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In the southern climes among the peoples of the South Seas, it was perfectly normal for women to steer boats. So they were a bit confused when they saw these very pale, unhealthy-looking European men on their big, exotic-looking wooden boats because there were no women on board.

The Europeans first had to explain that they also had women in their homeland and often pointed to the galleon figures of their ships. This caused even more confusion because often these women were mermaids. There was a lot of explaining to do, because how could they explain that their women didn’t look like that if they didn’t speak the same language? The whole thing was certainly an image for the gods and probably only left more confusion.


Women on Ships (in the days of fighting sail)

The ban on women has a long tradition in great seen nations. It starts very early, already on pilgrimages. No women were allowed on ships from Genoa in the 13th century. In the 17th and 18th centuries, women in Holland, France, Hamburg, and Sweden were forbidden by law to even set foot on a ship. Only the British made an exception because the prohibition was limited to the Weiber (an unpleasant German term for women who were considered to be underclass). All others, especially the wives of the officers, were considered to be honorable women and were therefore allowed, but only for visits unless they were the older wives of the standing officers, who were also allowed to travel with the ship and look after the ship’s boys and midshipmen.

In times of war things quickly changed, but as women of the lower class who sailed with their husbands, they were classed as “not real women” and were therefore not recorded in the ships’ papers. Their services were gladly accepted, and so they worked as powder carriers, and washers or helped the surgeon in the cockpit. However, unlike the men, they were allowed to do one thing. They were allowed to go to the market twice a week and spend a few hours shopping for the crew. As the women often traveled with their husbands, they came back to them aboard and did not desert, as the men often did.

Outside wartime. women were again frowned upon; they were considered too weak, and less intelligent and were there to keep house and farm and bear children. But why were they allowed in times of war and forbidden in others? Quite simply, it was a superstition that was at play here. And believe me, this was as widespread and present as there were maggots in the ship’s biscuit – ergo extreme. Women could be witches, could cast spells on men, cause doldrums, and storms, make the ship sink, and so on.

It was thought, apart from superstition, that women seduced men and turned them against each other. They caused mutinies and chaos on board, and that had to be avoided at all costs. That’s why they were forbidden, but also because some men were probably afraid of them. For there were also women who were damn intelligent and even in the field of navigation were often superior to many men and even managed to lead the men better than their male counterparts.

So people lied until the deck beams were bent and blamed everything on the women, although it was more likely that the men couldn’t behave in the presence of women and were more likely to cause chaos.


Bullet Points:

* France Caves – clutches pearls in shock! “France now world’s biggest buyer of Russian natural gas despite Ukraine invasion”

* As always, never buy anything made in China. Don’t ever trust a democrat and NEVER leave your child alone with one. Yellow snow makes a poor snowcone.

* There has been a push for decades for automakers to install kill switches in automobiles that law enforcement could use to stop pursuits that endanger the public. It seems to be getting traction now that the police state is gaining influence.

* Did the FBI arrange to send Ray Epps (and his wife) outside of the US to hide from subpoenas, and are the US taxpayers funding this f-ing boondoggle? If Congress calls the FBI to testify, you KNOW that they will: (1) admit nothing, (2) deny everything, (3) make counter-allegations,  and if that fails will (4) produce a scapegoat. If all that fails, I expect that they’ll treat Epps the way they treated Randy Weaver’s wife. Will they bring Special Agent Lon Tomohisa Horiuchi out of retirement to do the work?  Sources close to the investigation told the Virtual Mirage Editorial Staff that Epps was outside of the US living a 5-Star lifestyle and was protected by FBI Special Agents 24/7.

* 2022 began with Elizabeth Holmes, founder of health-tech company Theranos, being found guilty of fraud. It ended with the arrest of crypto-king Sam Bankman-Fried in the Bahamas. As one technology ‘visionary’ leaves the courtroom, another arrives. It’s a nice bookend to the year, but the real problem in tech today isn’t so much fraud, but misdirection.

Cheap money gave oxygen to all kinds of poor ideas. Take house-flipping site Zillow. It bought and sold property apparently on the basis of clever algorithms. But it struggled during market lulls, leaving the company with masses of negative equity…more here – the Tech Emperor has no clothes.

* Oh, brother…





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    1. I’ve had male and female employees. Despite the assertion from the left that there is no difference between the two, there is. Leading men and women requires different approaches and styles.

  1. Woman/Ships- Israel found this out on the battlefield, albeit for different reasons but a similar dynamic: Men get distracted when the gals are onboard or in trench, we can’t help ourselves (at the least the Alpha’s). Woman who don’t understand this (or “guys” for that matter) don’t belong. It’s not chauvinistic, or – gasp! – misogynistic, it’s simply practical. But there’s no difference between the sexes, right?

    The FBI needs to be taken down to its foundation, then rebuilt. Today. Apparently “terrorist watchlists” are just that, “watched”. No action taken…but they’re “watching”. Problem with the “rebuild” demand is those running the sh–show will put it back in the same manner. Like Cali/NY people moving to Texas, AZ, or Florida, they will turn those states – potentially intentionally – into what they left, a direct result of their making…but will never understand the dynamic. A snake (weasel) remains a snake (weasel) regardless of location.

    Dr. Valerie— Good for you. Your Liberal “love” is misplaced, even if you don’t care about the life God gave you, He will judge accordingly despite Free Will to end yourself foolishly. That old joke about the minister on the rooftop as the flood waters approached:

    – “Please God save me.”
    Then a boat comes, “Climb aboard!”
    – “Thanks, but God will save me, go help someone else.”
    This repeats until the waters are up to the chimney where the minister sits, praying:
    “Please God save me.”
    Then a helicopter comes and blares, “Climb aboard, you’ll drown if you don’t!””.
    – No, no, God will save me, go help someone else.”

    The minister drowns of course.

    He’s at the Pearly Gates and asks God, “Why didn’t you save me.”
    God answers:

    “What else did you want, I sent you two boats and a helicopter!”

    Can’t fix the willfully moronic.

    1. They are people just clever enough to learn a stupid idea, but not clever enough to see that it is stupid.

      1. Seems to be a lot of those running around these days, wounder of the mRNA Jab has anything to do with, or maybe it’s subliminal messaging through idiotic shows and th MSM (‘Mmmmust go buy toilet paper…the government is telling me the trrruthhh.” “I neeeed a bbboosterr.” Oy!). Same “cleverness charade” in our Capitol. McCarthy – aka The Putz – loses by 2 votes. Gaetz eviscerates him to his face then nominates Jim Jordan (much netter choice)…but the Swamp Rats will continue voting and re-voting until they get “their guy”, a total useless sack of….Ahh, never mind. Need to find out who owns Ol’ Kev.

  2. US Healthcare cartoon is wildly off base. No one is denied medical care. Hell, we treat persons who clearly cannot pay, and have never previously contributed to the US system. (This, plus CYA medicine because of frivolous litigation, is one major reason everything costs so much. That $80 bill for the aspirin tablet you got as an inpatient is because for each person with decent insurance, you’re subsidizing a bunch of people with nothing. The system is a) bullshit, b) broken.)

    Now I am reliably informed that “no treatment unless you can pay upfront” is the norm in many countries, including advanced ones such as the ROK.

    While I’m going on about medicine, @SolNataMD is an argument against FMGs (foreign medical grads; there’s a newer, more politically correct term, but I can’t remember it). Apparently she did med school in Siberia. (And I won’t stoop to questioning a prior discussion on the unreasonable hotness of Siberian girls. Oops, I guess I did. Je suis désolé. Lo siento. Mea culpa. Duì bù qǐ. Nah, not really.)

    1. Resorting to past experiences with Soviet Block Airlines (not just Aeroflot), the air hostesses in first class were all supermodel class beautiful. I don’t know what it’s like today. Singapore Airlines in the modern world has exceptionally attractive flight attendants in the forward cabin.

  3. “The ban on women has a long tradition in great seen nations.” Seen? Do you dictate your blogs? Just curious…

    1. No, I don’t dictate it, but sometimes it’s 2 am. My business takes place in Europe and Asia so 2 am… sorry for the error, there are many. I’ll fix it.

      I keep bankers hours (US Mountain Standard Time) and then the phone rings at midnight and I’m up for several hours. Then I go to sleep until the sun peaks over the horizon.

        1. I was just curious, I’ve seen other authors talking of using the voice software. I’m not enough of a story teller to even think of something like that.

  4. The doctor’s comment reminds me of the road to Hell. With the reactions to the jab, she might find the trip shorter than anticipated. At that time, maybe she’ll have a moment of clarity and renounce her ignorance.

  5. when i was in units that had females, half my time was spent looking for my guys. they were busy trying to get in the females’ pants. then there was the lesbian in-fighting drama. just too much drama needlessly. another female nco asked me if i was gay because i didn’t join the drama. i told her “no, i’m just disgusted by the behavior of both the men and the women.” got my jollies in budapest instead, lol.

    1. We need not discuss the women of Hungary, or of Eastern Europe here on this blog. I do have two words on the subject: Melania Knavs (Melania Trump)

    1. She had sweethearts aplenty, and men of high degree
      But none but Jack the sailor, her true love there could be

      Based on a true story – or stories.

  6. The Ray Epps saga would make a great book. A tradgedy, of course. (For the Republic) What are the odds of ‘falls from hotel window’?

    1. I vote for a hit and run traffic accident or a robbery gone wrong in the Third World. Likely, nobody would ID the carcass.

  7. Yeah, Epps will suddenly be a victim of Arkanside… Re men/women in the workplace, definitely takes two DIFFERENT styles of leadership… sigh

  8. “It was thought, apart from superstition, that women seduced men and turned them against each other. They caused mutinies and chaos on board, and that had to be avoided at all costs.”

    I’m sure I’m not the only reader here who experienced that on forward deployments in the past five decades.

    1. Best to avoid the clearing barrels. 8-10 on deployment=4-6 at home. (Desert Fox, Desert Queen, etc.)

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