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I’ve had a few things occupying my attention, not the least of which has been the welfare of hovel at the White Wolf Mine in Arizona – still threatened by the Tinder Fire, currently burning in the Central Arizona highlands. 
In addition to that I have been offered a partnership in a company in China, still have work in Latin America that involves travel there and the inevitable and insatiable need of USGOV for services that they’re not fully willing to pay for.
Some other things to consider:
Golden Arches Theory

The Golden Arches Theory of Conflict Prevention holds that no two nations that have McDonalds restaurants within their borders have gone to war. 

Of course, there are a lot of nay-sayers when it comes to this theory, but I think that there’s something to it. 

There are a TON of McDonald’s franchises in South Korea (Republic of Korea) but none in North Korea (DPRK). One potential peace dividend on the Korean Peninsula may be that the Norks will get their first McDonalds. Will that lead to peace? You be the judge.

Kanye West

It’s fun to watch liberal heads explode.

Will Germany Survive?

I know that the nation suffers from low birth numbers to replace the existing population, but is importing 1 million military age male savages the answer?

While it’s illegal to speculate on the scourge of Islam in places like the UK, I don’t live there, so I can speculate…and it’s not an encouraging scenario. 

The German government is trying everything that they can to shield their own people from the awful truth of what they have done. And irrespective of how appealing the “ostrich maneuver” of hiding your head in the sand is – it’s a losing strategy.

 This graphic is illustrative.

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  1. To the last picture a comment these days are that since Facebook arrived drivers do not tend to stop since they believe the person give likes to the cars.

    In Germany they are kind of disappointed since Constantin Schreibers book Inside Islam was published. He was quite a hero since he spoke native tongue after living in Syria so he was used to welcome muslim immigrants to Germany. But then he started to spend some time in the Mosques and wrote a book about what the message was. In short the muslims are here to conquer and they are superior. So now Constantin Schreiber is not a hero anymore.

  2. Sometimes I stop at the Godlen Arches on the way to the range for a couple of dollar "cheeseburgers." They're nothing like a cheeseburger but it's become a tradition.

    Will the Europeans wake up to Islam? Probably not before things get really nasty. Sorry, but I don't see how the lib elite NWO experiment with the religion of peace ends well.

    Still, Hungary and a few others get it.

    Remove Kebab.

  3. Good to hear the White Wolf is still untouched. We'll be adding to the prayers headed your way.

    Wildfires are pretty much ubiquitous once you get out of the dense cities. We have them here on the other side of the country in our dry season (now). My area has grown up enough in the 35 years I've been here that they don't threaten the house anymore, but there were one or two nervous moments years ago.

    Re: the potential work in China, of course I'm conditioned by the work I did and I'm sure that's different, but traveling there is a hassle, the time differences if you need to check in with a home office are a hassle, and they will steal your ideas in no time.

    Finally, re: Germany, I think they're gone within the next 20 years, and I think this century will see the end of Europe. It's written in the population demographics.

  4. Imagine the Louvre and the Uffizi in the hands of the statue busters. I hope the curators of the museums of Europe have contingency plans- it would be a shame to lose the entire artistic history of the west to vandalism.

  5. I frankly like kebab. But Greeks make it better than Arabs in my experience. I have no problem with allowing Greeks to immigrate.

  6. Vandalism started a long time ago with the Vandals. We could build a version of the Louvre in the US – maybe at President Trump's library. Ship everything there.

  7. Been to China many times and I echo your experience. I haven't said yes and they're flying here to pitch me next week. It all depends on the offer.

  8. The government not willing to pay? Surely you jest! Why, if you had invented a metric pipe wrench or a left handed screwdriver, they would have paid you millions for a dozen or so. You should insist that NO DOUGH-NO GO. As for the German people, I believe that in a few years they will feel what the Jews felt in the 30’s and 40’s.

  9. Will it do them any good to wake up? Do they have enough guns to drive the Muslims out?

    We just need to keep it from happening here, for now.

    Be safe when you travel!

  10. Hmmmm….fatten the Norks up on Mickey Dee's and turn them slovenly? Interesting 'peace proposal'.

    Yes, fires are a way of life away from the big city, something we had driven home 6 years ago when the fires out here ripped through Rist Canyon and Poudre Canyon. Our future in-laws lost the three houses they'd built for the kids, the shop, and 90% of his heavy equipment.

    I lived in the Middle East for a while. By and large, they hate Western Civilization. The educated professionals I worked with were decent, seemingly civilized people, but the average person in the streets hates our guts. Too bad about Germany and most of Europe. I'll continue to pray we can save England, but it looks grim there, too.

  11. Hoping the hovel survives. Interesting point on the Golden Arches too! :-)

  12. It's not guns and bullets to remove the Muslims. It's a matter of will with the Europeans. It's a matter of "what will Europe look like in 50 years?" You and I are likely not going to be around to see it, LindaG.

  13. I did invent the metric crescent wrench…

    Moving on, I think that the German people will wake up one day to find they're under the rule of the caliphate – and then the fun and games will really begin (as you suggest).

  14. A lot of the area around the White Wolf Mine was burned severely but the house and the view from the deck is the same now as it was before. We were granted a reprieve from the fire. However it was a close run thing. All around us it was scorched. In two directions from the hovel it came within 100 yards, which is VERY close when we're talking wildfire.

  15. England's future is in England's hands – and it doesn't look as if its trending well.

    We have several pieces of heavy equipment there on the property and the excavator couldn't get it off during the fire. It's snowing up there now – and it will be 80 degrees on the weekend. This will be the end of the equinox weather and now on to summer. However, I can say that I'm glad that it's snowing today. I'll take the snow to blanket the fire, clear the smoke from the air and put some moisture into what has been a very dry year for AZ so far. The dry and relatively warm winter has been good for the project, but as witnessed by the fire, it really dried out the forest.

    With the burned out areas all around, it is unlikely that we'll have another fire in the area anytime soon.

    As you know, there are essentially two kinds of fires. Ground fires eat up the tinder and crown fires eat up the trees. This was almost completely a ground fire so the brush was burned and the trees are fine.

  16. Yes, the hovel made it!

    Soon the Norks will be fattened up by Western Imperialism and they'll all look like Dear Leader instead of scarecrows.

  17. Too close. Very glad to hear that the hovel is okay.
    Prayer works, praise the Lord!

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