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Leaving on a Jet Plane? 

No, I’m not. I had plans to leave for Mexico City for work this weekend but the travel ban put a wet blanket on the program. I still might be able to salvage things when the ban is lifted, but since Mexico is expected to suffer greatly from the Chinese Plague, I think that the ban will be in place for some time.
I won’t be having breakfast at The Cardinal (my favorite breakfast place in this hemisphere) in Mexico City on Monday morning. 
Being self-employed has its ups and downs. 
But I still might get a contract out of it if I play it smart. I’ve been on the phone to the lawyer all morning yesterday. Don’t fear the reaper. 
This Would Work
We could put, creepy, smug, corrupt, senile, old, Slow Joe Biden in a nursing home with a mock-up of the Oval Office and tell him that he won. He won’t know the difference and the country will be a lot better off. The nurses can take turns being the VEEP since he won’t remember who it was supposed to be.

Now Civilians Know

The current events have demonstrated what it’s like to be in the military.

*Your weekend plans are revoked.
*You stand in lines all of the time.
*The toilet paper is always missing.
*You are told how to do simple things over and over by somebody you believe to be a cretin.
*Watching others panic.
*Receiving orders from higher in the chain of command that always change.
*Carrying around a gas mask all the time.
*Being locked in quarters or confined to a compartment on a ship underway.
*Always have a curfew
*Always have travel restrictions
*Always shown maps and charts that have little practical meaning.
*Always receiving old information.
*Your favorite bar is off limits

First they WANT it.
Then they DON’T.

29 thoughts on “Weekend Dispatch

  1. That military/civilian blurb is quite accurate. Especially getting told what to do by cretins explaining simple tasks.

    A block of instruction I never got in my 10 years of active duty: how to use duct tape. When things would go awry with equipment, you would normally inform your supervisor of the situation. Once informed, the supervisor would hand the informee a roll of duct tape (called '100 mile per hour tape') and then ordered to 'carry on.'

    Don't try to get more detail out of the supervisor on exactly how to proceed, that will only wind up with things not going your way.

  2. The universal bandaid.

    Yes, and I still have many rolls of it and keep it stocked: In each vehicle, in the house, etc. And it's used to do any number of things.

    Of course, some of the habits acquired have faded with time. And I'm a lot more cranky these days than I was when I was young and would take direction even when there was no clear direction.

    Maybe it's helping me 'survive' the Chinese Plague? Maybe? It's difficult to say.

  3. Read this comment a month ago:

    "Biden has dementia. We get to watch. His family oughta be horsewhipped. That is all."

    Spot on.

    Having had two family members fall to this decrepit affliction, someone needs to step in. Likely tho, with our betters locking down America, the DNC may just "declare" Joe as the winner so he/they can reveal the VEEP, their true pick.

    Great list…my dad (Marine) would have added: "You have some pissant two inches from your face screaming orders at you."

    Last one- There is just no pleasing some people.

  4. Corrupt, creepy, old Joe is like an anchor that will drag the DNC to the bottom. He always one of those embarrassing people, and now he's an order of magnitude worse in his dotage.

  5. LL, I really do not want to go back into the Army… My five years have formulated my later years as a curmudgeon. I will not stand in lines, I will not have someone yell at my face and I don't respect authority and do not cotton at all those that think they do and not have any authority. I have a future in Right Wing Death Squads. My living motto is the quote with John Wayne in the "Shootist".

  6. Clarification: I don't respect authority because authority does not respect me. Far too many examples of that lately.

  7. I'm with Cederq on standing in lines. With a last name at the end of the alphabet, was always last fed, last paid and available for shit details because, "You won't be called for a hour, Troop".

  8. LL, you could just sneak into Mexico. Imagine the transcendental, euphoric levels of irony.

    You might want to wear a tyvek air-line suit, but then anybody going to Mexico, at any time, might want to do that.


  9. Hey, I forgot to ask – what's your favorite breakfast place in the other hemisphere? I'm taking notes, just in case. Always good to know where to get breakfast.


  10. I'm still working, and will be for the foreseeable future, but I'm glad I listened to that still small voice that said "Apply for Social Security". The first deposit arrived yesterday and will be more than the unemployment I will presumably have to apply for soon.

  11. The People's Republic of China (and their plague) don't respect you either. You shouldn't feel bad. They don't respect any of us.

  12. (1) I had planned to go to Mexico – screwed up by the virus.

    (2) I was missing a Blue Ridge Fire District Board meeting to go to Mexico and thought, "I'll be able to make the meeting." But that was canceled because of the virus.

    (3) As you say, there is always toilet paper!

  13. It's much better than using up my supply of mismatched socks for that purpose.

    Which brings up the question of where the other socks go. There is a theory that they are sucked into another dimension of space time and may end up in a black hole. I don't ascribe to the theory, but it's as good as any other.

  14. "F" isn't at the end of the alphabet, (hahaha), WSF. However that aside, I feel your former pain. Being in the middle of the alphabet meant that they sort of forgot about me, which is the best of all possible worlds.

  15. The Mexicans would let me in. Under current rules, the US wouldn't let me back unless I made some phone calls and did a tap dance. And it wasn't worth the grief. State Department guidelines say that if you leave, you shelter in place in whatever s-hole you may have landed…for the duration.

    And since the purpose of the trip was a USGOV contract, and it wasn't critical that I go (but I didn't get paid unless I went) the embarrassment would have been – uncomfortable.

  16. Ratskeller Munchen, one of my favorite places in Germany. Basic good german food which includes breakfast. Located in the Marienplatz station in a cellar as the name implies. In France, it's the Boulangerie Du Palais on the Saone River in downtown Lyon. Neither of the above (or the Cardinal in Mexico City) offers a low carb menu.

    Best Steak in this hemisphere is Puerto Madera, Mexico City DF – in the Palonco. Really good, and there are a LOT of great steak places in the US.

  17. Congratulations on living long enough to receive Social Security and Medicare. I'm not there yet, but I can see there from here. But by the time I get there, I don't know what Medicare will look like. And I'm tempted to wait until I'm older than 65 to apply for SS. But with the current state of things, it might be diminished as well.

  18. Joe Biden's mind is like a web browser. 19 tabs are open, 17 are frozen, and he doesn't know where the music is coming from.

  19. Darn the luck, LL. So are you hunkered down at the WW Mine, or still in sunny(?) Hawaii?

  20. Good luck with the contract and it's perhaps wise to avoid commercial air travel right now. This clearly means you need your OWN JET. Or maybe a Quadcopter.


  21. LindaG and LSP, there is a guy about two miles from me, maybe three. He just took delivery of a Hughes 500D (jet helicopter). Color me green with envy. I can fly a Hughes 500, and have flown same. Not recently, but I have about 300 hours in that platform from long ago.

    But between the hardware purchase, the ongoing maintenance, the fuel and the insurance, owning my own is about as far away as Mars.

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