Cry Havoc, and let slip the frogs of war!

The Navy now has a new and unsanctioned Stingray version of the Gadsen Flag for those of you who may be interested. I’m not selling them. They’re just out there. Now flying at the White Wolf Mine.

There is also the first Navy Jack.

One signal that Commodore Esek Hopkins issued for the Continental Navy in the fall of 1775 was to fly a striped Jack and Ensign with thirteen alternating red and white stripes at their proper places. The rattlesnake was added as it had long been a symbol of resistance to the repressive acts of the British in colonial America.

As of 2019 – The Navy’s current maritime flag, the First Navy Jack, features red and white stripes with a rattlesnake and the words “Don’t Tread On Me.” As the commissioned ship with the longest total period in active status, the USS Blue Ridge will become the only warship authorized to fly the First Navy Jack.

Critics of the Gadsden Flag, designed by Christopher Gadsden in 1775 and more recently used as a rallying image for patriotic groups makes its display racially insensitive. The stingray flag shouldn’t tread on anyone’s claim of victimhood.



Bullet Points:

** “The FBI was not only involved in the actions on January 6 from within. They had, I suspect, over 200 agents embedded within the crowd, including agents or, as they would call, human assets inside the Capitol dressed as Trump supporters before the doors were opened,” Higgins told Newsmax.

** Ukraine War – h/t Claudio – Russia is pulling air defense systems from its western exclave of Kaliningrad, indicating Moscow is struggling to weather the toll of its ongoing war in Ukraine, according to a Sunday assessment from the British Defense Ministry.

The Kremlin has likely moved a number of strategic air defense systems from its Baltic Sea base at Kaliningrad to the current front lines in Ukraine to “backfill recent losses,” the British Defense Ministry wrote in its latest update.

“As its most westerly outpost and bordered on three sides by NATO [North Atlantic Treaty Organization] member states, Russia sees Kaliningrad as one of its most strategically sensitive regions,” the ministry added.

** Nakatomi Plaza Christmas Party, 1988 — Memorable.


In Guyana

Venezuela has laid claim to the Essequibo ever since it gained independence from Spain in 1811. That was renewed by yesterday’s referendum, wherein the Venezuelan public ratified military intervention and annexation.

Inhabited by 120,000 of Guyana’s 800,000 people, the region is a largely impenetrable jungle but has large reserves of oil, gold, and copper. Now, Venezuela planning to annex more than half of Guyana. The communist government has also released a series of highly polished campaign videos of Venezuelan children playing in the lush forests and cascading waterfalls and an official song, The Essequibo is Ours.

Note that Guyana and French Guyana are two separate countries, and Suriname is wedged between them. The Venezuelan military far outnumbers and outclasses the Guyana Defense Force.

Rumor has it that elements of the Seventh Special Forces Group are on the ground. Whether they’d be used as a tripwire for US involvement remains to be seen.

The relationship between USGOV and Guyana has improved over the past decade. At the same time, there is a long-standing cordiality between the Venezuelan communists and the Biden Regime in the USA – and the Obamanation before it.

3e Régiment étranger d’infanterie (3e REI), an infantry regiment of the Foreign Legion in the French Army is stationed in French Guiana. Its mission includes the protection of the Centre Spatial Guyanais, a European Space Agency (ESA) facility. They’re quietly being reinforced.


Christmas Gift Idea

HSC-8 Loosefoot 616

On August 31st, 2021, “Loosefoot 616”, an MH-60S helicopter operating off the coast of San Diego, California, was lost along with five of her crew members. They were exceptional members of the Helicopter Sea Combat – Eight (HSC-8) “Eightballers” squadron.  Profits from sales of t-shirts go to the families. I realize that they were lost 2 1/2 years ago, but I was approached because of a family need and am putting this out there for your consideration. Buy a shirt, give a gift, and do some good. more here. Thank you.


Identify the SPA


Identify the Tank


Identify the Aircraft



  1. (1) Geeze, no idea. It looks almost like this mortar carrier was made out of an M3 Grant/Lee… I’m guessing it’s Indian, considering the other two.

    (2) Arjun MBT
    (3) Tejas LCA.

    – Kle.

    • Okay, looked it up but will not say.

      I will give the hints that it isn’t Indian, and it;s on a Sherman hull, not a Grant/Lee.

      – Kle.

  2. IDSPA:
    1. Makmat 160 mm mortar vehicle
    1. Arjun Mk-1
    1. HAL Tejas Indian single engine, delta wing, light multirole fighter.

  3. I read this a lot.
    “However, no one has been charged with insurrection, and the only person killed that day was an unarmed Trump supporter.” They mean ashli babbit.
    Rosanne Boyland was also killed.

    • I agree with you Ed. What happened in Minneapolis to the police station would warrant an insurrection charge on all of the people involved. It’s propaganda warfare. Extreme left is using insurrection charges because they know most of the American public has no idea what that even is and the history behind it. Ashley Babbitt is a case of Stone Cold targeted assassination. I’ve seen the original video and all of its angles. Black officer shooting a white non threat female is absolutely repulsive! If the tables were turned right. One angle you can see where he waits for the three officers to turn their backs and walk away as if it were scripted then pops around in your chest. They not only protected him and put them up on Andrew’s Air Force Base but they also promoted him. I’m going to stop now. Roseanne boyland is another like you said. The depths of their depravity have no bounds whatsoever when it comes to our constitutional rights and amendments. They don’t bend them as far as they can they just straight up break them with impunity. They are terrified because they know what’s coming if djt gets back in office. End of rant. Going to listen to cradle of Filth now. Maybe some Slayer or hate breed.

      • This:

        Free to watch as Liz Collin – an actual professional journalist- wanted everyone to see the truth that got buried by the DA, Mayor, Governor, Police Chief, and Judge. The rest, as we know because it doesn’t take a genius to know what happened, was and continues to be a distraction PsyOp.

        The thing that frosts real Americans is the fact those that can refuse to excise the rot, also refusing to even discuss, let alone releasing, every single J6 Political Prisoner…who should be paid full restitution to right this travesty of injustice. Instead the feckless weaklings running our ship into the abyss “appropriate” (aka steal) our money and send it to Ukraine and Iran.

        Joe Biden and His Handlers are the scummiest of criminals in nice suits and should be tarred & feathered then run out of town on a rail…oh…and all their ill-gotten assets seized. Better yet they should be tried for treason and/or sedition. And that bum Byrd…Life Sentence, zero parole.

        81 million votes my a$$…a 3rd Grader eating paste glue could see the cheating merely by the resulting chaos.

        Rant over.

        • i’m sure they have 150 million votes this time, already filled out and stacked in semi’s ready to go. no matter that there are only 150 million voters, ignore that triva.

          • Exactly. Data, like the California-Florida tax deal above, doesn’t lie. Yet Newsom couldn’t tell the truth with a Chinesium App on a billboard, stating to the viewers (all 23 of them) how his residents are taxed less than Desantis’. Uh…no they are not you creep.

            Hubris couple to narcissism is the snake in a fuzzy rabbit suit these type employ (or deploy). Problem is far too many people believe the lie…because he has good hair and is handsome, totally forgetting to look at their dwindling bank accounts and soft slavery to him and his pals. Gag me with a pitchfork.

          • Pedo Joe (hiding in his bunker) claimed 81 million votes. That may have been the case, but 81 million voters didn’t cast them.

          • Paul. as you know, repeat the lie often enough, and it magically becomes the truth. Like Chico said: “Who ya gonna believe, me or your own lying eyes?”.

          • Stalin managed 100% turnout with all votes going to him. Look like pestilent biden has a goal.

            Regarding the new Navy Gadsen flag, the Irwins might not approve.

  4. Is that Indian Arjun mk-1 something still in use? Looks like a POS with those road wheels all missing big chunks out of them. And the paint job… jeez.


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