The national narrative being put forward by the Obama people, with Jo/Ho as figureheads disturb a majority of Americans if the polling is accurate. Progressives characterize people like us as “low information” a combination of white privilege (whether or not you’re white) and transphobia led to a diminished capacity for reasoned thought. The solution, of course, is re-education – forced or otherwise and systemic indoctrination of America’s youth into this Orwellian utopia, that’s just around the corner.

Brandon, the Imperator

When you look at what leftists have proven willing to do, one can only opine what normal America may have to do to balance the scales.

It may be that this is the root of the unease settling upon much of the American population. It isn’t confusion and it isn’t merely fear. It certainly features elements of disbelief, but that is part and parcel of making the shift from “normalcy bias,” which permits us to be reasonable in the face of uncertainty and also permits us to be certain in unreasonable times.

These are very unreasonable times.


It’s a long way to go.

RockOfCashel in County Tipperary


12 China Views


Identify the Tank

Yes, this tank is easily recognizable. It is one of those iconic period behemoths. It’s even more recognizable in a full-frontal photo (below).


Are you not Entertained?

Gladiator 2, the sequel, is on track. The script is finished, talent was attached and Ridley Scott will make the feature film.

The sequel will follow Lucius, the young noble-born boy (maybe Maximus’ son) in the 2000 film.

Russell Crowe will play a role in the film even though he died at the conclusion of Gladiator. It’s Hollywood. I enjoyed the first film and I expect that I will enjoy this one too.


  1. 120 mm Gun Tank M103 ‘CHURCHILL’. The last of the American ‘heavy’ tanks. It was the successor of the ‘Heavy Tank T32’. It is interesting to see that the infatuation with gigantism which began in German tank designs and then spread to the Soviet super-tanks was not halted in the design bureaus and tank forges of the USA.
    Thank you for this challenge — I did not think that I would see this leviathan ever again.

        • I just happened to be in the office and at the computer when the newest instalment of your magnificent blog came out.
          Of course I jumped on the mystery tank faster than a Democrat steals an election and your money; and I was lucky enough to be first among the usual suspects.
          Dead give-aways were the whole track system, especially so the characteristic US rear drive wheel/sprocket and the track pads; as well as the shape of the turret: all this immediately identified it as an US tank. The rest was a matter between Jane’s, the ‘Panzererkennungsblätter’ (armor identification sheets, digital version) and me.
          Glück muß der Mensch haben.

  2. M-103.

    Woo! 120mm main gun in, like, the 1950s or some crap. Required 2 loaders in the crew, IIRC, for separate ammo. Semper Fi.

    Re: China maps. I very much like Normal Speech / Incomprehensible / Pirates. I’d always heard that the Cantonese were the Scots of China. WTF is numbing spice, and “sa jiao” ?

    Re: Gladiator. Hopefully they can get through the production w/o some actor “accidentally” stabbing a camera operator to death with a prop gladius. Not holding my breath.


    • G2…excellent, a little entertainment is needed. Hopefully the sequel will be as compelling as G1. Still waiting for TG-Maverick, supposed to be this weekend. Will we go to a theater or wait for the rental or DVD? Cross that bridge, helps there’s a good venue in Laramie as Fort Collins is still requiring face-diapers so they’re on my no-go list.

        • I will make a trip to the theater to see TG Maverick. The same will be true of G-2. Some movies are made for the big screen. I have a really big TV at the White Wolf Mine, but it’s not the same.

          • Us too, for the same reasons…but in Laramie. Then we’ll get the disks to watch at home on the semi-big screen. Studio Theater is a nice venue, seat reservations, recliners, and good popcorn WITH coconut oil and lots of butter.

          • MRSLL and I used to go to the movies for date night pre-plague. Dinner, movie, getting out. The plague stopped all that and I’m willing to go back (yes, the snacks are good) but there must be something to go back FOR. Slasher movies, coming-of-age movies, gender confusion movies, karate films, and lonely hearts flicks do not incentivize me.

          • I really disliked Gladiator. Way too many historical and geographical problems for my taste. That is a side effect of being a history major, I suppose. I don’t begrudge other folks liking such movies, and there’s a lot to be said for the cinematography, story, and acting in Gladiator… but I find myself yelling at the screen too much. (I don’t like Germans chanting in Bantu.)

          • It’s a lot like Kingdom of Heaven (even the director’s cut) in that you need to suspend disbelief in order to enjoy the film. As I sit and type, I can only recall one or two films that I can think of that came close to nailing it. One, oddly enough, was the 1995 film, Heat where the vibe was very close to the reality that I knew. Another was Sicario, a film in, 2015 that was close. They were Hollywood productions, but there was some resonance there.

            Some Hollywood productions are SO badly done that I yell at the screen or just don’t watch, but if the acting is solid and the cinema work is solid, I can overcome a lot.

    • Kle- In China being called a “Shanghai Girl” is a serious insult.

      Sa jiao is the same thing and means “attention whore”. It can also refer to women who are sort of like ‘indulged cougars’. They trade sex for gifts, that sort of thing – Shanghai Girls.

    • “Shanghai girl” sort of translates as “gold-digging whore” — at least in post-Mao times. I have no idea, but am genuinely curious how when that meaning got attached to the phrase.

      “the Cantonese were the Scots of China”
      That’s a bit harsh on the Scots. Nearly all Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese speaking) are too loud for my tastes, but the hideous sound of Cantonese (think angry, nasal, ducks on speed) pushes it over the edge. The saying goes, “More pleasant to listen to an argument in Mandarin than two lovers cooing endearments to each other in Cantonese.” Then there is the grasping merchant attitude that is so widely prevalent. But it could be worse, they could all be Teochew Chinese.

      “a side effect of being a history major, I suppose”
      Knowing too much can impair enjoyment of movies and TV, for certain. I have a cardiologist friend who cannot watch any TV medical drama because,”That’s unrealistic! First. no intern would know how to do that procedure. Second, it takes at usually 10 to 15 minutes, not 15 seconds!” He was unmoved by my observation that watching some schmuck realistically laying out the sterile field, gowning and gloving, then accidentally contaminating himself and looking furtively around to decide if he needs to scrub again (i.e. someone saw him) or if the dirty contact “didn’t count” (no witnesses), and then fumbling through the procedure, is not good TV.

      I can put aside a lot of the “gritty period realism” stuff, but what used to bug me was a girlfriend’s constant comment about gaping plot holes in SF movies. “Oh, it’s Science Fiction. It doesn’t have to make sense.” Yes. Yes it does. Any created world (SF or fantasy/magic) needs to have rules and structure (though they might not be made fully explicit). If you can bullshit/plot armor your way out of any situation then there is no tension, no stakes, no drama.

      • Way to go, Mike.

        I’m the same with certain TV shows, like stuff on WWII in the Pacific, or most any show involving aviation. Wrong aircraft, wrong period for the aircraft shown, etc, etc.

  3. LL, what’s your take on the uss connecticut incident? read there were two subs missing a couple months ago, figured they were in stealth mode off the chinese coast. then the “collided with an uncharted mountain” b.s., now claims of radiation detection planes circling the site. guessing the mountain turned out to be another sub, theirs or ours. looking at the picture, no way we didn’t lose sailors. not a word about casualties.

    • My info is that USS Connie collided with a Chinese oil rig, but that’s not great info. The Chinese moved the rig and the boat was not aware, which is why the CO was relieved. The seamount story is shallow…and from the beginning, it sounded like a smokescreen.

      There’s a long history of submarines playing chicken. Older US Navy attack boats used to (accidentally) ram Soviet boats off San Diego when they cleared the way for the nuke bots to go to sea without being tracked. If Connecticut was involved in that sort of thing, it would be surprising if THEY did the ramming. That’s what damage would suggest.

      If it was an oil rig or a Chinese boat, it would be interesting to see what the other guy looks like. Naturally, all of that overhead imagery would be classified TS/codeword.

  4. National narrative forecast. JoHo “resigns” as V.P. Pete Buttigieg is nominated and confirmed. Biden resigns. Triumph of the (P)regressives! Openly homosexual is President! The fact he was an ineffective small town mayor and a currently ineffective Cabinet member is immaterial. The “narrative” lives. But who will succeed him as V.P.?

    • Maybe his husband could be his Veep? I’m sure that the taxpayers are already helping out by providing MRSBUTTGUY a nanny.

      • On a personal level I don’t much care what consenting adults pursue in their sex lives. I do care about about adult competency.

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