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1905 Caddy – without a Dead Head sticker on it.

Henry Leland (fondateur de Cadillac), avec la Cadillac ‘Osceola’, la première voiture entièrement fermée construite par Cadillac en 1905.


In Russia

Deferment/exemption – The Russian Ministry of Defense refused to include diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in the list of diseases that are the basis for exemption from military service. Major General Alexander Sergoventev, deputy head of the Main Military Medical Directorate said that if diabetes mellitus was added to the diseases for exemption from mobilization, then hypertension and coronary diseases would also have to be added. “We will reach the point where we will not have a single soldier left because they all have chronic diseases.” Russia has a lot of chronic illnesses. Many of them result from rampant alcoholism.


Identify the Aircraft




T-Shirt of the Week


Name the Tank

This particular tank has an individual name in addition to its military designation.


Life is like that


Bullet Points:

** What does not kill you makes you stranger.

** A World War I British Mark V at the Kubinka Tank Museum.  Eventually, it will be outfitted with ERA, have cage armor welded to the top, have night vision optics installed, and be pressed into service in Ukraine.

** Though the Ukrainian Navy has seen less coverage during the war, their riverine operations continue. In that vein, a new Gyurza-M-class armored gunboat, Bucha, was commissioned today.

27 thoughts on “Opportunistic Malcontent

  1. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. Grumman TBF Avenger
    2. Bell X-5

    Name the Tank:
    Comet Tank Bofors 90mm Recoilless Rifle “The Headless Coachman”

    1. Right, An Irish A-34 Comet, known as the Headless Coachman. Aircraft correct too, give yourself a medal!

        1. Translated from A.I. speak: “I missed this morning’s upgrades and must make amends before the SYSADMIN finds out”.

          Do try a single espresso, Italian is a must.

  2. About the Caddy – did he build it one piece at a time?
    That first plane – I guess that’s one way to meet gals at the beach.

  3. What boat? That paint by numbers camo paint job makes it really blend…all I see are “target here” flags.

    1. Razzle-dazzle is not dead. Just the poor bastids who have to crew that abomination.

      1. Maybe an insurance loss, but I can’t help but think that it could be rebuilt.

  4. Russia and diabetes: diabetes does go hand in hand with cardiovascular disease (CVD). In fact, we consider diabetes to be as powerful a predictor of future adverse CVD events (heart attack, stroke, etc) as having ALREADY HAD a heart attack. Diabetes isn’t simply a “sugar disease” but rather systemic dysfunction of the endothelial system that regulates arterial response throughout the body. AND it’s a sugar disease.

    Diabetes mellitus, type 2 (DM2) is the disease you give yourself, from being fat. (I’m sitting here eating fried seafood as I type this 🙄). The incidence (new cases) and prevalence (cases present in the population) of DM2 is through the roof in the US and the West generally. All the CVD prevention gains we made controlling blood pressure and lowering cholesterol have been eaten up (you should pardon the expression) by DM2.

    I mentioned the following to our host already, but earlier this week I had to be on the Harvard Medical School campus, specifically at the TH Chan School of Public Health. Observations from that little safari:
    1. Proportionally very few white people attend TH Chan, based on the graduating class photo. Tons of South Asians, non-US Hispanics, and various negros. These are the people who will be formulating health policy — in not only their own countries, but also the US. Be concerned. Very very concerned.
    2. On HMS campus overall, at least 30% of the young males (student age, below 40) were soft, fat, weak looking individuals whose mommas must have lactated pure soy. Among palefaces (whites and Jews) maybe 40-50% looked soy.
    3. I sat for 30 min waiting for someone, which time I spent people watching. Of around 50-75 people who walked by, exactly ONE masculine white male. And I think he was a tradesman and not HMS. Two other white boys, relatively fit, also went by, but their body language and mannerisms were soft. Not queer nor flaming, but the sort of persons who never fell out of a tree, much less got into a scrap.

    Make what you will of my little field report, but personally I’m disturbed by those findings. It’s not good.

    1. “Diabetes mellitus, type 2 (DM2) is the disease you give yourself, from being fat. ”

      Ackshually, that’s backwards. You get fat because you’re developing DM2 – you don’t develop DM2 because you got fat. The metabolic signs are detectable as much as 25 years before the diagnosis. They stopped calling it Adult Onset Diabetes or Obesity Diabetes when kids under 10 were diagnosed with it.

      I’m the only one in my family that hasn’t developed DM2 (not that it’s a big sample) but I’ve been studying this stuff for decades – close enough to 30 years. By necessity, that required reading things that didn’t mouth the official narratives.

    2. All Ashkenazi (Jews of northern Europe) and the majority of Sephardi (Jews of southern Europe) and Mizrahi (Jews of the eastern Mediterranean) consider themselves palefaces, as much as any WASP.
      I’ve always considered diabetes to be a problem of the poor functioning of the Islets of Langerhans in the pancreas. I’ve also noticed diabetes occurring in “skinny” individuals subsequent to an MI, perhaps due to “organ shock.” After losing half of mine in a Whipple, I became a diabetic, not that I would ever have been classed as anorexic.

  5. Wonder what Henry Leland would say about the current crop of Caddies, or EV’s for that matter? CT6 is a far cry from the 19ft finned DeVille.

    1. The modern Caddies are nice, luxurious, and depreciate at an alarming rate.

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