BLOODY MEXICO: The Antidote for Civilization

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This is how things work in Western Mexico:

The Beltran Leyva Organization (cartel) needs to put pressure on their rival cartel, the Sinaloa Federation. Both cartels call Sinaloa State home – – but the BLO has lost ground steadily. To balance the books, the BLO forges an alliance with Los Zetas, a cartel of sorts – some of the time, and a paramilitary force at other times.
The captioned photo was taken by the Mexican Army when they raided one (of many) arsenal 
belonging to Los Zetas. The uniform and emblematic patch worn belongs to the Zetas. They 
are not all uniformed, but when they are, that’s what it looks like.
The Zetas originated with a core group of Mexican Army Special Forces troops who decided that they could make more money as narcotics enforcers than they could serving under the Mexican flag.
The Zetas then go into small villages and recruit young boys (ages about 14-18) to go to work for them. The training is rudimentary with “spray and pray”– point the machine gun toward the enemy and pull the trigger —  being the fundamental doctrine. US Intelligence analysts call them Zetitas and they’ve shown up in the US as well – primarily in Texas. They don’t use sophisticated tactics. They ride in trucks and advance to contact. Where contact takes place with a rival group, they dismount the trucks and fire.
Los Zetas’ rocket propelled grenade launchers and .50 caliber sniper rifles.
There have been massacres as far north as Hermosillo and as far south as Los Mochis where the forces of the Beltrans and the Federation have met in Sonora and northern Sinaloa State, across the Sea of Cortez from Cabo San Lucas.
The bodies have been clearered away in the photo above – all that’s required now is 
a washdown and the tourists can return as if nothing happened!
Consider your next Mexican vacation — definitely the antidote for civilization…
The mainstream media flocks to unrest in Egypt – but ignores Mexico where more people are killed every day in the ongoing drug wars than are killed in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. I wonder if that’s an extension of Obama Administration policy where illegal aliens are quietly spoken of as undocumented Democrats?

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  1. Esto no es narcotarfico..

    esto es un mundo enfermo de poder…comandado por el dinero…. tristemente.

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