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  1. To borrow the line from the James Woods character in the movie "Contact"….Yes, that is interesting, isn't it…

    And will anything be done about it? Any hard-hitting, fact-finding investigation?


  2. I don't know. Maybe I'm just the suspicious sort, but do you you think fraud might be involved?

  3. Too bad that you're leaving California only to land in… another California! Texas nearly went that way too.

  4. How could that be? Well they did 'find' about 45,000 uncounted Donkey ballots after everything had been counted. Is there a pattern here?

  5. The democrat filed the Jeff Flake chair, which is to say, the balance of power in AZ is at status quo. Flake, besides being a reprehensible human being, voted democrat more than he voted republican. I wonder if he's going to try and live in AZ now that he's out of government? Likely not. I doubt that people will want him – even though Sinema did win with the 45K previously uncounted votes.

    The McCain seat (also a D/R wobble in the past) is up for grabs in a special election after the first of the year. It will be interesting to see how that one goes. I don't know if McSally will run again or whether she'll take a job at the Defense Department.

  6. Cynic, schminic – the Democrat won fair and square, please seat her immediately so that she can serve her state and the country proudly. And remember: Arizonans get the government they deserve. Good luck with this piece of work, uh, er, fine public servant.

  7. You barely dodged the Robert (Beto) O'Rorque bullet, future Texan. He may end up as your president, though if he can beat the fake Indian, Spartacus, the Old Crone (Hillary) and the Creepy Porn Lawyer.

  8. HUGE numbers of voters on the left side of the spectrum lack basic math skills. The discrepancy between vote counts for the two offices raises no eyebrows on the left as most cannot grasp the concept and those who can simply do not care. To the left there is only one rule…..WIN. and ANY action that serves that agenda is acceptable. Legality is irrelevant.

  9. Check the numbers in those graphics….total Delta between the two races is not 40k, only the difference between the two gubernatorial candidates is that big.

  10. We need to stop this electoral fraud before we hit the tipping point. Once we reach that, it's over for the USA and hello for banana republic.

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