seafaring but in general, the number 13 is seen as either a lucky or unlucky number. On Friday the 13th, you should be especially careful because many misfortunes can happen. Some hotels do not have a room with the number 13, and passenger ships often jump from 12 directly to 14 to avoid the unlucky 13. So it is only natural not to set sail on a Friday the 13th. This superstition stems from the Christian faith since Jesus was crucified on a Friday (Good Friday). A famous Grand Master of the Order of the Temple was also executed on Friday the 13th.

Avoid mishaps before the journey – There are many dangers lurking before the journey begins, for example, the Sailor should not eat red cabbage on the day of departure. But please don’t ask me if it’s just because of the stimulated digestion, which might annoy the new comrades. It is best to look down at the ground, as this prevents contact with people who are trying to wish him a safe journey. Because that brings bad luck. Just like a woman in a white bonnet or barefoot, and if she waved at him as he was leaving … well, then he could only hope that he would come back safe and sound, because waving actually meant goodbye forever. But what was a good omen was when he met a flock of sheep or heard a cuckoo.

Another thing about redheads… Redheads were considered to be boisterous, fiery characters who should not necessarily be on board, as they tended to cause riots on board and allegedly triggered mutinies. Well, every now and then it was impossible to prevent a redhead from coming on board, so it was best to approach him first. Because only then would he have no power over one. This superstition is based on the fact that in the Middle Ages redheads were regarded as witches or sorcerers, and this misconception lasted for a long time. I wonder if the same thing happened to Admiral Lord Thomas Cochrane? At least he made it to admiral despite his red hair.


36 thoughts on “The Ministry of Truth

  1. That was an amazing audition video. Perhaps Congress, after the next election would not fund the Ministry of Truth. All we can hope for until real conservatives occupy both houses and the presidency. If it carries on after the elections then the slide into totalitarianism will certainly speed up.

    I am glad I was not in the navy. Too many rules to keep straight as far as luck, good or bad, is concerned.

    1. The purpose of the Ministry of truth is to keep the Swamp (Democrats & Rinos) in charge. A lot of Republicans are happy that it’s in place with the crazy woman at the helm.

      1. Isn’t that why Mussolini had his troops in brown trousers?

        Sailor’s widom is earned the hard way. And you’ll scoff at it until you’ve lived and worked aboard a working ship

        The last meme reeks of Brylcream and Seagram’s 7. Straight outta the 60’s!

        1. It’s true. Sailor’s wisdom was learned the hard way and is practiced as a prophylactic. They understand cause and effect as people outside of the trade just can’t/

  2. Starting to sound like every other dictator/Communist/Socialist/anarchist…and that cretin from New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, stating OUTLOUD that “only government information can be trusted. … If you don’t hear it from us it’s a lie.”

    This one – another Marxist – is cut from the same cloth. Where’s the R’s…cowards. And what about The Constitution? Time to disband the DHS, nothing but trouble without any oversight.

    I swear, a solid Christian entering DC could palpably sense Satan’s presence.

    1. The Department of Homeland Security was designed to be able to focus resources on problems. It’s not unlike the concept of a sledge hammer smashing an ant.

      When you are the ant and the department is run by communists, it’s a problem.

      1. Where do they – and I mean this literally- dig these people up? Mining university cess pools for the worst possible candidate is a top Leftist skill.

        1. There are a lot of swamp creatures scurrying about inside the beltway engaging in shameless self-promotion to get noticed and appointed to this or that. There is a LOT of political patronage that is handed out.

  3. May I ask for the right foot?
    That could be a problem for service members who are yelled at from day one to start with the left foot.

    1. WSF, you know that some smart ass comment would get you flogged, or keel hauled. You’d be kissing the gunner’s daughter almost daily. The choice of foot would be the least of your problems if you were a member of the crew in the early 1800s…

  4. green motorcycles are considered bad luck as well. looking around i see very few of them indeed…ministry of truth- it has truly reached it’s apex. the pendulum must now swing right. Lord help us, for surely it will go too far that way as well…isn’t it a conflict of interest for a sitting congresscritter to vote to forgive student loan debt that she herself holds? i paid mine. do i get a refund? so you’re telling me a congresscritter can’t rightfully pay back her loan? she makes a coupla hundred grand. i paid mine back on sergeants pay. wth? i recall standing in line to pay the bursar listening to the chic behind me rant about how she was going to use the loan to make the down payment on a new car. another said he was going on a trip. mummy and daddy were already paying the tuition. of course the schools will raise tuition to match the grift and return it in campaign contributions.

    1. I paid mine as well, albeit I was working in actual real life learning while going to a local Penn State campus, so wasn’t saddled with massive debt like those from the 90’s forward. Later I noticed these “low interest” student loans going crazy, and the unsuspecting student wanting to get a good education were being fleeced to pay inflated school costs, it became a vicious enlarging circle to pay profs and universities way above market value as compared to end result.

      Then I read that Wallstreet was involved with the Federal Government Student Loan program…it was a grift to launder money through students to the universities while Wallstreet funds were getting wealthy from the Fed. Always about the money. Student Loans, like default swaps and people’s information traded as a commodity, were being used to enrich the snake-oil money managers and bloated universities. (I’m trying to find the 10+ year old article outlining this.)

      No…people who signed loan papers should repay what they borrowed, regardless it was a scam. But (always a but) they should not have to pay the bravo sierra compounded inflated interest when the loans were sold to collection agencies so these rise to loan shark level and are worse than trying to pay off a house on a 30 year note for a high class work permit that usually only proves to an employer you have some understanding in a particular field, but more importantly (or used to be) it showed you could finish what you started.

      One exception would be all those who took woman’s studies or other nonsense degree programs…they should pay double what they owe because we see how much of a drain on society they are to normal thinking people.

      1. Hard science degrees, business degrees, and education that leads to gainful employment or employment that actually benefits mankind should be taught in universities.

        Cultish studies, basket weaving and wymyn studies, and so forth could be taught somewhere else, but I see no sense in underwriting them as a nation or a culture.

        I know people who lived on student loans. I never took out a loan on my BS, and the government (Naval Postgraduate School) funded my MS. So I can’t relate. My MPA came out of my pocket too. I have difficulty relating to people who took out massive loans with the exception of doctors and dentists. They almost have to unless they have a rich old man.

        I’m a long way from normal and mainstream, which is possibly why people found me valuable. But I found a way to fund education out of pocket (as above) or took government largess.

        1. Education paid for by the military is most assuredly a form of student loan that will absolutely be paid back in one way or another, with interest, blood interest in some cases. Unlike student loans the grifters in Washington would forgive, which are actually a form of bribe……

          1. The GI Bill is one form of government student loan that I have no problem with. It’s actually earned and baked into compensation for military service.

            Harvard has a $50 billion hedge fund that it’s sitting on. Why aren’t they making student loans out of that pot of gold? If they did, I doubt that they’d loan half a million dollars against a grievance studies degree.

          2. I’ll try to dig up that expose on the SL scam, it is why Harvard has their massive “endowment” pile of cash just sitting there, they don’t need to touch it. But it does beg the question, “Then what is it for?

          3. Yeah, L-L, I guess the GI Bill could be called a student loan but a pre-paid one to be sure. I was really thinking about programs like your MS, which I certainly would not begrudge. Pretty sure you “paid” that back one way or another, just not monetarily. Money is cheap compared to blood and time.

          4. WWW, they sent me there because I was put into a very difficult situation in a denied area and I survived. (pre-paid) The question was put to me, “what do you want?” If I was a psycho, I’d have said that I want to be pitched back into the abattoir. Instead, knowing that I would be leaving active service (keeping reserve status), I took school because I had hoped to parlay that. I never used the degree as such. It opened a few doors so maybe that counts. I was reactivated to full-blown USN status for a year, much later.

            My careers were a twist and turn of things because I wasn’t ever afraid to quit and go do something more interesting. I thought that I was finished, but maybe not. Interesting stuff on the horizon. Let’s see how it plays out.

      2. I paid mine back, too. I had a partial scholarship that paid books and fees and things, but *I* was on the hook for the tuition. Went to a local Community College, and paid that from my part-time jobs. Even back then we joked about those studying “Underwater Basket Weaving”, and wondered why the schools would even offer such useless degrees. Way Back Then… you went for a degree in some Professional field, like Doctor, Laywer, Engineer, DVM, et al.

        1. Exactly…and LL’s route as well. It was about bettering yourself between vocation and education. Now…mostly indoctrination. Can’t hardly trust any institution.

          1. TODAY – if I was starting over and young (the way my grandchildren are), I might opt for a civil engineering degree. Or just go to trade school. I don’t think that I could handle the woke crap on a university campus. As DRJIM points out, there were the silly degrees back in the stone age too. And the graduates couldn’t find work for the most part unless they became teachers of silliness or worked for the government that just required “a degree”. The problem today is that grievance studies has become a major part of university life.

          2. I have an associates degree. From a community college.
            I am not wealthy, but I’m not hungry.
            I’ve worked with and for people doing the same work wondering why they got (and were paying for) the degree they had.
            They knew some esoteric stuff I’d have liked to know, but had no direct bearing on the job.
            I’ve been a manger a few times and am up for another position doing that, again. Having an EE in a situation like that seems to have some cache.

    1. Totally agree with the article, very hard to see behind the curtain, or anymore, layers of curtains. Maybe that’s why Joe was hanging out by them on stage a couple weeks back while The Magical Kenyan was getting all the attention like he was Christ himself.

      1. Some things f-up and are not accidental but most of what happens in government is wilful. There are swamp factions pushing and pulling for control. Everything is not a matter of consensus. Some of it I’ve seen. Some of it I’ve done. And that is why I’m an old man living in the wilderness.

        The Half-Blood Prince is a pawn. A useful pawn, but a pawn all the same. He knows when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em which more then a lot of other swamp creatures.

  5. These days in America when you talk of education of most any sort and if you say it as “The Education Industry” it usually makes a lot more sense.

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