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I had not heard the term, “magical life coach” until just the other day, but apparently it’s an occupation. I’m nearly certain that there is a major course of study available at Cal Berkeley, preparing students for this by giving them the skill sets necessary.
You don’t need a PhD in magical life coach studies to hang your shingle, though the degree that your parents shelled out $100K for must be some help. 
I don’t think that the occupation would get many takers in areas where people actually work for a living, but it’s a thriving business in Hollywood where almost everyone is living on their trust fund, waiting for their big break in films.
Usually magical life coaches are also witches and if you cast about, you’ll find that they are all big supporters of, and contributors to Hillary Clinton, who is relying on her magical life coach to help her stay on the path to the presidency in 2020.
The really big life coaches in Hollywood charge upwards of $500/hr, which is about what the in-demand therapists charge. Keeping all that in mind, you can send me a retainer on PayPal and then you can call me and tell me all your woes on the phone. It will be on mute on my end so don’t be dismayed if I don’t respond with affirming grunts or hums while you pour your heart out. Besides, I probably have somebody else on the other line(s).
I’m sure that if you send me enough money that something magical will happen in your life, because it certainly will in mine.

Meanwhile, the staff at Virtual Mirage will continue to slap this blog together on a shoestring budget.

26 thoughts on “Job Opportunity

  1. There's magical life coaches and magical life coaches. Some, most even, are keen supporters of the Old Witch, Hillary.

    Others are building a mountain redoubt

    I like the second option more.

  2. LOL, in the past they called themselves yoga instructors…

    What is the most ingenuous job title you have ever run across?

  3. LL,

    This would be your perfect job, if you can keep a straight face. And don't sell yourself short, at $1500 an hour you would be happy two three hours a week easy.

  4. I can't speak to that, but Disneyland IS the happiest place on Earth. Walt built a better mousetrap to separate people from their hard earned cash. There's no reason that magical life coaches couldn't sweep up the pennies that fall through the grate – or are tossed into the fountain for good luck.

  5. note The overhead of keeping my Beechcraft King Air 350 ER and helicopter insurance paid up, maintenance, fuel and tie-down fees will need to be covered, because you never know when there will be a magical emergency. Likewise my yacht, crew and overhead, slippage, etc. Maybe four days a week?

  6. What kind of a cut-rate school can a parent get for only $100 large these days?

    You might get an AA from Golden State Junior College for that (out of state tuition). A real education from a school that can field a competitive football team will run your a quarter of a million bucks, easy.

  7. LL,

    Group Therapy, one massive session about three hours once a week.. They will be really happy to come back to camp and 20 aura weary folks will leave you 50K richer week by week. Cash only as credit cards and check have bad karma.

  8. I rather spend money on you Larry than buying Hillary's book. The entertainment will be better and not so morally degrading. Reading her accusations on how coal miners in West Virginia made her become a looser and everyone else resulting in her miserable ending, makes me believe in the market for a magical life coach. Since so many buys her book it must be a lot of people willing to spend money on nothing.

  9. The book has uses.
    (a) Tear pages from it and use it to line the bottom of a bird cage.
    (b) Use the book as a door stop, but you'd likely trip over it.
    (c) Throw the book at a terrorist to distract him while I shoot him.
    (d) As kindling to start a fire.

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