Living in the Ponderosa Pines

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They’re calling it the “Tinder Fire“, and it is threatening the White Wolf Mine. The area has been evacuated.

The project is insured, but I’d be sad if the hovel burned. The metal roof was scheduled to go on the place this coming week, but it won’t if the place is destroyed or if the road closures remain in effect.
Rain is forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday. I can only hope that the rain finishes stopping the embers. 
High winds today prevented aircraft from dropping retardant onto the fire.

23 thoughts on “Living in the Ponderosa Pines

  1. Hope your hovel, and the other residences in the area, escape the fire.

    Fire is part of the Ponderosa Pine life cycle. The cones need the heat of a fire to open and the seeds fall out.

  2. Fingers crossed and prayers sent.

    The area where the kids' parents live burned 6 years ago, and a fire in a pine forest can be incredibly hot. One of their Subarus had the block melt and puddle under the car.

    Be safe, LL……

  3. I understand.

    At the same time the whole circle of life doctrine does get in the way of getting the shack finished.

  4. Wow, best of luck LL. If you've got insurance then if the worst happens, you're just delayed for a while. Keep us posted.

  5. Fires are part of life in the west. I have been fortunate to not be directly affected. Prayers sent, and stay safe!

  6. Yes, I have insurance, and have direct contact with local fire authority people. The report of structures lost includes structures in the general vicinity of my place, so it's close. At 3:00 am as it is as I type this, there is no way of knowing what tomorrow will bring. My sense is that if we can make it through Monday and Tuesday until the predicted rain comes, we'll make it.

    As soon as I found out where the blaze started, and knowing the prevailing winds, I realized that the house, such as it is at the moment, was directly in the path of the fire.

  7. It's one of the risks one runs living in the Ponderosas. The good news is that once the area burns, it's unlikely to burn again soon.

  8. Thank you, Cube. Yes, everyone is safe. As I commented to CW, above, the place is under construction, and it's insured. Worst case, there is some fire damage and it delays completion of the project.

  9. Well, that sucks. I was thinking that you were on clear creek west of the reservoir, not east. Hope that the firefighters can hold it away from the building site.

  10. Wow. Fires caused a lot of damage in my province in the last few years. I hope your place survives.

  11. The rangers haven't updated the fire website since this morning, so it's difficult for me to say much more at the moment (2:30 pm). I hope so too.

  12. This might be more common than you think. I truly hope not, but living off the grid does present problems. I believe it is worth it, though. Prayers sent, good vibes also sent and some varmint sacrifices made for your property's safety.

  13. Thanks, John. As of last night, the fire area grew. Four homes near the White Wolf Mine were destroyed. There are some summer cabins a couple miles away and 22 of them were destroyed. As of now and the latest information that I have, we're still okay.

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