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Arizona Toy Hauler

Don’t you think that he could use a bigger tractor up front to pull the load?


It goes to Plan

The U.S. four-star general in charge of air mobility command predicts war with China by 2025 while our military seems more focused on social change than projecting strength. That’s what happens when traitors such as General Millie sit in the Chairman’s seat at the Joint Chiefs of staff and nobody really knows who is running the country. We know that it isn’t Pedo (10% for the Big Guy) Joe and the Ho.


Bullet Points:

** The Metropolitan Police in London is recruiting officers who are illiterate, can barely write English, and may have a criminal record in order to meet diversity quotas, it has been revealed.  Yes, the color of skin and which of the 50 genders are far more important than finding quality applicants who meet exacting standards. Go ahead. and whistle as you pass the graveyard. Nothing will go wrong, the Metropolitan Police have a bright and diverse future. It’s so exciting.

** I think that it’s black history month and because black guns matter, I’ll be working featuring them as I’m able.

** More Hunter Biden bio lab data from Gateway Pundit

Hunter Biden’s firm invested $500,000 in Ukrainian bio lab operator Metabiota, which then received a $23.9 million contract from the Pentagon for bioresearch. Metabiota head Nathan Wolfe worked together with EcoHealth’s Peter Daszak on SARS-based coronavirus research. The Russian  Defence Ministry claims to have over 20,000 documents on the US bio lab project in Ukraine.

** According to the Washington Free Beacon’s Alana Goodman:

Hunter Biden is in financial turmoil after his paintings sold for less than the six-figure price tags estimated by his gallerist …

The underwhelming sales have led Biden to consider launching a legal defense fund to help pay his mounting attorney bills stemming from a federal tax crime investigation and congressional inquiries into his foreign business dealings, the Washington Post reported.

Biden has sold around a dozen paintings “for a fraction of the $500,000 price tag once estimated” by his Manhattan gallerist Georges Berges, according to the Post. The congressional investigations into Biden have also spooked some prospective buyers, a source told the newspaper.

**Biden on Thursday tapped Brown University climate scientist Kim Cobb to serve on the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board, the White House announced in a press release. While past presidents have used the board to probe high-profile national security threats and intelligence failures, it’s unclear whether Cobb will be able to stomach such sensitive and unsettling information.

That’s because the mere news of Trump’s upset win in 2016 sent Cobb into “an acute mental health crisis” that for weeks saw her unable to “get out of bed, despite having four children to tend to,” the climate scientist told Mother Jones in 2019. “I could not see a way forward,” Cobb recalled at the time. “My most resounding thought was, how could my country do this? I had to face the fact that there was a veritable tidal wave of people who don’t care about climate change and who put personal interest above the body of scientific information I had contributed to.”


The Grave of Mary Way

The grave of Mary Way in St Georges churchyard, Portland. Photo by Simon Palmer

Mary Way (age 21) was shot during a riot against press gangs at Portland in 1803. Press gangs were not squeamish and cleared out everything that stood in their way to get men for their ships.  If women were in the way, they died too. God would sort them out on the other side.

20 thoughts on “What a Day!

  1. Definitely needs a bigger truck! Re the Air Force, glad SOMEBODY had the balls to step up and say the truth! Xiden et al will slide through this thanks to a complicit judiciary and MSM… Grrr…

  2. Arizona toy hauler. For the best over the top “I got more stuff than you” statement he needs something from a company like Sports Chassis. Freightliner body, luxury interiors 450 hp and 1800 foot pounds of torque. http://www.sportchassis.com/lh7.html. Maybe they were just economizing on the tow vehicle since they have about 300 grand tied up in the rest of the rig.

    Hunter; painter par excellence. The only reason those paintings sold for the exorbitant amounts they listed for is that they were simply a way to launder money and buy influence that was harder to trace than an outright bribe. Now that the influence side of things has been exposed the price goes down. Three cheers for a laissez faire economy.

    1. Don’t forget the buyers were to be anonymous to preserve transparency and to prevent any appearance of undo influence.

    2. I think he ran outta cash once the custom trailer was built and the rear 4wd buggy was assembled, figured he’d use the existing dually until his next mailbox money royalty check arrived, then get the Freightliner.

  3. Hunter Biden is in financial turmoil after his paintings sold for less than the six-figure price tags estimated by his gallerist …

    The smart money knows the Biden influence is going down the tubes. All his “art” was to create a quasi-legal bribe machine.

    1. You’re quite the cynic today, WSF. The masterpieces were ironically created by Hunter blowing into a straw rather than inhaling from a straw. It’s just redirected airflow.

      1. Always the cynic when it comes to our “betters”. Just because I’m paranoid___________

  4. He might have slow start going up hill, but I sure hope that trailer has brakes otherwise he’ll be having issues stopping that going downhill.

  5. That rig is nothing, some of things we see coming up 287 or across I80, either too much money or not enough brains. One guy was so bent at the bumper pull hitch I was wondering how he could steer…just lolling along in his overloaded mini van yanking a much too large camper…with the requisite family pack of bikes hanging off the back, wheels spinning. Those are people I stay a ways back from or pass and get way in front of.

    Climate change my patootee- Barn water line froze today, first time in 20 years. That spot is solid granite, 4’ down, line is insulated. Might have driven the frost further than normal running the plow truck and tractor over it. Been less sun and more chilly temps. No auto waterer for a few months now, back to hose filling a tank for a few months. It’ll thaw by May. We have piles of snow on the leeward side never had before. Ice in the driveways. Old timers call this a normal Winter that we haven’t had for some time. That said, carbon based life forms like Cobb are nothing but self-centered deranged morons, and if given the opportunity I want to yell at her: “Hey Cobb! Got some news for ya, NO ONE gives a rip about the weather changing, been doing that since God said no more big floods. Take a hike you idiot.” (Yeah, my frustration level is a bit up, maybe less coffee tomorrow.)

    Can I restate my “Weird Uncle Joe is gone” prediction for this week? That guy is a real piece of work, the prime speck/log in the eye example. Yet the MSM chatterers and haters still try to say the MAL raid was warranted and Trump was sooo in the wrong but Ol Joey is clean and transparent…his loy-yahs say they are cooperating perfectly. Can’t listen to it anymore, ruins my allowable coffee intake level.

  6. That toy hauler needs at least a F450 or F650 or the equivalent. I mean, you could conceivably get that moving with a golf cart or cub-cadet lawnmower, but getting up to highway speeds and, of course, slowing or stopping is another matter. How do I know? Used to work at a boat store and moved many a big-arsed boat using either my own body or said cub-cadet.

    There’s some nice International Harvester extended cab bodies out there that would make a great puller.

    As to Commie China, 2025? We’ll see how the election/stealection of 2024 will go.

    As to Commie Millie, Needs to hang. Go for a slow pull-hang. I want to see his legs kick. Maybe crucify him. Or use a short pole and impale him, let him die slooooowly, painfully. And it should be shown on every military base and on every monitor and tv in the Pentagon. All of it. ALL OF IT. Let this be the warning for the rest of the rats, slackers, commies, socialists, outright traitors and thieves.

      1. I’d do it. With a dull axe if necessary. Dull chainsaw, dull Mobark 300, dull flensing knives…

  7. I have a single rear wheel F350 6.7L diesel that I pull a 35′ flatbed an routinely have loads on it in the 14-15,000 pound weight range.

    A duelly with the 6.7L diesel would have no problem pulling that load. That is a 3 car hauler trailer that typically has about a 15000 pound load capacity. Notice the trailer axles are single wheel with those drive over fenders. A single rear wheel F250 6.7L could pull it but the duel rear wheels would help it stop better and get the GVWR up. The total truck and trailer GVWR would also require a CDL to drive it.

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