Do You Remember

When there were Boy Scouts and there were rules against having homosexual scoutmasters, and pedophiles among the ranks of scouting leadership?

Do you remember when Cub Scouts were boys and not an experiment in mixed genders? And when boys could participate in a “boy-run organization” for the betterment of young men everywhere? And when boys could go camping and ‘be boys’?

I recall that too. Then the progressives destroyed it, the way they destroy EVERYTHING that they touch. I’m sure there was a lot of toasting and congratulations when the Boy Scouts went under, never to return. Liberals always hated Boy Scouting because it implied that “Boys” could have an organization. Yes there were also Girl Scouts, but they were never targeted for destruction.

And if you think that I’m grinding an axe, I am. I watch the progressive agenda unfold and there is only degradation and filth that follows in their wake.

Merl Haggard


I like the F-8 Crusader, I just do.

The Crusader has been somewhat eclipsed by other naval fighters but I still remember it, and in its day, the platform was very effective. No, it’s not an F-35C, but it was an effective foil to MiG’s in Vietnam.


Tales from CHAZ (link)

Daily Timewaster explores the Conflict Resolution Advisory Council in the independent nation of CHAZ. It’s worth a look.  I commented that the Eskimo community is not represented.  And there are a lot of Mexicans who live there. The La Familia Michoacan cartel has a significant presence in town. Where do the mandarins in CHAZ think that the meth and the fentanyl comes from? Why doesn’t the Cartel have a voice?


Cause and Effect

There will be a backlash to the looting, the burning, the vandalism, and the efforts to tear down the nation, but that backlash has historically been asymetrical. White people don’t burn down their own neighborhoods, or loot local businesses. That backlash may come at the ballot box, or it may come in some other indirect form. Some people aren’t interested in direct confrontation in the streets. They may simply prefer to express their opposition in a way that these protesters expect it least — businesses moving out, reluctance to hire, reluctance to visit a neighborhood, increased insurance rates that make doing business in a ghetto impossible, effectively abandoning a community. Not every wall that is built is physical and visible. But one way or another, the reaction is coming.



There was a time when “tranny” evoked an automobile transmission. Oh, how far we’ve strayed.


Proof against theft by this generation


  1. I was a Life Scout, growing up in a scouting family, my brother was a Boy Scout, my 4 sisters were in Girl Scouts. Even in 1974 when I quit if you looked hard it was changing then, and not for the better. I was 17 and finally fumes got to me… perfume and exhaust fumes. I didn’t see staying to achieve Eagle Rank. I enlisted at 17 and entered a early-entry program with the US Army, where I attended Basic Training between my Jr and Sr year and then was to join a NG or a RA unit until I graduated. I was in the big boy scouts. When the Boy Scouts were sued to allow homos and pedos my brother and I sent the National Headquarters our Life badges and our Order of the Arrow sashes and badges. We both in a letter said to strike our names from any list or awards. We stated we were ashamed and did not want to be associated with them anymore. I agree LL, the F-8 Crusader is also my favorite fighter. I still have the model I made of it when I was a kid with all the proper paint scheme and decals. A very cool plane.

    • Scouting was struggling when they embraced pedophiles and homosexuals. That drove many/most church sponsors away from scouting. The the lawsuits started.

  2. I’ve shared a couple of your posts to faceless book. Waiting to see if they ban me or block you.

    I remember when the Boy Scouts taught boys to be men, and Christians, if I remember correctly.

    • The Boy Scouts of the past encouraged the young men to follow their religion. In this Country, Christianity, Judaism, Mormonism/LDS were the primary religions encouraged. In India many of the Boy Scouts were Hindus and in the Far East, Buddhists. The thing is Boy Scouts taught a moral compass that was out side of our human nature. The Scout Law was shaped very much by Christianity but was acceptable to all.

      BTW, my brother is a retired professional Boy Scout leader. He is not happy with many of the changes.

      • At one point, I was a council commissioner (non-professional) scout leader at the California Inland Empire Council. We had 33,000 scouts. Fully half of those were LDS/Mormon troops. About half of the other troops were sponsored by other faith-based organizations. I had moved on a few years before the lifestyle push.

        We had Muslim troops, and as I recall, one Hindu troop, but most were Christian. NONE of them advocated homosexuality as a lifestyle. So when the change came, they bailed.

    • LindaG, everything that Scouting stood for, was what had been on the list for the progressive left to destroy, and they definitely won that round.

  3. “On my honor, I will do my best to do my duty…”

    I think the reason the Progressives hated the Scouts so much were the words “honor” and “duty” that prefaced the ideals of the Scouts.
    You seldom hear those words spoken to or by our youth in our current incarnation of civilization/society.
    -Former Scoutmaster

  4. Certainly not the America I grew up in…Scouting was an imperative to help build character and teach outdoor skills…from the dad’s. Special place in Hell for those who allowed it’s destruction.

    Guess the Summer of Love reprobates in Seattle have a theme song: CHOP the CHAZ-Bah.

    That center console…elicits High School memories…every VoTech’er who had a muscle car in various stages of primed bondo, the Hurst shifter went in first.

    Jeep tire cover Meme: “Millennial Theft Device Equipped” – showing a shift pattern.

      • The extent of my musical creativity right there. Musta heard The Clash, stuck in my head. Figured the CHOP/CHAZ “free from normal thinking” zone (but with walls, weaponry, and farming) was being touted as just a peaceful block party…gotta have a kickoff tune.

  5. Scouting was a big part of my life but incompetent adults drove me away. Our troop always did a winter survival overnight, building snow caves, etc. I had the youngest under my supervision and the ‘adults’ didn’t do anything to help. I got my people through the night and safely to the pickup point. I had all the requirements for Eagle, my Dad and Uncles were all Eagle, but I never went back to another meeting. Some regrets yes, but even at 15 I would take a stand for what I thought was right, or wrong.

    • I had a good scoutmaster and a bad scoutmaster. And at the time, I judged harshly. But the bad scoutmaster was a volunteer and worked himself into an early grave running his dairy. He was always tired. As a boy I wasn’t ever tired. He had a big scar on his face from shrapnel. He’d been a gunner in a B-24 with something like 50 missions over Germany and France. He was a good man, but always exhausted. I thought of him as a slacker. Now that I’m older, I’m a lot more compassionate and kick myself (metaphor) for being a hammerhead. The good scoutmaster was an MD with an airplane and inexhaustible money that he poured into the troop, into trips, and into adventures.

      • The Scoutmaster at the time was married to a high school teacher. I had the impression he was doing it for some image with the townspeople and didn’t care diddly for the kids. Before him we had some good adults. The best became the NRA Junior Rifleman leader/range-master. That was my favorite activity and, under his tutelage, earned everything there was to earn including a state championships. All that served me well in Army Basic Training. Man, I loved my beat up, worn out M-1!

        My sister made it to the top of Girl Scouts in the same town. Nine years younger than me, she also joined the NRA Junior program and excelled.

  6. Some of the most fun I had as a 13-15 year old yewt was when I was a member of the naval equivalent of the Boy Scouts, aptly named the Sea Scouts. We had at our command a 20′ former steel life boat that we fashioned into a twin-masted vessel with two main sails, two jibs, a flying jib and a spinacher; what fun it was to sail that thing in a brisk wind, it took about 6 Sea Scouts to man all of the lines, and every now and then we would get our hand at the tiller (assuming the Cap’n, an adult volunteer deemed that the conditions would allow a swabbie teenager some stick time).

    Then I joined the army. Not exactly how things were supposed to go.

    • My brother, who was raised separately from me (in my messed up family) was a Sea Scout. I always envied his nautical adventures. Maybe that (in part) is why I joined the Navy?

  7. Boy Scouts was a great personal and societal good, it’s really a damn shame. The Faith parts of it were good, but lots of other organizations taught that, and even still teach it now.

    What I think the most import thing it did was to teach independence and self-reliance, and how problems are actually solved, which does not include demanding a handout. Back in my day, essentially all the adult leaders were WW2 / Korea / Viet Nam vets, so it taught us a great deal of humility too, something today’s kids could sure use a 1000 gallon dose of. Those guys were tough as nails, they understood that the world didn’t revolve around them, and they never wasted any time whining about it.

    When they opened up adult leadership to women, all my old Scout friends looked at each other and said “But wasn’t the whole point to let boys get the hell away from their mothers for a while? “, and scratched our heads. Don’t get me wrong, some of those women Troop committee leaders were and are great people, but it just changed things, a lot.

    We still have, here in Rhode Island, the Yawgoog Scout Reservation – probably the finest developed (as opposed to wilderness) Scout Camp anywhere. I go down there to visit sometimes in the summer, for nostalgia purposes. It’s not bad nowadays… the modern co-ed organization can still do some good things and what Scouting was isn’t completely gone… yet.
    But it’s definitely different, and a lot has been lost for good.

    “Be Prepared” has shaped my whole life, but I don’t think it’s really taught any more.

  8. I was a Cub Scout when I was but a wee lad, and then for some reason dropped out. I don’t have a clue as to why, and my sister comes up equally blank, other than to say she remembered me enjoying it, and then one day refusing to go any more.

    My son was *that close* to making Eagle Scout, but never finished his Eagle project. He fell into some kind of “special exemption” category of being allowed to finish it because even though he’d turned 18, he was far enough along that he could have easily finished it in a few weeks.

    I helped him with his activities, and helped his pack/troop as a Merit Badge “examiner”, or what ever they called it, as I was “qualified” in a few specialties that no other adults were.

  9. I was a Cub Scout, but when we got back from Italy and I went to a Boy Scout meeting to check it out, they were marching about and I thought ” if I want to join a para-military outfit, I’ll join a para-military outfit. ” Then I went to join the Civil Air Patrol.

    Paul L. Quandt

  10. I was never a scout (went UK version of JROTC instead) but my boys were in Canada. They were able to join a boys only alternative and had a lot of fun. Surprised that was legal in Leafland.

    Crusaders are cool.

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