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(link) Even as the socialists inside the Beltway take steps to take your firearms rights away, South Dakota is taking steps in the other direction. These measures make South Dakota the 11th best when it comes to Second Amendment rights.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem signed three pro-Second Amendment bills that bolster the right to self-defense in the state last week. These measures are set to go into effect on July 1, 2022.

Senate Bill 195 strengthens the state’s current Stand Your Ground law. It does so by mandating that the party aiming to overturn the immunity that the law establishes assumes the burden of proof. Under these circumstances, this party must provide clear and convincing evidence.

House Bill 1162 provides an update to the definition of what constitutes a “loaded firearm” per South Dakota law. Under this updated definition of “loaded firearm”, a firearm is only loaded in the case that a round is chambered. This update allows for more convenient methods of storing firearms in an “unloaded” manner, while still maintaining usefulness in defensive gun use cases when seconds count.

Senate Bill 212 lowers the costs of South Dakota carry permits to $0. Under SB 212, individuals who desire to take advantage of South Dakota’s reciprocity agreements can now do so without having to pay a de facto tax on their right to bear arms.

In order of firearms rights:

Alaska, Arizona, Wyoming, Montana. Where is Texas? Tenth… What happened Texans?


Vampires don’t cast Shadows

This photo, released by the White House, I guess, proves once and for all that Joe Brandon is not a vampire.


Truth at the Front

True in all wars. It could even be a Russian starshiy serzhant on the Ukraine Front.


Ukraine Update

This is yesterday’s Ukraine Map showing areas of Russian control. Neither side has made gains near any areas where there have been clashes. The only change since last Friday is a town in Kherson that was captured by Ukraine.

The Russian Army is preparing for a defensive period, in many cases digging elaborate trenchworks. I have been asked about a “second Battle of Kursk” as the Russian units that were shattered over the past six weeks are reformed. Not in the foreseeable future.

After World War II, the southern part of Mongolia was annexed by China, becoming the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Since that time, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has gradually eroded the culture and independence of the region’s ethnic Mongolian population.

Outer Mongolia, also known as Mongolia is sparsely settled – but wait. Millions of Han Chinese from the PRC have begun to immigrate into Mongolia on the Russian Southern Border to reclaim historically Chinese land. Gee, I wonder what’s up with that? In 1992, they dropped the “People’s Republic” from the name of the country…and have held democratic elections.

China has supported Mongolia’s application for membership in to the Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD), Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and granting it observer status in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. I’m sure once there are enough Chinese civilians there, something will trigger a requirement for Beijing to send the People’s Liberation Army in to secure their very lives, and they’ll set up camp right there across the border from the Russian Siberian oil fields.

Much of Russia’s Siberian Army was redeployed over the winter of 2021-22 to the Ukrain Theater of operations. The 68th Army Corps (Eastern Military District) was hollowed out to fight in Ukraine. The 155th Guards Naval Infantry Brigade was redeployed from the Pacific to replace losses suffered in Ukraine. There is no doubt that they were expected to return to the Eastern District before now but that’s not likely in the near future.



  1. I think the Chinese will move this Sumer. Can Vlad fight a two-front war? Looks like he’s having enough trouble with a one-front war as it is…

    • Their equipment has been based in large part on Russian stuff. I think that they’re planning to go north and leaving Taiwan for later.

  2. Forgot to say, Texas has a weird and difficult history viz. 2A… speaking of which, could someone please end faux mex sandwich Beto? Thx.

  3. I seem to remember that a certain officer didn’t like the Willie & Joe series because the soldiers looked dirty and unkempt.
    Are we going to see a return of the Greater Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, with China in the lead role this time?

        • Not so much for the Asiatics, as for the Han, and acceptable Chinese slave races.

          There are not meant to be any locals 50 years after the new colonies get settled.

          PRC is riding the old Colonialsm train hard these days, what with the Honorable Western Belt and Road Tea Company and all. But that’s cool, Colonialism is only bad when Europeans do it, ask any Western Marxist.

          Not that I’m anti-Colonialism personally, I just think doing it Uighur-style is a little over-the-top. It would make Belgium blush, after all.


          • Vivisection is usually frowned upon in the modern world, though the Chinese find it acceptable if it comes to harvesting Uighur organs.

  4. In Florida, we have some serious RINOs in our state legislature that keep killing open carry and Constitutional carry and any more 2A freedoms. Damn them. Damn them to Hell.

    Regarding Russia, it seems like they had to strike this year before they fell farther and farther down the hole. Low birth rate, mass emigration and loss of skills and knowledge in manufacturing as the workers age out are killing Russia.

    And… commie China. They’ve been looking at taking Mongolia since, well, forever. And now is probably the best time to do it.

    • Once they’re on ‘sacred Russian soil’ the Russians would have to pop off nukes on their own ground… Not an ideal situation.

  5. The Black Hills are a 5 hour drive away, good place to visit, especially the ranch chuckwagon shiws that start with the Pledge of Allegiance. Noem is trying, and so far, doing a good job, better than most. DeSantis and Noem 2024 seems acceptable, that is, if he feels he can relinquish all the good he’s done in Florida.

    • DeSantis/Noem would be acceptable to me. I think it would be a cleaner win than Trump+. It’s not that I have a single thing against Trump, I don’t. But he comes to a presidential election with baggage that the enemy will exploit and I don’t want to see that create problems.

      The Democrats should run Biden-Harris again.

      • I want to see Trump again. His eyes are open and he now knows who he can and cannot trust.

        For example, in the SCA there was this ‘king’ who was a really nice guy, sweetheart, kinda stupid, mouth of gold, brain of lead, who wanted to make his ‘kingdom’ great again. So he instituted some sensible changes and tried to fix some serious issues. Since he wasn’t from the kingdom ‘swamp’ the established asshats cozied up to him and his queen and did everything possible to shut his reign down that they could. Mini-example – the person in charge of getting awards and honorifics ready for ‘court’ would stonewall and say the lists of recipients that were sent in 2-4 weeks ahead of time were never received (when, in fact, they were.) Needless to say, the ‘king’ finally, at the end of his ‘reign,’ saw what was being done to him and his queen and his supporters. Reign #2 he and she entered with eyes wide open and with vengeance against their enemies in their hearts.

        Trump is a much more intelligent man than the ‘king’ in the above example. He has seen the Swamp, and (hopefully) won’t be as easily fooled this next time.

        I like Trump. Trump was respected overseas. He has a fire and energy that DeSantis just doesn’t have. Now, Trump/DeSantis? Oh, man… But I want Gov. Ron to stay here, because I am selfish and hate asshats like Crist and the squishy RINOs that keep shutting down Constitutional Carry.

        • I prefer Trump because I understand him, having grown up in the Northeast. A lot will depend on the Mid-terms…assuming the steal doesn’t happen again, they’re already priming the pump, dragging the 80 year-old Dr. Mengele-2 out to spout his lies. More shots for the sheep. Weekly [planned] distractions.

          And The Grand PoohBah Mom-Jeans O has tired of working from home, getting more vocal. Plain as day what factions are behind everything…and it’s all a lie, a generated cult atmosphere.

          Wouldn’t be surprised if between now and the weekend there’s another “incident” to distract the masses.

  6. Here in Kansas we’re ranked #8 just barely behind Kentucky. Now if we can get rid of our current governor, a NYC native who won ONLY the urban counties, perhaps we can move up a notch or two.

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