Friday Follies and CALEXIT

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I’m hanging out in Arizona today, meeting with the kitchen consultant in the Valley, eating a steak for lunch and then getting on the road up to the White Wolf Mine for the rest of the weekend. So it’s shallow posting. 

I did hear this from another Zonie (Arizona person):

Itsa Yoke, Gringo

Yes, it’s worthy of Fredd, who will be moving to his estate in Texas by and by. 
Will Brig move to Texas? I can’t hazard a guess, but there are a lot of cows and horses in Texas. There’s also a lot of empty land between Amarillo and everywhere else in Texas (Old NFO). 
I don’t know if the floods will divert the CALEXIT to Arizona or not. The California exiles are stacking up at the borders of AZ and they’re being encouraged by the locals to continue on to Texas.

15 thoughts on “Friday Follies and CALEXIT

  1. How soon will Arizona require passports and proof of onward travel funds for cars with Cali plates?

  2. Mind if I steal this one? It is indeed within my genre. That, and everybody keeps telling me I need new material, and it's tough coming up with original stuff, it's much easier just stealing it.

    Just ask Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Ma) how that works.

  3. Will Brig move to Texas? LOL, who cares what Brig does…

    Have a great weekend at the WWM,
    hopefully the CaliExits never find it.

  4. I think that they commute between San Francisco and Austin. The question of who has the better Satanic congregation is up for grabs.

  5. Galaxy Diner on Business 40, west side of Flagstaff worth a sit. Also Black Bart's steakhouse and saloon east side near the Flagstaff Mall might be right up your alley.


  6. You're almost out of Cali, LL, and the wife and I are.

    We met with the realtor today and looked at 4 houses.

    Two of them were hits outta the park, one was dismal, and the fourth was very, very nice.

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