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Sometimes you need to Unburden and Share

That’s why I have a blog. Dragoon811 must have felt much the same way:

I’m sure that the social justice warrior would put a sticker on the yarn, decrying the use of petroleum products (even though they were wearing nylon). And don’t get me started on cotton. Wearing cotton is racist because black people used to pick cotton 120 years ago (as did poor white people). So with PC bans on wool, acrylic fiber (oil) and cotton, we’re left with all wearing politically correct hemp weaves…

12 thoughts on “Social Justice at its Finest

  1. I know a white guy, recently retired, who picked cotton as a kid; so you still have cotton picking white guys today as well.

  2. "hemp weaves."

    And who picks those, Jamaicans, Mexicans?

    LL, you're sounding weirdly racist.

  3. Sorry, I take that back. White kids with college debts and a guilt complex. And OMG! We're back to racism.

  4. Obviously, the only Green,renewable, planet-saving thing we can make clothes out of is Vegetarians.
    If we tell them they're Human, they might kill themselves for us.


  5. Cotton has a long history. I you go back in time to India, they produced fabric made of cotton som well that it became an important product for export. They where so competitive that The Calico Acts (1700, 1721) banned the import of most cotton textiles into England, followed by the restriction of sale of most cotton textiles. It was a form of economic protectionism, largely in response to India (particularly Bengal), which dominated world cotton textile markets at the time. Later England surpassed India and became a world leader in textile manufacturing, but then things changed again. So depending when you start your history lesson you can always make your twist out of it.

  6. The one factor that most unites the sycophantic horde supplying votes and political clout to the left is their abject stupidity. Their ability to side step facts, rationality and reality is at times utterly breathtaking. Just when you might think they can't possibly say or do something even more moronic than yesterday's display of intellectual bankruptcy someone from their camp step up to push the envelope of absurdity even further.

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