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Headed to the mine.

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I used to earn a living in the surf zone — literally. And as with many of my kind, I grew tired of jumping into cold water.  Thus, instead of spending time at the beach this week, I headed off to the White Wolf Mine, located almost directly on Arizona’s Mogollon Rim.
True to form, I’ve been on the phone more this week than usual as crisis points among various clients are reached. Which is a good thing for business, but a more challenging thing for one who is working on a project far from the human stain.

In Arizona, on the roadside, I noticed a mother and daughter, both naked and took a picture. But I don’t spend that much time hanging with democrats and continued on my way.

Naked democrat mother and daughter – nice ass

Some of you have asked about our fellow blogger, Euripides. He’s well and full of mischief as usual, but no longer actively blogging. I met up with he and his wife for dinner.

The Raptor is now registered in Arizona. California wanted $600 to re-register a 3 year old pick-up. AZ wanted 2/3 of that amount. Likewise, gasoline in Arizona is about .80/gallon less expensive than California. The rule of thumb that the cost of living in Arizona is about 80% of that in California would seem to hold true.

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  1. COL is significantly lower in Colorado, too.

    Gas is about $.75~$1 a gallon cheaper, depending on where you buy it (big "duh!" there), food, even fast food, is cheaper, and property taxes are not only lower, but after we've lived in the new place for 2 years, we'll qualify for a "Senior Exemption" which will cut the property taxes by about 50%.

    I stopped at a KFC one night, and what would have cost me $9 here was $7. Even Panera Bread was cheaper by about 20% for what the wife and I usually buy there.

    She's been doing her due diligence, and tells me that while property taxes are lower, homeowner's insurance is higher. The two together are still lower than here in the PDRK.

    I did a quick check on car registration, and it's definitely lower, but I don't recall the amount.

    And Amateur Radio "vanity" plates are free, like here in Kommiefornia.

    She talked to a highly recommended Credit Union yesterday, and we're "pre-qualified" for far more than we actually want to borrow.

    She retires in 14 days, this house should be ready to go on the market in about 25 days, and I expect it will be sold in 60~75 days.

  2. Thanks for the update on Euripides.
    Good to know you are getting things done in AZ. How is the compound coming along?

  3. Excellent move to license the Raptor in AZ. That is an advantage to owning property in more than one state.

  4. Good choice by going to the White Wolf Mine. That kind of weekend is better spent in good work and quiet… not dealing with crowds on the beach. Have you set a ETA on moving fully?

  5. You should have tied those donkeys up to your Raptor and kept them at the WWM for the future Clown Camp project.

  6. Improving the quality of life – however it's accomplished – is a very good thing.

  7. Progress is incremental but it's steady. More than anything, it's fun just to be in the high country.

  8. As licensing comes due on the other vehicles, I'll swap them over to AZ. It should mean a savings of something around $600-$700 per year when all of the vehicles/toys are included. It's not a fortune, but registration in CA is poised to double at the first of next year. The increased fees won't go to highway-related expenses. It will be funneled to the deep state.

  9. I try to avoid contributing to Internet porn, but I couldn't avoid revealing the ass here on-line.

  10. Thank you for both updates. I will miss Euripides; but understand not wanting to blog.
    Glad you didn't get waylaid by the dems. 😉
    Be safe and have a blessed weekend.

  11. All good news. Thanks for the update on Euripides. I miss him, and I continue to appreciate your international news! Thanks for keeping that up, LL.

  12. I thought you two would get together. I buy my gas in Reno as often as I can because it's between 50 and 80 cents a gallon cheaper.

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