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In case you hadn’t heard


When do the brain-sucking alien monsters come out of hibernation?

Yeah…the truth is out there.


It’s the New Year – Tanks, for the memories.

Identify the Tanks





Bullet Points: 

* “We economists don’t know much, but we do know how to create a shortage. If you want to create a shortage of tomatoes, for example, just pass a law that retailers can’t sell tomatoes for more than two cents per pound. Instantly you’ll have a tomato shortage. It’s the same with oil or gas.”     — Milton Friedman

* A Panzer I using a flamethrower on the Eastern Front. Note the contraption on the back, an Abwurfvorrichtung; a catapult used to throw explosive charges. c.1941

* The debate over any links between vaccines and autism – a behavior problem triggered by brain damage – couldn’t be more contentious. The great majority of medical opinion holds that vaccines don’t cause autism. However, many of the same experts don’t dispute that vaccines can, in rare instances, cause brain damage.

Family to Receive $1.5 Million + in First-Ever Vaccine-Autism Court Award

“I purposely avoided mentioning ‘autism’ in the claim,” says the attorney for a child diagnosed with brain damage and autism after her DTaP vaccination at 18 months. The lawsuit alleged only encephalopathy. “Using (the child’s) autism diagnosis would have dragged out the lawsuit for years. The point wasn’t to try to win the autism debate, it was to get this family the compensation they need to take care of their injured child.” They promptly won a significant award.

* An update on the Sharyl Attkisson lawsuit against federal agents for illegally spying on her while she was a CBS News investigative correspondent.


From the Mail Bag:

I get e-mails from time to time from readers of VM who are conflicted about my position toward Ukraine. I don’t know that my position matters, but I do think that it’s an opportunity to bleed the Russians white. The US Aid arrangement stank from Day One and now we know that the Democrat Party used aid as a smokescreen to fund political operations in the US with laundered funds. It’s no different than what happened in Afghanistan. US political corruption is rampant and blessed by the news media and FBI which should be investigating it.

Sending aid to Ukraine is a good thing in my opinion if and only if it’s ‘clean’. It will never be clean because the permanent administrative state that runs the US is filthy.



From StrategyPage (H/T Claudio)

Russia is desperate for some good news out of Ukraine, where Russian forces have suffered one failure after another. Sensing an opportunity, Russian forces have suffered heavy casualties trying to push Ukrainian forces out of a few key locations in the Donetsk province, which is part of Russian-occupied Donbas. Russia has been using Wagner Group mercenaries for most of the attacks because these troops are more effectively led and willing to continue making seemingly suicidal attacks on Ukrainian forces. The Ukrainian defenders are special operations troops whose orders are to inflict maximum casualties on the attacker while minimizing enemy advances and Ukrainian casualties. In return, the Russians can regularly issue press releases announcing continued advances by their troops without revealing that these advances often consist of a few meters in the general direction of the Ukrainian positions. The Russian attacks are supposed to tie down a lot of Ukrainian troops but that does not happen and it is Russia that is losing lots of its most effective troops every week without any useful gains. Some Russian pro-war Internet reporters can get away with mentioning how the “Donetsk Offensive” really works as long as they don’t do it too vividly or frequently. Ukrainian leaders offer more effusive and frequent praise for the Ukrainian defenders.

December 29, 2022: Russia fired at least 120 ballistic and cruise missiles at Ukrainian towns and cities. Air defenses shot down 66 of the missiles, most of them slower cruise missiles. This attack was directed mainly at electricity generation facilities. Most of the missiles used were obtained from Iran.

Iranian pilots and ground crews are in Russia to learn how to fly and maintain the 24 Russian Su-35 fighters that Iran is receiving from Russia. These aircraft were originally sold to Egypt but the Ukraine-related sanctions canceled that and when Russia began buying weapons from Iran they found that Iran would take modern jet fighters, like the Su-35 to pay for the weapons going to Russia.

29 thoughts on “Starting Things Off

    1. The “dropping like flies” after some period post-vax/boosted. The bought news is told to focus on the game hit. I’ll retract my statement if family says he was not vax’d…but too many young and athletic people are dying. Millions of adverse events for no reason, all of a sudden, by a condition hardly ever seen before 2020? Color me suspicious.

      1. The autopsy may reveal something, but if it turns out to be a vax-related death, you know that the results will be suppressed.

        If somebody wrote what I did (above) three years ago, you’d call them nuts, but now – with the way things are…

        1. Brother said the Bills were ALL required to get the Clot Shot/Jab/Booster(s). “Suppressed” isn’t the word I was thinking…too nice.

          Some bought coverup MD is stating it “was a hit at the exact moment of heartbeat”. I call Bravo Sierra.

          1. Would you expect them to tell the world that there was a possibility that his heart attack was from being vaxed and boosted over and over as required by the team?

          2. I don’t. They know they don’t need to admit it, obfuscation is their game with this garbage. Besides, the Aware out here in the hinterland already know the cause and don’t need their validation…for ANYTHING come to think of it.

      1. They still have a vested interest in the now failed narrative that the vax wasn’t toxic to many people.

  1. Identify the Tanks:
    1. Mine Exploder T1E3/M1 Roller
    2. Panzer 35(t)
    4. Churchill with anti-Panzerfaust screens

  2. Family to Receive $1.5 Million + in First-Ever Vaccine-Autism Court Award
    Heartening news! BTDT and still dealing with it 43 years later.

  3. Thanks for posting the DTP article. We opted out of the regiment for our children back in the 80’s and 90’s after one of our boys had a reaction, AND Mrs W did her own research. When cuts did occur in bad environments, or nails got stepped on, we did take them in for T shots. For many other reasons besides ” Mandates” we chose not to co- parent with the state and schooled them at home.

    Also, thanks for sharing the red / blue map.( In previous post). How 2 Demolition Party Congressmen are elected in AZ is still a question to be answered, true?

    1. Senators – yes, it’s a question worth asking. Sen. Senema left the democrat party and nobody is sure why. As a swing voter, she’ll rake in millions in bribes.

  4. Trust in doctors is at an all time low, and for good reason (being paid for Covid…Hmm, what could go wrong?). People need to be their own doctor first, blindly turning your health over to anyone without personal oversight is foolish. Rampant autism and weird allergies…there is something amiss. Is anyone looking at the root cause vs. just the result? 35 vax’s vs. the 6 or 8 we got? I am not anti-vax, just can’t trust these greedy evil-doers anymore.

    I’m waiting for the judge in the Attkisson lawsuit to give her attorney’s one or both go-to lines: “You have no standing.” // “You have not presented a rule of law argument.” Lake knows this as well, showcased with Hobbs laughing her way through ‘The Oath”, proving she thinks she’s in the clear.

    1. Attkisson has done remarkably well so far against long odds. I have idea where it’s going. She has written books about her experiences so far. I don’t think that they’re big sellers, but she wrote them for the public record.

  5. Funny. With tank 1 I was wondering why they put a gun on a way big tractor, haha. But with Surly’s ID the tank makes more sense.

    Sadly, the domestic extremist threat comes from our government.

    You all be safe and God bless.

  6. i don’t want to contradict you on ukraine, but i have seen footage of uke troopers deserting their post after eating the last ration of rice, being left there 15 days before by their commander. in that 15days they say they were continually shelled, standing knee deep in water with the bodies of most of their platoon rotting in the trench as they were unable to bury them. they were going to make a break for it. the trooper said he wasn’t even on the front but three layers back. i’ve read many accounts of our donated artillery being destroyed after the first fire mission by rooskie counter battery fire. fog of war and all, but the ukes admit to 100k losses. that cannot be sustained much longer. i figure the ukes get over run, or putin pushes the button by april. i pray his nukes are more accurate than his conventional.

    1. I’m not denying that the Ukrainians are suffering. That’s very evident. The question of the will to fight becomes central to continuing the war. The Russians can stop the war by going home. The Ukrainians can’t.

  7. “The great majority of medical opinion holds that vaccines don’t cause autism. ”

    Yep, it’s merely a coincidence that autism in the populace spiked as the childhood vaxx schedule balloned to over 70 shots before a child’s 18th birthday. Medical opinion also denies a link between HFCS and obesity, and the USDA “MyPlate” still heavily weights carbs as essential. Oh, and the COVID vaxxes are still officially “Safe & Effective.”

  8. I’ve read that SIDS wasn’t a problem until they started infant vaxes. The way they dealt with this problem was to eliminate how this was tracked, so it couldn’t be attributed to the vax schedules. Seems vaxes have actually been a problem since they started mass inoculations a century ago?, but since there is money to be made with big numbers of sales, no problems will be seen…

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