I will be less available in November, which means far less blogging from me. There is nothing wrong. 

Meanwhile, I leave you with a bit of advice — when confronted:

admit nothing
    deny everything
        demand proof
            make counter-allegations
                find a scapegoat


  1. If it's good enough for the Clintons perhaps it's good enough for everyone else. No, let me rephrase that. Hillary for Prison, 2016.

  2. Sometimes November gets me, sometimes I get November.

    (sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug)
    (sometimes you're the bat, sometimes you're the ball)

  3. In a world where Bruce Jenner becomes the "woman of the year" and the head of the NAACP is white, when killing babies and parting them out for fun and profit becomes a plank of the political platform of the leading political party in the country, who knows what 'progressive' devilment will occur next.

  4. "Less posting!!??!! Well damn. Just damn."

    I didn't say that. Not me. I believe it was OldNFO. Prove I said it. You can't. I am being set up. Nothing to see here. Go ahead and do your work shit and leave me alone.

    I want a lawyer.

  5. You can always blame NFO because he's always guilty (of something). Then again, so are all the people (above)…particularly Brighid, who loves to take a fan to fertilizer.

  6. Things have gotten very, very skewed. I take solace from the fact that Satan always overplays his hand. Not that I'm trying to preach.

  7. Then there is the Jeb! can fix it campaign, that is played out so stupidly (as he tries for his fourth or fifth reset) that it makes me want to try and get him an assembly line job somewhere so that he will feel that he's actually doing something for once in his life.

  8. In other words, do your best Bill Clinton imitation.

    Or, for that matter, go for a good Hillary Clinton impersonation. That one's easy, just do the above, and for extra points slap on a frumpy looking pant suit.

  9. I can do my Bill Clinton, "I feel your pain" and please define what "is" means and what "sex" is, schtick. I'm not going to go Jenner and wear a pantsuit and comfortable shoes. I'm not saying that I'd be an uglier woman than Hillary Clinton, but nobody will ever have the chance to make the comparison.

  10. PS – During the debate, the rich, pompous Jeb! admitted to playing fantasy football, so he apparently does have better things to do than run for the presidency if people should scorn him.

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