Spend your Last Days in BLOODY MEXICO

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They found the body of Edelmiro Cavazos on a dirt road on the outskirts of Santiago, a popular tourist spot near Monterrey, Mexico. The 38-year-old, U.S.-educated mayor of Santiago had been shot execution-style, hands tied behind his back, head bound with tape.

Cavazos, was the fifth of nine Mexican mayors gunned down in the past two years.
More people are dying each day from the bullets and bombs of drug traffickers in their country than are being killed in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined.
In the border city of Juarez, the epicenter of the violence, 60 residents were gunned down between Friday and Monday. Drug gangs have resorted to car bombs, kidnappings and have even blockaded wealthy neighborhoods of Monterrey in spectacular displays of force.
The escalating carnage is a direct result of Calderon’s decision, shortly after his election in 2006, to station 45,000 soldiers and police on the country’s streets to combat the cartels. Calderon’s military surge has been backed by more than $1.2 billion in drug war aid from former President Bush, and by several hundred million more from the Obama administration under the rubric of the Merida Initiative.
Some Americans still consider retiring in Bloody Mexico. 
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6 thoughts on “Spend your Last Days in BLOODY MEXICO

  1. My brother's ex has a place in Baja. I don't get it. She insists there's no problem there. I think, NOT YET

  2. LA – Cabo (Baja Sur State) is completely dominated by El Mayo's faction of the Sinaloa Federation so there are no gunfights in the street. If Mayo and Chapo ever split over control of the Sinaloa Federation, it will be a bloodbath in Cabo.

    In Baja Norte State the Sinaloa Federation and the Arellano Felix Cartels are at peace at the moment. It doesn't mean that there aren't any dead bodies on the streets – it just means that there aren't as MANY. All that can change in a New York Minute.

  3. Euphemistically I don’t see the downside of this. For everyone that goes down, it’s one less to swim the Big River or the night walk into the US.

  4. A minefield and fence are needed more than ever. Soon, we may have to have martial law return to our southern border ala 1915.

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