Russia and the Chinese Plague

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Russia is having a delayed reaction to the Chinese Plague. Maybe it will cause them to rethink their new “special relationship” with China. The headlines run like this:

Russia suffers record coronavirus rise in cases as Moscow mayor says…

…he has enough beds for two weeks but cannot make promises beyond this – despite giant new 800 bed hospital (designed to quarantine plague victims).

As I’ve previously stated on this blog, Russia has a MASSIVE problem with pre-existing conditions including a vast problem with tuberculosis, COPD, and a number of pulmonary illness, that make the plague lethal. They’ve experienced 4,785 new cases in Moscow, bringing their total to 36,793. The death toll is 313, but it will go much higher.

More thoughts on Russia and China

Some readers have e-mailed me in the past, suggesting that I’m soft on Russia. And I am. The Democrat Party’s stock in trade is blaming Russia for all America’s ills (when it comes to China – crickets) is absurd. The American clandestine service has influenced many more elections over the past forty years than the KGB was even close to doing. And that doesn’t bother me. At some point you have to ask yourself:

Who bribes more US politicians, Saudi Arabia and China or Russia? Who is our real enemy?

Russia is a regional power that exists over nine time zones. They only have one cash export (which must be made in US dollars), and that is oil, currently trading at $18.27 (WTI). Brent Crude is trading at $28.08. So they have big financial problems. During the winter, most of the country can only be accessed by rail and the roads outside of metropolitan areas are sketchy even in the summer. Their naval strength is in submarines is roughly two dozen nuclear attack submarines and about a dozen diesel powered attack submarines. They also have a strategic rocket defense capability and a small professional army.

Russia is also a Christian nation, poised to celebrate Easter this Sunday (different than the date recognized by the “Western Church”). China, to the contrary, is an atheist state. Russia is not a communist country. China is.

I’ve often said that the US has a lot more in common with Russia (as opposed to the USSR) than we have differences. We need to work with Russia, each with our own agendas of course, to the extent possible. The Democrats don’t want that. Ask yourself why. China has a vested interest in keeping the US and Russia at odds with each other. And before you bring up Ukraine, ask yourself how many filthy US politicians and their offspring have their hands in the Ukranian treasury? You always need to look a little deeper don’t you?

Communist China is not a friend of the US (or Russia). Then again, there are a lot of politicians in the USA who are not friends of America either.

Or as Nancy Pelosi would tell you, “LET THEM EAT ICE CREAM!

12 thoughts on “Russia and the Chinese Plague

  1. Larry,, do you see a lot of countries break ties with China over this beer virus and the subterfuge that has accomplish it? I have thought we had more in common with Russia then even most European countries. Another thought I had is to help Russia with it’s infrastructure. Bring it into par with us, alongside updating and strengthening our infrastructure.

    1. Russia has endemic corruption. It’s difficult to work on site with that situation. It’s true that they are trying to fix it but it’s baked in deeper than it is in China. Say what you want about President Xi, he has done a great deal internally to reduce the corruption inside of China during his tenure.

      Japan is the world’s third largest economy and it has broken manufacturing ties with China. It is building aircraft carriers for the coming war with China. The US will clearly change business practices regarding China moving forward. That’s a certainty. Europe will follow suit as will the UK. I think that every time Boris takes a breath from now on that he’ll think of the bioweapons lab in Wuhan.

      Russia can’t compete with the US. The USSR (much larger) couldn’t compete with the US. They have problems that are difficult for us to grasp that make that true. However, we can cooperate on matters of mutual interest. Russia wants to extend its influence into Europe through an energy monopoly. The US/Canada has to decide whether to compete (sub-atlantic natural gas pipeline(s) or not. The matters have trillions of dollars hanging in the balance. What if we backed off and Russia agreed not to sell to China? The Saudi Royal Family all have COVID-19. They might agree not to sell to the Chinese either. Iran (scum that they are) is suffering from the Chinese Plague as well.

      The world will be a different place.

  2. I had not heard much about the virus and Russia in the news. Thanks for the update.

    And this new design lets me share your blog on faceless book. Nice!
    Now if I could just get notification of comments after I post..

    1. I know…I know…

      Working on it LindaG. This software environment/structure is very different from the last one.

  3. I’m with you on this, LL. Russia has a lot more in common with the US than the media would lead us to believe. They celebrate Christmas and Easter, and most of the country has Christmas trees in their living rooms during the holidays. They are every bit as much a part of what we call Western Civilization as we are.

    I guess you could say I am soft on Russia as well.

    1. Russia is largely European, even though the Eagle has two heads looking East and West. Russians also share our sense of humor to a far greater degree than the 1.4 billion people on mainland China.

    1. Yes. I understand. I was on the American roster during the Cold War, and we fought the USSR. Russia is not the USSR. Certainly elements exist in common with the old USSR, but their teeth were pulled. The CIA emptied the entire intelligence archive of the USSR. Some of it was shared with MI-6 and the French DGSE, but we won. Russia knows that.

      Putin is popular in Russia. I had dealings there at one point and recall a Russian person asking me what I thought of Putin. I said, “He’s a nationalist. He loves Russia. He’s a man, not a coward. He’s a Christian. (I knew his confessor at the time in the Russian Church)” The person said, “That’s why we vote for him.”

      Putin is an oligarch. So what? He acts in Russia’s best interest. That’s what he should do.

      The Russians poked a lot of fun at the weak, metrosexual, mulatto, and frankly, so did I. America chose a weak, timid, intellectually dim president.

      They don’t poke fun at President Trump.

    1. You’re welcome, Brig. I’ll try and keep y’all up to date. At least you get one more perspective when you read this blog for what it’s worth.

  4. “Who bribes more US politicians, Saudi Arabia and China or Russia? Who is our real enemy?”

    Hey, you’ve applied that razor sharp kukri right to the point. X Ring.

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