Solidarity against the Turks

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Greece’s Kathimerini newspaper reported on Tuesday that authorities in Poland and Austria have reached an agreement with their Greek counterparts to send a significant number of policemen to assist in the guarding of the border at Evros.
A hoard of military age Mohammedan Turks waiting to cross into Greece and
establish the new caliphate there. The Greeks would rather they not come in.

The report suggests that Poland has made the decision to send more than a hundred men from its police force’s special units — and is ready to send many more if Athens requests it.

Turkish President-for-life and Sultan, Recep Tayyip Erdogan continued making provocative statements against Greece and its armed forces on Tuesday.

Quoted by Turkey’s Daily Sabah newspaper, Erdogan said that ”Mitsotakis needs to look at the universal declaration of human rights. They (the Greeks) need to know and accept that their treatment at the border is murderous. We will expose again the pictures of refugees stripped of their clothes this year at the UN General Assembly.”

The moves by Austria and Poland are helpful but they are also symbolic, and sometimes the symbolism and statements of international support are very useful in the game of brinksmanship that the Turks are playing, using turks who would immigrate/invade Greece as pawns in a larger move.

I have no idea whether or not the Greeks will take up the suggestion to form a battalion of Ghurkas to augment their border troops. The Chinese Plague hit in the midst of negotiations. We’ll have to wait for the dust to settle. Greece is locked down just as hard as Italy is as they hope to avoid the “Italian Scenario”.

Some have suggested as a humanitarian move that they distribute blankets (sneezed on) to the Turkish refugees. It’s a move with its roots in history.

18 thoughts on “Solidarity against the Turks

  1. The Sultan is outraged. Which puts a smile on my face. I don't have a problem with Turks in general, but a, none too fond of the Sultan.

  2. Yep, the brinksmanship MAY get out of hand this time… Edragon may have overstepped a bit with this one…

  3. I still think pig roasts and bacon cook offs along the boarder would help. Might I tweak the idea by suggesting the Greeks line the boarder with wuhan virus positive Italians in camps of equal size to the Turks. The Italians can eat the yummy food and sneeze/cough to the east.

  4. The more nations that send people – even a few dozen, the more it weakens the Sultan's hand.

  5. Turkey closes its borders with Bulgaria and Greece because of the China Virus. Well done Austria, Poland and potentially Nepal.

    Let's see the Sultan put back in his box.

  6. I remember the good ol' days: when I was a non-commissioned officer in the US Army in W. Germany, and was helping one of my subordinates find an apartment 'on the economy' (off base), I heard more than once after talking with landlords locally that they didn't rent to Americans or Turks. Yes, I talked with them, as I spoke German; badly, but I could be understood.

    I kind of felt a kinship with Turks at the time: we were both hated by the Germans. Circa 1981.

  7. Convert a few C-130s to cropdusters and spray them all down with pig fat. Cut it with gasoline to make it flow better.


  8. The Sultan needs to call his hoards back. However with the current Chinese Plague situation, dare he? How many of the millions of military age male Muslims are infected? We don't hear much about that from Turkey, but they could end up like Iran.

  9. The Germans were never particularly appreciative of the people who held back the Soviets on their behalf. And there were a LOT of Turks in Germany circa 1981. Still more today. And then there are the millions of single, military age, unemployed Syrians that the are host to.

  10. They've been spraying pig urine from tanks hauled by tractors on Turks trying to breach the border fences. The Greeks need taller and more robust walls…big, beautiful, walls….with more pig urine.

  11. A solid combination if you want to do serious damage. I like CBU's but that's me. I also like napalm, though.

    And when we're discussing snake eyes, now that they have kits that make them smart bombs, they are most deadly. B-52's can release them from altitude and each one finds the particular geocord where it is wanted. Accurate overhead artillery….a beautiful thing.

  12. I heard that Germans were more accommodating for USAF or Navy (though not many sailors were stationed there — other than NSGA at Augsburg, they'd have been few and far between) than for Army. That's only 30-40 year old word of mouth reports, though.

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