France’s 13e RDP (13th Parachute Dragoon Regiment) in their interesting camouflage during winter training.


If Norway Invades Russia?

No, the Norwegians have no intention of doing that, but if they did? How would Russia respond? With what? Claudio and I have been toying with the idea like two chess masters staring across the board at each other.

There is an article at the foundation of the discussion. Vladimir Vladimirovich has been posturing…again…as if he hadn’t lost the initiative in Ukraine.  The border shared by Norway is about 200 km long. The Russian base at Nagurskoye air base is staffed by the 200th Independent Motor Rifle Brigade which was mauled in Ukraine and is at 20% strength at best (with at best 25% of its outdated APCs). The 61st Naval Infantry Brigade, stationed at the air base on Kotelny Island were functionally destroyed with their equipment in Crimea. Maybe they can field a company of leg infantry that were left behind?

It’s true that the Russian Baltic fleet is largely intact but we’ve seen the Russian Navy in action and it leaves much to be desired. They made some improvements to the air base at Nagurskoye (single runway) over the summer and they are said to have improved their radar coverage.

The Norwegian Air Force would establish air supremacy almost immediately.

Yes, I do understand that Norway is a nation of 5 million people and that while they are ready to defend, they are not postured to attack. BUT – If Norway goes east, what would the Russians do? They have nukes that might work.


Bullet Points:

* Newly released internal Twitter documents confirm that U.S. government agencies used the social media giant to do its dirty work and suspend nearly 250,000 accounts on its behalf because they simply “didn’t like them.”

“US govt agency demanded suspension of 250K accounts, including journalists and Canadian officials!” Twitter CEO Elon Musk confirmed Tuesday evening.

* American Thinker – The Gateway Pundit reported a secret back channel between FTX and the Biden White House, shut down the day after FTX filed for bankruptcy.  In November, the Gateway Pundit also revealed that billions were sent to Ukraine from the U.S., and Ukraine invested some of the billions in FTX.  FTX then donated millions to Democrat (and some Republican entities) in an effort to curry favor and protection.

The back channel from FTX to the White House was reported by Politico.  The channel was facilitated by a Democrat operative and ally of Bankman-Fried, Sean McElwee. McElwee kept an open Slack channel with reporters and the White House.  When the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York unsealed an eight-count indictment against SBF, it was revealed that the eighth count involved a political funding project through straw donors — money contributed by third-party parties who were fake donors.  Then the red flags and anxiety went up, and that resulted in the shutdown of the back channel to the Biden administration.

* In a predictable manner, the World Economic Forum has turned its back on Twitter, embracing Chinese social media apps instead. Musk’s purchase and renovation of Twitter has flipped on the floodlights for all the cockroaches who were hiding in darkness and anonymity. It’s now obvious that many different groups were deeply embedded in crooked social engineering practices taking place in the “old” Twitter.

* Cave Paintings – Jules brought this exceptionally interesting article to my attention.  It’s worth reading.

Ben Bacon analyzed 20,000-year-old markings on the drawings, concluding they could refer to a lunar calendar. It led to a specialist team proving early Europeans made notes about the timing of animals’ reproductive cycles. Mr. Bacon said it was “surreal” to work out for the first time what hunter-gatherers were saying.

* Virus Trading Cards?  Yes, apparently so. Eleanor Lutz over at Tabletop Whale makes these wonderful scientific animated GIFs. Her latest production is a set of virus trading cards. Who knew that deadly could be so beautiful?

And while you’re poking around Tabletop Whale, check out the color clock algorithm.

* Death by Vax Epoch Times (behind a paywall) reports more than 270 sudden deaths by heart attack to athletes this past year are linked to the plague vax in a peer-reviewed study.

* The campaign to convince you that human-caused global warming is real has migrated to healthcare. Amazing but true. They are well funded by tax dollars. Check this out:

The ClimateRx program is available now for all health professionals. Wear the ClimateRx badge to easily and effectively let your patients know climate change impacts their health and if they want to learn more, they can easily scan your badge for more information. ClimateRx makes it easy for both health providers and patients. Learn more here:


The future of Mosquitoes…

It’s a conspiracy theory, but not really. Dengue fever has been the intense focus of US Army and CIA biological warfare researchers for over 50 years. Ed Regis notes in his excellent history of Fort Detrick, “The Biology of Doom,” that as early as 1942 leading biochemists at the installation placed dengue fever on a long list for serious consideration as a possible weapon.

In the early 1950s, Fort Detrick, in partnership with the CIA, launched a multi-million dollar research program under which dengue fever and several additional exotic diseases were studied for use in offensive biological warfare attacks. Assumably, because the virus is generally not lethal, program planners viewed it primarily as an incapacitate, delivered by a mosquito vector.



(link here) Numbers, figures, charts, and graphs – this will be my epitaph.


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  1. Read an….interesting?? elsewhere.
    Basic gist of one statement: In international arms sales Russia is lagging only because of sanctions, and once the sanctions are lifted they will be selling a lot – because Russian military systems are superior to US systems.
    That being the case, Russia has no reason to fear Norway, right?

    • Russia’s stock in trade in regard to weapon sales was that they could compete with the West’s products in a match-up at a more reasonable cost. That turned out not to be the case. Their army and naval infantry were considered to be effective in a land war. The war to date not yet one year old has hollowed out its best armored and airborne formations.

      • Yes it has, RR.

        The comparison between Norway and Russia is tongue-in-cheek. If ALL of Russia’s resources were turned against Norway, without NATO, Norway would lose – eventually. Though, I think that there wouldn’t be much of a Russian Baltic Fleet remaining.

        • Somehow I don’t think Russia would involve their Baltic fleet in a takedown of Norway. On the gripping hand, a pair of US battle groups would eliminate most seaborne threats to Norway. I can’t however think of a single reason why Russia would attack Norway.

          • Putin has been threatening Norway in two speeches recently over the past two months. It’s talk and it’s good for cementing Finland and Sweden into NATO.

            Russia might have the capacity to do something in the north, but they’d have to pull troops from somewhere else and they dare not hollow out Siberia more than they already have. The two units facing Norway were devastated in Ukraine. Not just men but equipment. Thus my tongue-in-cheek comment about Norway going East.

          • Don’t mess with those Norwegian lads, they LIKE the cold, have all the right Winter survival gear, and just for fun sit in the sauna getting all sweaty then run out and jump in a hole chopped in the iced-over lake.

    • And only 27 of them. It would take a helluva opstempo to achieve air superiority in Norways area of responsibility even in a wider war where the Russkies were all over the board.

      To your point LL, I don’t think the RF is invincible, but for OPSEC reasons they haven’t shown us much of the best of what they’ve got, and they still have numerical superiority and the industry to keep it.

      This is largely an artillery duel and not a war of manoeuvre. The Ukies are firing more artillery rounds than the West can produce. The Russians are firing four times as much back at them, and even if half of those are indeed duds, as some here suggest, they’re still taking a heavy toll on the Ukies.

      BTW, that guy in the middle of the top picture is good.

  2. Thanks for the link to Visualistics, I took and look and saw the graph of Napoleon’s Russian campaign. I had seen that before when I was teaching a math course, part-time, and was amazed at the information it contained in one graph. Amazing piece of work and very ingenious.

  3. This assumes a December, 2021 NATO and Norway’s neighbours remaining neutral. Sweden and Norway are all but in NATO now, and the Baltic is a NATO lake. Any Russian naval and air assets straying there will be short lived when the balloon goes up.

    Even assuming a now impossible massive military buildup, there is no way Russia could protect its logistics from determined Nordic attacks.

    Norway owns 27 or so F-35 in-country, plus 10 in the US for conversion training, ie 10 hours away in an emergency. They’ve ordered 52, a large force, alongside Finland’s 64. Throw in the Swedish Air Force, and any realistic Russian planners will have sleepless nights.

    • How many Russians would defect or surrender to become POWs and hope for a better life. Would the Norwegians serve the Russian POWs lutefisk? And would it be better than their regular rations?

  4. French camouflage. Effective against that background except for the head gear, an easy fix.

    Bullet points. That robotic mosquito is just disturbing.

    Visualistics. Thanks for pointing that site out, it looks interesting. I like the way the graphs differ in structure. I have long thought that regular spreadsheet programs force the user to look at data in a certain way and this set of graphs certainly shows there are other ways to look at data sets that are very intuitive.

  5. Charlie Brown never kicked the football, Ralph Bellamy never got the girl, but early this morning, Kevin McCarthy finally became speaker.

    • I’m indifferent at this point, resigned to know that nothing will change going forward. Same bravo sierra, only a slightly different group with a thin margin of error. Both those teams bat from the same dugout with stacked deck rules, and We the People take it in the shorts every time.

  6. If Norway invades Russia, they better invite Finland to join the fun or the Finns will be pissed!

    • It’s a lot like the Wuhan situation. Infect them, turn them lose, and see what happens. Despite the science, releasing plagues is not a good idea.

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