Socialism is a Bad Idea

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Single Payer Healthcare

Four Questions:

(1) This is being proposed by the same idiots who couldn’t create a website to sell health insurance, given two years and an unlimited budget. Are they the ones who should control your healthcare?
(2) California is in debt to the tune of $1.3 trillion dollars, not including all unfunded pension liabilities, etc. Much of it is due to MediCal. How does the federal government plan to pay for single payer healthcare? We know that ObamaCare went bankrupt.

We all know that they’ll promise big and deliver small. It’s what they do. Maybe if we had a sustained balanced budget for ten years, they’d have a point. But we can’t manage to do that.

(3) Will single-payer prioritize care the way that it’s managed at the VA – or in the British National Healthcare System? If you need an expensive operation or you’ll die in three months, do they put the operation off six months to solve the money issue? We know that’s how the US Veteran’s Administration rolls. 
(4) When did healthcare become a right?

Note: I pay for my own healthcare out-of-pocket as a small business owner. I’m not subsidized by USGOV.


California is hard to kill. The economy has been strong for a long time, but as usual, tax and spend liberalism combined with a sincere effort to impose a form of socialism is trashing it.
My electric bill for last month for my rental home (smaller than my last place and no pool, which uses electricity) was $706.00. California electricity rates are 50% higher than the national average. Auto registration is about 25% more expensive in CA than AZ and fuel is a dollar more per gallon in CA. Sales tax and property tax are high. State Income Tax is 11% in my bracket. There are a lot of other excise taxes – including the tax on trash that’s hauled away curbside and the add-ons to telecommunication tax.

The state has the highest poverty rate in the nation.
It’s a very progressive state. Socialism unmasked.

Yes, I tried to find a rental in Phoenix when I sold the last house but couldn’t find one for love nor money, even offering to pay a year of rent up front. Reason: Other California people, fleeing the People’s Republic were standing in line twenty deep for every home that came on the rental market. So I stayed near my kids in a California rental while the AZ home is built.

19 thoughts on “Socialism is a Bad Idea

  1. College kids get exposed to Fabian socialism, usually Edward Bellamay's "Looking Backwards". Sounds wonderful but based on the perfectibility of mankind. How likely is that happening?

    Too few think critically. Others see it as a way to power that their otherwise meager skills prevent their success IMO.

  2. Utopianism appeals to us all. Practical reality based on a view backward and forward, taking lessons from the past makes us less confident.

  3. I was floored by the size of your electric bill. I heat with electricity and my largest bill in the coldest month we've had was a good $300+ lower than that one.

  4. You need to move to the People's Republic and bask in the distribution of wealth that takes place within the electric grid.

  5. The number of Californians fleeing to AZ is scary, as I have seen first hand how a similar influx over the years has ruined Oregon. Hopefully they are all those of conservative bent and the liberals are staying put or continuing to drift North along the coast. One of them can have my spot.
    As to health care, I don't care what variety of plan it is. If the government is messing with it then it will be FUBAR.

  6. I'm shocked at the amount of your electric bill. Of course, I'm assuming you're running a/c, but still. We were complaining when ours hit about $150.00 because or our teeny little portable a/c. We'll quit complaining now.

  7. It is too expensive to live here. I've managed to keep the electric and gas bill for Dad's house right close to $100 per month. Thank goodness the house is well insulated and has trees strategically placed, as we have had a long hot summer.
    Still getting calls from the solar government funded rip off artists. When I ask them if they can get the bill below $100 per month for the size of this house, they go away.

  8. When I asked my DIL's Mother why all the houses we were looking at in Fort Collins were electric, she laughed and told me electricity was dirt cheap in Colorado.

    My wife doesn't believe it could be that cheap, and I'm sure she'll be surprised when we get our first bill.

  9. Same here, Brig. When one of them did their "Energy Audit" and looked at our electric bills, they ALL stopped calling….

  10. If the government can't build a website to sell insurance given two years and an unlimited budget, you know it will screw up the insurance that it's trying to peddle.

  11. Yes, I ran the A/C, but not crazy, meat storage temps. It has been a hot summer. Still, $700 is a lot to pay. The month before was over $650.

  12. How much longer can the socialist playpen continue until it runs out of cash?

    There's a moral in that for the country at large, a 20 trillion and climbing moral.

  13. I'll pass on that. My wife has a cousin who moved there to closer to his daughter who lives in the San Francisco area. Six months was all he could stand and he was back with a greater appreciation of Kansas living.

  14. LL,

    In response to your Obamacare questions, I will ask one too.

    What are two things unmentioned that are the biggest boondoggles to Obamacare and also the biggest welfare to the insurance thieves?

    Answer one that no one mentions. The day the ink dried on Obamacare, the insurance companies were mandated (i.e. gifted since they wrote it) with UNLIMITED lifetime maximum on coverage. Prior to this I had a 4 million lifetime max. What is the cost difference for 4 mill vs unlimited INSURANCE COMPANY actuaries will tell you what they are paid to tell you which is YUGE. An actuary is an exponential form of bean counter.

    Answer two that no one mentions. What is the annual maximum expenditure for Medicare and for Medicaid? There is none, the fictitious number that is put in the budget (when there was a budget) is ignored and deferred as needed.

    Additionally, insurance companies and drug companies that slop at the trough for public and private dollars and contribute huge amounts to politicians, is there any remote chance that they are going to allow their industry and fatted calf to be taken away from them all for the sake of making healthcare affordable to everybody who walks into a medical facility in the USA? NO WAY

    So management of single payer will be by some consortium of insurance companies and big pharma etc. for the benefit of the same.

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