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Arizona became a US State on this date in 1912! Running and gunning ever since.


All you need is love — and ammo — and something to shoot it from. I know, you’re going to ask me about tacos…but you can get all the tacos you want with the above.


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Bullet Points:

** Women want to be both respected and objectified?

** What will you be eating for your special V-Day meal? Lobster perhaps – because it forms one leg of the bipod that is surf and turf.

** Beware of Valentine’s scams out there. I ordered flowers for Valentine’s Day, and they delivered ammunition.

** Valentine’s Day Advice – From the Bee – CHANDLER, AZ – Marlena Bennington, girlfriend to Jace Everly for nearly three years, is absolutely swooning as Valentine’s Day approaches.

“This is our third Valentine’s Day as a couple,” Bennington told reporters. “I always get excited this time of year. Jace’s heroism really shines.” She explained that, despite all the societal pressure and inevitable criticism, Everly courageously doesn’t do anything for her on Valentine’s Day. He says the holiday was founded on corporate greed, is a capitalist hoax built on a lie, and is a mockery of true love.

“It’s just another excuse to get a bunch of sheeple lining up at Wal-Mart to buy some mass-produced sham chocolate and flowers,” Everly explained. “The most romantic thing you can do on Valentine’s Day is act as if it doesn’t exist.” As he said these words, Marlena was visibly trembling with admiration.


On a Budget? She’ll Understand!


Identify the Aircraft

34 thoughts on “Signs of Love

  1. ” I ordered flowers for Valentine’s Day, and they delivered ammunition.”
    NOW you tell me. Too late. At least it was a caliber I can use.
    The odds were pretty good concerning that, though.

    1. The politicians meet and form committees to show that they’re working for change, but Arizona is one of the most 2A-friendly states in the Union. The state is an open carry and a shall-issue permit state. Those over 18 can carry a firearm without a permit.

      The Conceal Weapon Permit is valid in 36 other states, and those traveling to AZ can open carry in most places. Arizona has a Castle Doctrine, and there’s no duty to retreat.

      I don’t suggest that the residents of Arizona don’t favor a change in the status quo.

          1. Yes, but in Arizona, you don’t need a concealed carry permit to carry concealed lawfully.

            Arizona issues CCW’s so that you can carry reciprocally in OTHER STATES where they are required.

          2. “The state is an open carry and a shall-issue permit state. Those over 18 can carry a firearm without a permit.
            I assumed this meant you still issued permits, not permitless, and “carry a firearm without a permit” meant Open Carry, not Constitutional Carry, in which case Michigan differs from AZ.

  2. Speaking of gunning, DIL and four of the grandkids were at the KC parade. Luckily they were about a mile and a half away from where the shooting took place. Prayers of thanks being offered up for that.

          1. Heard wife spluttering in the other room and went to see what the cause was. She was watching an interview and there was a video clip played with some Dem saying that Russia was white, Christian, and conservative; and that was why the US needed to go to war with it.
            They really think reality has to conform to their mouth noises.

          2. Yeah, just like the progs want to go to war with 75% of the American citizens. Clown world – but dangerous clowns.

  3. The bright red Solo cup is a nice romantic touch, swigging such fine wine straight from the bottle kinda takes away from the moment…unless you just finished a Valentine’s mud bogger event, then it’s okay.

    I’m assuming the single candle represents a 1 week/1 month/1 year timestamp of having a connection and being seen, which is apparently the new love language terminology among the cool youngin’ crowd.

    1. The fact that he sprung for a cup is an indication that he’s a man with at least a touch of decorum, allowing her to drink her Boone’s Farm from plastic while he chugs the screw top. Sharing is caring.

      1. They even make Boone’s Farm? I haven’t chugged that since I was 16 and it tore my stomach and gastro system wide open, I never drunk it again… It least it wasn’t box wine, that is the epitome of sophistication and class. Lobster is a crustacean, a roly poly(pill bug), a sea bug, tasteless to boot, why you need butter. Why waste good money?

          1. That seems to be a lot to pay when you consider the Vienna sausage and sardine Diarrhea that awaits…

  4. Needs a couple of claymores with the old M26 grenades as trimmings for your valentine. If your going to send a message 700 pellets is a good start.

    Did you ever see or do the put a bunch of targets up then trip the claymore? Results were interesting, some with a few holes and others like close up birdshot.

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