It’s Not Pizza in the Pizza Box

You start with french fries, add protein, and a combination of sauces with more on the side if you want. It can be shared or eaten solo (if you’re a selfish pig).

And then there are onion rings.

If you’re overweight it makes you harder to kidnap. Just offering some hope…  When people make fun of you, remind them of that indisputable fact…and have another onion ring after you dip it.


For Riverrider


Identify the Helicopter


You know what it means

When one safe is full, you’re going to need another safe. And when that one is full, rinse, repeat. And you’ll need a few for the ammo.

The Arizona standard for “how many firearms are too many?” is not fully appreciated in some of the woke states.

I was reading where some prog journalist complained that a US citizen had 10,000 rounds.  I thought to myself, only 10K, wow. That guy needs to stock up. A Minigun  (7.62 mm, multi-barrel heavy machine gun) will fire 6,000 rounds per minute, employing Gatling-style rotating barrels with an external power source. So 10K won’t even get you two minutes of continuous fire. (Yes, I know that you burst it.)

Yes, a mini-gun can seem wasteful unless you need to put ordnance on target. Then it doesn’t seem like that.

An M-2 firing .50 BMG (12.7x99mm NATO) has a much slower rate of fire – 500 RPM with maybe 800 RPM if you’re shooting  AN/M2 or 1,000 RPM for AN/M3), but at $5+ per round… you do the math. Though there is something satisfying about API rounds striking a target even at 500 rounds-per-minute.


The Bitter Woman

I read an article wherein Michelle Obama (the shadow first lady now – casting a much LARGER shadow with an 80 lbs weight gain since she was officially in the White House) is still on it about how she’s been treated badly because she’s black. It has something to do with the new presidential library and monument that just broke ground in Chicago. I don’t quite understand the drama, but then again, I didn’t have to suffer living in the White House for eight years with all those servants, and frequent trips to exotic destinations at taxpayer expense.


  1. Stop me if I’ve told this before: A guy I served with had been in the 11th ACR when George Patton’s kid was running it. He said they mounted mini-guns on APC’s and sallied forth looking for trouble, and found it. How’d that work out, I asked him. Great, he said, for about five minutes. So I asked what happened then? He said they ran out of ammo, kinda looked at each other and said, let’s get the hell out of here!

      • Well, if you take a M-113, and throw out most of the junk, and tell the troopies to piss off, you can carry a surprising amount of ammo. Though, well, ammo weighs a lot, so you best do it with one of the later versions of the M-113 that have the 400hp diesel in it. That will allow you to also put stuff on the outside of the M-113 to stop stuff larger than 7.62.

        The use of a 5 ton as a gun truck works, too. But sucks with lack of overhead protection.

  2. There was a time when buffets feared my name and I would have made short work of that pizza box full of those goodies. No more. The metabolism has slowed.
    I have to laugh every time I see a reference by a propagandist(journalism has mostly died) to an “arsenal” consisting of four firearms and 200 rounds. I see guys burn through more than that in half an hour.

  3. how many is too many? when you have a tacticool lever action you’ve gone too far….safe full, cabinet overflowing, another respectable arsenal in another location, several in hidey-holes. need to move some off-site but can’t bear to part with them, lol….. nice blonde, thanks.

      • I had an emergent eye exam a couple months ago by an ophthalmology resident who could be that blonde’s sister. Turned out we grew up about 20 miles (and I’m guessing 25 years) from each other. Anyway, I later discovered that resident had graduated first in her class from a top-five US med school. Might or might not be high maintenance, but that one will have the means to maintain herself. Irish name (Jules assures me this does NOT mean she’s Irish), but clearly a lot of Nordic genes floating around in old Eire.

        This is not typical. The specialty that selects for good looks is NOT ophthalmology but dermatology. (Some of us cardiologists ARE very good looking, but that’s happenstance 😛.)

        • blah-blah-blah, Mike_C we know that you broke the mold and we don’t hate you for being beautiful.

          Opus#6 who used to hang around the blogs was pretty and went for the orthopedic side of the house. Old NFO, DRJIM, and others remember her.

          • I didn’t say I’m one of the good looking ones! (Plus most people who hate me do so for reasons other than my looks. Heh.)

            At one point some years back there were exactly three female chiefs of cardiology (among major academic hospitals) in the US and all three were uncommonly attractive. And tough. I knew two of them personally and they were not persons you’d want to cross.

  4. Pizza box–Quality of life. Even when you hit the floor for the last time, your still smilin’.

    Gun safe–Even though I can appreciate the utility, I just can’t get used to plastic furniture on a lever gun. Yeah, I could us another safe, we just don’t have anywhere to put it.

    M-2–Although I repaired many while in uniform (some for the aforementioned 11th ACR) my one regret is that I never got to fire one.

    (p)Presidential library in Chicago–Just find an abandoned asphalt parking lot, put up a chain link fence and a couple of hoops, and call it good. Let’s go Brandon.

  5. I struggle with the concept of having a thousand rounds of each caliber I need (which I have), knowing that against the “authorities”, I would leave behind over 900 rounds of each. And if not that scenario, then having to carry it all, with food and other supplies.

  6. I have always laughed in a sad way when the eneMedia describes an arsenal as a pistol of unknown origin, a bolt rifle, couple .22 rifles, a shotgun, some weird leftover black powder thing that’s more rust than metal, and a total of about 100 rounds of various calibers (may even be just the empty brass.)

    I don’t have 10K per caliber per weapon, but what I have is enough to break my back if I try to tote it all.

    Geez, back before money became uber-tight, I managed to stash 5K of .22 of various origins, got at least 500 12 gauge shells, yada yada. I may not be able to last a siege, but I can at least hold out for a while.

  7. What’s that line in “A Good Year”…”Men who date pretty woman have no imagination.” (stated in a french accent)

    Of course being married to MrsPaulM must mean I have zero imagination. (yes, fully biased)

    The pizza party box is something else…where do I get one for tonight? (and yes, I would share…a little.)

  8. IO have no idea what that is in the pizza box… Surf ‘n Turf Poutine !?

    … but it looks delicious.


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